Baek A Yeon Clears Up Misconceptions And Looks To The Future For 5th Debut Anniversary

Baek A Yeon Clears Up Misconceptions And Looks To The Future For 5th Debut Anniversary

On September 9, Baek A Yeon held a V Live broadcast to celebrate her 5th debut anniversary.

After receiving a cake and lots of congratulations, she said, Honestly, I wasnt even thinking about my anniversary this year. Im glad I could spend it together with you. Around my first anniversary or 100 days, I told my fans that I wanted to see them on my 5th and 10th anniversaries. I cant believe this is happening. Time goes by really fast.

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Baek A Yeon decided to listen to her debut album with her fans again on the broadcast. However, there was a misconception that she wanted to clear up first. A lot of people think that Shouldnt Have is my debut song, she said. The song, originally released without promotions in 2015, became a huge hit that year. My debut album is different and is full of ballads. Please listen to it.

When asked to pick her favorite song in her career, she said, Its hard to pick just one, but eventually picked Shouldnt Have because it had expanded her audience.

She also updated fans on her current status, saying, I released my last mini album in May and Im continuing to do performances and radio shows. Ive been looking for a hobby as well and trying various things. Lately Im obsessed with flower arranging. Thats why I titled this V Live broadcast Lets Only Walk the Flower Road.’

Baek A Yeon concluded by sharing her dreams for the next 5 years. In the past I used to set really big goals, she said. I wanted to release a studio album with all self-produced songs, but I realized that thats only possible when youre ready. My ultimate goal is to keep doing music. I think that putting out music continuously is the most difficult thing.

Congratulations to Baek A Yeon on her 5th debut anniversary!