Baek A Yeon Reveals Why She Wouldnt Audition For K-Pop Star Again

Baek A Yeon Reveals Why She Wouldnt Audition For K-Pop Star Again

Baek A Yeon, the third place winner on the first season of K-Pop Star, talked about the reason why she wouldnt go back on K-Pop Star if she could turn back time.

While the show brought her to a higher place and she is able to sing on stage like she has always wanted to, she said that she wouldnt go back on the show if she turned back time. She said, For me, K-Pop Star was a place I turned to for the last time when Id given up everything else. I cant remember what my mindset was back then. But if I were to do it again now, it would be so stressful, and I think Id just cry until it was over. If I could turn back time, I think Id probably just be diligently studying music.

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Its possible to glean from that answer just how difficult the experience was for her. She explained, I was 19 to 20 years old at the time, but Park Ji Min and Lee Hi, who were younger than me, were so good at singing, and Lee Seung Hoon and the other contestants were so talented and popular. I had a lot of doubts at the time. I didnt know if I had the ability to go on stage live. It was the first time I was asked to prepare a song each week, and the competition was so tough. But if I didnt have that experience then, I think Id be shaking a lot right now.

She said the hardest day on the show was the day that Yoon Hyun Sang was eliminated from the show. She said, During the rehearsal for my stage that day, one of my dancers fell from the chair and that traumatized me, so I messed up the real stage. I thought I would get eliminated for sure, but it was Yoon Hyun Sang. I felt so sorry and embarrassed, so I cried a lot that day. I cried on stage, and I couldnt stop crying even when I got back to the dorm.

Meanwhile, Baek A Yeon recently released her third album Bittersweet with the song Sweet Lies as the title track.