B.A.P Thanks Fans As Hashtag Tops Trending Topics In Korea

B.A.P Thanks Fans As Hashtag Tops Trending Topics In Korea

A hashtag about B.A.P is currently trending at No. 1 in Korea!

B.A.P recently made a comeback with their new single album Blue featuring the title track Honeymoon. On the evening of September 14, fans used the hashtag “Honeymoon with B.A.P” in Korean (비에이피와_허니문) to show their support as they streamed their new song. In addition, the guys also appeared on a broadcast that evening.

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The hashtag is currently at No. 1 on Twitters trending topics in Korea, and B.A.P has posted about their fans event and thanked them!

Himchan posted a screenshot of the hashtag in the list of trending topics with the message “Whoa” and a thumbs up emoji, including the hashtag in his tweet.

우오?? #비에이피와_허니문 pic.twitter.com/tKQhYP8F3n

Himchan (@BAP_Himchan) September 14, 2017

He then wrote on Twitter with a screenshot of himself streaming their new track on Melon, “Since the Baby Pros are doing it, here’s my proof of streaming too.”

벱프로님들도 하시니깐 저도 스밍인증 #비에이피와_허니문 pic.twitter.com/U7Ber0ZWno

“This is in realtime, I pressed ‘like’!” he then posted, with a new screenshot.

실시간이에요 좋아요 눌렀어요! pic.twitter.com/50bWbXrhlf

Youngjae also retweeted Himchan’s first tweet with the hashtag and the message, “I’m joining in too!” He then excitedly tweeted about the “attack.”

BAP_Youngjae (@BAP_Youngjae) September 14, 2017

Daehyun wrote on Twitter, “I had a really great time today. Thank you Baby, and I love you, and added the trending hashtag.

B.A.P대현 (@BAP_Daehyun) September 14, 2017

Zelo also tweeted with a heart emoji and the message, You guys are the best, including the hashtag as well.

ᴢᴇʟᴏ (@ZELO96) September 14, 2017

B.A.P is currently performing Honeymoon on music shows, with their most recent performance on M!Countdown on September 14.