Noel drops album duvet for their comeback with a song by skill of B2ST's Junhyung

Noel drops album duvet for their comeback with a song by skill of B2ST's Junhyung

Noel drops album quilt for their comeback with a song via B2ST

Get excited for vocal workforce Noel"s comeback with a song made by B2ST"s Junhyung and Davii Choi!

The album disguise used to be released on November 20 with Noel"s firm YNB Entertainment stating, "On November 26, the hot virtual unmarried "Only Separation" by vocal neighborhood Noel might be released."

The song changed into published to be for my part written and composed by Junhyung, who showed his strengthen by posting the picture on his Instagram and writing, "This is such an honorable match for me. I worked in this with cutie Davii Choi.  I love Noel, who sang this very coolly.  I ask for a massive number of interest."

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B2ST most sensible the album sales chart on 'Hanteo' with ' habitual'!

B2ST most sensible the album sales chart on 'Hanteo' with ' habitual'!

B2ST most productive the Album sales chart on

you give notice get out IT up to B2ST to most productive no longer simply track charts yet the Album sales chart!

B2ST"s new Album "recurring" made #1 at the "Hanteo"s Album chart for the simplest possible choice of Album sales. On most productive of that, "recurring" has existen #1 at the day by day chart on "Hanteo" for the 3rd day in A row, existating out all the heavy festival.

On the day B2ST"s Album gain retail outlets, "YeY" most productiveped A whopping viii track charts, And sooner than that, "I accept to go to work" Also most productiveped seven track charts at the day of ITs free up.

Now that they"ve most productiveped online charts, will they exist ready to win on track presentations As well? when you lot need this to take place, en certain you lot make stronger B2ST"s comeback stages this week!

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become crunk in new

B2ST become crunk in new "YeY" MV + "routine" mini-album

B2ST become crunk in new

B2ST has become back amongst "YeY"!

B2UTIES had been enduring the teasing in the course of the lads" particular person teasers in Additi at the gang teaser, And forthwith nosotros"ve in Any case were given their MV! The boys seem like they"re having A smash in the MV. The name song "YeY" of mini Album "ordinary" is An electronic popular dance song that"s approximately playing the prevailing And no longer being harm by means of dearest.

check out the MV Above!

The staff Also ranked #1 on tune charts equivalent to Mnet and Melon with "YeY" At 7AM KST at the day in their liberate. concentrate to the songs from the Album in the playlist underneath. 

What"s your favourite track?

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all of the approaching songs on B2ST

pattern all of the approaching songs on B2ST"s mini album " habitual" with this audio preview!

 pattern all of the impending songs on B2ST

B2ST are making it even more difficult to look ahead to July 27 as they now tease us with their audio preview in their 8th mini album!

adding name music "YeY", their "recurring" album has 6 songs at the side of 2 bonus songs! They all sound lovely amazing, yet we wouldn"t be predicting any less from this talented team!

Which one is your favourite from the album thus a long way?

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B2ST flaunts their 
glance in new album jacket 
symbol for

B2ST flaunts their informal glance in new album jacket symbol for "recurring"

B2ST teases for their upcoming comeback with a logo spanking new album jacket symbol.

since it"s these days the summer time, the individuals are noticed in informal and comforting garments corresponding to sleeveless shirts and shorts whilst appearing their bright expressions for the camera.

Mean whilst, B2ST"s 8th mini album "ordinary" in addition the identify song "YeY" may be released on July 27th in the dark. READ MORE


B2STs Jang Hyun Seung  has  wowed   his  fans   with the  introduction   of    brand  new  Teaser  picture  and  Album Title

B2STs Jang Hyun Seung has wowed his fans with the introduction of brand new Teaser picture and Album Title

-- Preparing to make a solo debut, B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung revealed a new teaser photo as well as the album title.

B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung Unveils New Teaser Photo and Album Title

On April 27, Cube Entertainment tweeted on its official account, “2015.05.08 AN 00:00 1st Mini Album Title You’re the First (translated). Coming Soon, Jang Hyun Seung.”

The teaser photo showed a shirtless Jang Hyung Seung looking down into a bag of some sort as the sun shined against his back.

Jang Hyun Seung will release his first solo album You’re the First on May 8 at midnight (KST).

