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Shoes Designed by way of Running guy Fanatics Are Now a Reality

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Shoes Designed by Running Man Fans Are Now a Reality You will soon be in a position to spot probably the most shoes to be worn by forged contributors in SBS reality display program “Running Man,” thank you to sneakers co-creation platform ROOY.

Earlier in the year, ROOY partnered with SBS on the lookout for a fan-submitted shoe design that would lift the show’s aesthetic and lend a hand coordinate the forged members’ footwear. The contest, which garnered 777 submissions, has in the end announced a winner: Seung Soo Noh, whose design will now be manufactured into the reliable Running Man shoes.

With a unlock date of December 2015, the shoes will soon be noticed on your favourite Running Man members. In the meantime, ensure that to try cool video of the shoes in production, and remain tuned to Soompi for an exclusive giveaway!

IU Drops Adorable Teaser for “Shoes” Off Upcoming Mini Album

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IU Drops Adorable Teaser for “Shoes” Off Upcoming Mini Album IU has shared a seriously lovable 2nd teaser for her upcoming mini album!

This time around we’re given a sneak peek at the cheerful and upbeat song “Shoes.” In the teaser, IU turns out to be having a perfect time as she goofs around, swings on a swing set, and does some adorable glad dances.

At the finish of the teaser, she opens a gift to discover a couple of red heels. When she sits on her swing back and clicks her heels, she disappears!

The song is off IU’s fourth mini album entitled “Chat-shire,” which might be released online on October 23 in the dead of night KST, and then be to be had in retail outlets on October 27. IU’s first video teaser from the album for the tune “The Shower” used to be released previous this week.

Watch IU’s teaser for “Shoes” below!

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IU unleashes her internal kid in MV teaser for 'Shoes'

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IU unleashes her internal kid in MV teaser for 'Shoes'

IU gets involved with her inner kid in the teaser for "Shoes," some other song on her upcoming album!

In the monotone, modest teaser, IU"s smile is the sole thing lights up the dreary set. The singer bounces up and down on a mattress, plays on a swing, blows confetti, and gets into all varieties of other shenanigans. The song sounds to be a lighthearted melody, enriched via IU"s vocals that are stunning as always.

Give a pay attention above and hang your horses till the total free up on October 23!

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MONSTA X Releases Special Rooftop MV for “Hero”

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MONSTA X Releases Special Rooftop MV for “Hero” Following up to their comeback tune video “Rush” being released remaining month, MONSTA X has now published a different music video for their song “Hero.”

Recorded on a rooftop, the men exhibit their impressive choreography whilst showcasing the beautiful Seoul skyline.Watch it below!

Currently, the crowd is still doing promotions for “Rush” and conducted the song last evening on Music Bank.

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MONSTA X assist you to know they're your 'Hero' from the rooftop

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MONSTA X assist you to know they're your 'Hero' from the rooftop

MONSTA X have printed an excessively special clip for their tune "Hero"!

"Hero" is a song from their fresh 2d mini album "Rush". Lovers enjoyed MONSTA X" music video for their name song "Rush", and this special rooftop clip of "Hero" is every other thing to enjoy! Produced through Rhymer and Punch Sound, written by Punch Sound, Rhymer, Joohyun, and IM, and composed and organized by Punch Sound, "Hero" has an upbeat sound that may stay you up.

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Tablo and Kang Hye Jung Rock Couple Fall Pictorial in Self-Designed Shoes

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Tablo and Kang Hye Jung Rock Couple Fall Pictorial in Self-Designed Shoes Tablo and Kang Hye Jung made the very best couple as they posed for a pictorial.

Kang Hye Jung collaborated with shoe emblem AGREATTOE to design the “AGREATTOE through Kang Hye Jung” line and showed them off in a contemporary fall themed pictorial with Tablo.

In the printed image, Kang Hye Jung is pulling off a fedora and loafers to taste the ideal autumn look. Tablo also matched his wife in a couple jacket, fedora, and shoes designed by her.

Meanwhile, “AGREATTOE by Kang Hye Jung” is a shoe line individually designed by Kang Hye Jung and is composed of six forms of shoes for ladies and two kinds of brogues for men. The line used to be released on September 23, and a a phase of the profits can be donated in opposition to a beef up program for children’s surgery. It can also be purchased online ( or offline at BEEN SPOKEN.

Affordable Fashion: 5 Stylish Shoes Worn By K-Pop Idols

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Affordable Fashion: 5 Stylish Shoes Worn By K-Pop Idols

Need a shopping guide for affordable K-pop idol shoes?Look no further! From exercise sneakers to insanely high stilettos, shop below for the shoes modeled by your favorites in magazine pictorials.

The Velcro 90s craze is making a comeback!In the August issue of @Star1, EXO"s Baekhyun modeled the Adidas Originals Stan Smith tennis shoes with Velcro fasteners. The white shoes have decorative green patches on the tongues and can be yours HERE.

(Photo : CosmopolitanSaksOffFifth) Bedazzled sandals with metallic details tend to make a comeback each season. In the June issue of Cosmopolitan, SISTAR"s Bora coupled crisp wide pants and a simple crop top with Steve Madden"s "Dondi" embellished faux fur leather sandals. The shoes have mixed studs, an adjustable ankle strap and can be yours HERE.

