Bang PD doll is becoming a hot item among BTS fans

Bang PD doll is becoming a hot item among BTS fans

Apparently, the Bang PD doll is extremely popular to BTS fans. 

The Bang PD doll is a stuffed figure of Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk. 

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It’s common for fans to own a stuffed figure of their favorite idol, however, it’s fairly uncommon for fans to own goods resembling the boss of their bias.

But this is ARMY we are talking about, and to them, loving BTS also means loving their producer. 

Many fans now own the Bang PD doll and enjoy dressing him up in various cute outfits. 

Some even take Bang PD doll with them when grocery shopping. 

And some have a collection of the whole Big Hit Entertainment gang. 

Netizens expressed amazement at ARMYs’ love for the Bang PD doll and commented, “LOL this is probably the only fandom that fangirls over the agency’s CEO. This is so funny”, “Hahaha I want one”, “Lol this is so cute”, “Bang PD is a superstar lol.”

How about a Bang PD doll for yourself? 

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