B.A.P to continue their world tour ‘Party Baby’ in Japan

B.A.P to continue their world tour ‘Party Baby’ in Japan

B.A.Pwill be holding six concerts in Japan for their ongoing world tour, ‘Party Baby’!

Starting on August 5, B.A.P will be touring throughout Japan to meet their fans through six different concerts. The concerts will take place in Osaka (August 5), Nagoya (August 7), and Tokyo (August 9). The group is expected to provide excellent performances through their unique sounds which incorporate the sound of EDM but also through their stage charisma.

B.A.P will be performing all their hits such as “Warrior”, “One Shot”, “Skydive”, and much more, in addition to their solo stages.

Afterward, B.A.P are expected to make their comeback in August with a color series concept, following their ‘Noir’ and ‘Rose’ albums. More details regarding the comeback will be revealed at the concerts in Japan.

Stay tuned for more on B.A.P!

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