The Heel-Sneaker Hybrid

(Photo : BNT InternationalStylenanda) Sporty heels are a new emerging trend in fashion. Mixing the aesthetics of the polished evening heels and casual sneaker, Cheetah"s Stylenanda block heel open toe sneakers are unforgettable. The shoes have chunky platforms, shoelaces and white denim exteriors. They can be yours HERE.

(Photo : SureSheLikes) In the August issue of Sure, Jang Jane showed the new reinvention of the boot. Zara"s leather cutout ankle boots have tassels hanging from golden buckles and a preppy heel. The new-age shoes can be yours HERE.

(Photo : CeciUndefeated) No shoe list can be complete without a pop of color. Zion.T was all about bold combinations in the August issue of Ceci. His footwear included the Vans Vault x Murakami Classic LX slip-ons. The shoes have printed smiling flowers and rainbow layers over the soles. They can be yours HERE.

To shop for more affordable fashion apparel and accessories used by Korean celebrities, click here!

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

[Spoiler] 'Yong Pal' Joo Won and Kim Tae-hee's rooftop date

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[Spoiler] 'Yong Pal' Joo Won and Kim Tae-hee's rooftop date

On the 7th episode of SBS" Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Yong Pal", Kim Taehyeon (Joo Won) and Han Yeojin (Kim Tae-hee) had a date on the rooftop of the hospital.

As soon as Kim Taehyeon aroused from sleep from his fatal condition because of the gun shot injury, he went to look Han Yeojin. Han Yeojin used to be covering her face with bandage whilst she used to be disguised as somebody else below the call of Kim Migyeong, a patient in coma in extensive care unit.

Kim Taehyeon played a track for Han Yeojin and then took her to the rooftop of the medical institution building. Han Yeojin took off the bandage from her face and breathed in the brand new air for the primary time in 3 years. Kim Taehyeon asked her how she felt about the revel in to have the brand new air in 3 years.

Han Yeojin cried out of joy and walked around on the rooftop, despite the fact that she had to stumble. She thanked Kim Taehyeon whilst she used to be very much happy.

Grab Your Drinks and Dance Shoes For Beast’s “YeY”

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20150730_seoulbeats_Beast Grab Your Drinks and Dance Shoes For Beasts YeY Written by Lo On July 31, 2015 Following last years TiMe and Good Luck, Beast has taken most of 2015 off of group promotions, with 12:30 having been released almost nine months ago. Now, though, theyre back, making a comeback with their eighth mini, entitled Ordinary, with title track YeY.

YeY, on the surface, does not bode well for Beast. Theyre known more for edgy, dark, midtempo pieces, rife with emotion and RB influences, such as Good Luck, Shadow and Fiction. YeY is not that. They sound nothing like Beast here. In fact, they go full-out DJ Snake. It is a club banger in the most mindless, synth-driven way; a call to the dance floor that everyone and their mother has done. But hot damn, does it work.

The verses of YeY are in Beasts styleslower and more melancholy, with the focus on the vocals and the lyrics about not wanting to love an ex anymore, but not being able to stop. But underneath that, the music builds, becoming noticeable through Gikwangs pre-chorus before dropping at the chorus and letting loose one of the sickest synth lines Ive heard in ever.

The chorus of YeY tosses the usual Beast style out the window. Its constantly rising and falling, wild and unrestrained, tailor-made for the clubs. And it fits perfectly with the lyrics about deciding to go out and get smashed rather than moping anymore. This isnt about drinking away the pain, but finding solace in the club, with dancing, and yes, alcohol, but in attempt to feel something good rather than to numb the pain. After all, when has sitting around marinating in the pain of a failed relationship ever actually made anyone hurt any less? That would be never.

YeY has officially won my vote for the best song of the summer. Its alive with passion and drive that makes anyone hearing it want to go out and get turnt in a full embracing of the wildness of summer. And the love I have for the song is matched exactly by the apathy I have for the MV.

YeY is a tour de force of lazy MV production standards. Its a typical box MV that somehow feels more dull and bland than the typical box MVs because it misses the whole freaking point of the song. YeY is about turning to the club to distract yourself from whatevers going wrong in your life. While there are a few token scenes of Beast in a club, theyre not where the emphasis of the MV is put.

Most of the MV is the usual solo shots, group dancing, posing in cars mess that has been made one million times before. Its awkward and doesnt mesh with either the chorus or the verses, which makes the focus on them even more likely to induce face-palming. The elements needed to make a competent MV are theredrinking from the bottle, going too crazy on the dance floor, moping at the bar, Dongwoons bathroom meltdowntheyre just really underutilized in what can only be described as an accomplishment in obliviousness.

YeY is a one-song argument for Beast to abandon everything theyve done and become the new kings of the club. While it is a departure from their usual sound, it works so well that if this ends up being a one-off experiment, I, for one, will be soundly disappointed.

(Images via Cube Entertainment, YouTube)

G-Friend are sporty cool in pictorial for shoes emblem "Akiii classic"!

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G-Friend are sporty cool in pictorial for 
shoes emblem

The adorable ladies of G-Friend teamed up with footwear emblem "Akiiii vintage" for a sporty and a laugh pictorial! 

opposed to a faded little one blue backdrop, the ladies smile brightly and aren"t afra identity to act a little foolish! Their neatly-toned, long legs cause them to the easiest ambassadors for a manner emblem that encompasses an active way of life.

bask in the ladies" charms in this lighthearted, lovable pictorial under!

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