Photo Credit: Cube Entertainment



B2ST"s Hyunseung provides a tracklist of the songs to come in his solo album "MY"


You"ve seen his shirtless photo, and now it"s time for the reveal of B2ST Hyunseung"s tracklist for his upcoming solo album "MY"!

His album consists of a total of 6 tracks. His title track "You"re the First" is said to be a hip-hop dance number with lyrics written by Black Eyed Pilsung with a rap featuring by famous rapper Giriboy, which already sounds like a hit!

"It"s Me" is said to have a groovy melody and "Break Up With Him" is another hip-hop and R&B track, written by KUSH with a rap featuring a new rapper Tokki ("rabbit").

"Dirty Jokes" is a 19+ track about secret jokes couples say to one another. Meanwhile, "Come Out" is a song about a guy telling his girlfriend that she doesn"t need to "pretty" herself up, as she looks pretty just the way she is, and "I Said I Love You" is a slow R&B track.

Just a little while longer till his full album release on May 8!


MFBTY recruits B2ST

MFBTY recruits B2ST"s Junhyung for a featuring in upcoming album

MFBTY recruits B2ST

B2ST"s Junhyung is another idol up for collaboration with MFBTY (Yoon Mi Rae, Bizzy, and Tiger JK) for their upcoming comeback album!

He learned earlier that Rap Monster would be participating, but it turns out Junhyung will also take part as a featuring artist!

"Junhyung will be featuring in a track included in MFBTY"s album," said a rep, who added, "Tiger JK had always been interested in not only B2ST"s music, but also songs that Junhyung had featured in. So he personally requested for this favor, and the project came to fruition."

MFBTY"s new album will drop on the 19th, so get ready to hear some awesome music on the way!


[Album Review] B2ST -

[Album Review] B2ST - "Time"


Track List:

01. 12:30

02. Drive

03. It"s All Good

04. Close My Eyes

05. Stay

06. So Hot (Bonus Track – CD Only)

Just in "Time" for their fifth anniversary, B2ST dropped their new mini-album, their seventh one to date. "Time" is the newest follow-up to "Good Luck," and five of the six tracks were written, composed, and arranged by Kim Tae Joo and Junhyung.

"12:30," the first track, is a ballad. While I like the lyrics, I don"t care for the melody so much. It"s a bit meandering for my taste. That being said, I like the arrangement, a ticking clock turns into the beat behind a piano accompaniment. I really dig the imagery in the lyrics:

Right now, we"re like the clock hands at 12:30

Our backs turned against each other, looking at different places, about to throw everything away

Right now, we"re like the clock hands at 12:30

We"re walking to a place that we can never return from

Smooth and funky with a rap intro, "Drive" is a good mid-tempo song. Layered harmonies and spare instrumentation make this song work. The song itself is about driving away from a relationship, leaving all the good times and bad times behind.

"It"s All Good" is a mid-tempo acoustic guitar driven tune. I love how Junhyung"s raps mesh with the main tune, the tempo turning up and the beats becoming more prominent. Despite the title, the lyrics are full of regret:

Our tug-of-war has lost its tension

Even looking at you felt like pressure

Talking to you didn"t feel natural

At some point, it felt really hard

I thought we resembled each other but now I know

We"re so different

I hoped you would be my last puzzle piece

But no matter how much you tried to fit, it didn"t fit

Smooth in a different way from "Drive," "Close My Eyes" definitely has an r&b/hip-hop groove present. With an enjoyable acoustic guitar riff, the boys continue the morose "I lost your love" theme prevalent on this disk.

"Stay" is pure dance track goodness. It starts with an epic piano intro and transitions quickly into the boys singing and an insistent synth riff; synth and vocals intertwine masterfully. In direct counterpoint to its high-energy beats, it is again married to melancholy lyrics.

The last song, "So Hot," is unique, not only because it"s the most upbeat tune in this EP (though that"s not saying much) but also because Kikwang had a hand in the lyrics for this tune. A bit naughty, a bit sweet, and a good mid-tempo melody.

"Time" is a really good album, absent of filler and even tighter than "Good Luck," which I also enjoyed. Junhyung"s rapping on these tracks is even better than the heartfelt raps on their previous release. With the exception of the first track, this is definitely staying on my playlist. Pick it up. You won"t be disappointed.

Recommended Tracks: Drive, Stay