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Park Yoo Hwan is an ideal Fall Gentleman for Marie Claire

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Park Yoo Hwan Is a super Fall Gentleman for Marie Claire Park Yoo Hwan of “She used to be Pretty” who changed into hailed as the very best boyfriend as a result of his give-all attitude in the show, showed off a fall pictorial series with Marie Claire.

The actor models modern fall looks for Marie Claire, adding a long, plaid patterned coat and a warm knitted sweater. His looks also helped in making the pictorials capture the hearts of the readers of Marie Claire. He nearly looks as if a perfect sculpture in those pictorials, especially with his stares that may just melt anything!

Park Yoo Hwan’s pictorials in addition his interview might be to be had in the December factor of Marie Claire.

'Superstar K7' contestant Kevin Oh enjoys a wonder telephone convo with ideal sort IU

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'Superstar K7' contestant Kevin Oh enjoys a wonder telephone convo with ideal sort IU

On the November five airing of Mnet"s "Superstar K7," contestant Kevin Oh had some one-on-one time with Sung Si Kyung to whom he relayed his ideal model was once IU.

As a result, Sung Si Kyung had a distinct surprise prepared, connecting Kevin Oh to IU by the use of a phone call! Kevin Oh acknowledged to her, "I"m a big fan. i am hoping that lets sing a song together."

She replied, "I in reality enjoyed your Maroon 5 stage with Jhameel Kim," upping Kevin Oh"s temper with her sort compliment. He mentioned in this episode, "I think she"s more boyish than I thought. I actually like her."

Who are f(x) Amber and Krystal's ideal types?

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Who are f(x) Amber and Krystal's ideal types?

f(x)"s Krystal and Amber spread out about their ideal sorts on the newest broadcast of "Old School".

Special DJ Super Junior"s Kangin asked the 2 "4 Walls" singers who they"d love to paintings with and what kind of boyfriend they"d like to have. Amber answered, "Orlando Bloom. I truly like the entirety about him. i think like the jobs he's taking on are blameless and quiet yet cool at the same time."

Krystal added, "One time, Amber acknowledged that a team of workers member with a excellent frame was once her ideal type. She said, "That oppa is cool. He"s my ideal type."" She also discussed who she herself would really like to work with, "Johnny Depp. He"s masculine. He plays characters who have their own personalities, and I think the air of secrecy he has is different."

Did you are expecting this from Amber and Krystal?

T-ara′s Eun Jung Talks About Her dating with the Individuals and Her Ideal Type

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T-ara′s Eun Jung Talks About Her dating with the Individuals and Her Ideal Type

--> T-ara is recently focusing its efforts on global activities, effectively wearing out promotions in China and being forged in a film in Thailand.

Eun Jung, who is receiving numerous love in Japan, China and Thailand, shot a range with bnt.

Eun Jung plays up her sexiness, matching fishnet stockings with short shorts in one shot. In any other cut, she presentations her elegant and complex femininity in a trench coat.

Eun Jung published in the accompanying interview that she′s staying busy with her fresh casting in a Thai movie and the group′s promotions in China. She stated the Thai film is a huge concern for her as a local Korean, as the lines are most commonly in Thai and English, and expressed her get to the ground of to paintings tough for the lovers who gifter her with Thai books.

Of her members, whom she has spent the ultimate seven years of her lifestyles with, Eun Jung said they′re like sisters who know every other so neatly although they don′t say a be aware and that even if they′re aside for a long time, it seems like they saw one another just yesterday.

Eun Jung, who recently attracted attention as Min Kyung Hoon′s ideal type, said it has already been 4 years since that changed into a topic and said hi to him throughout the interview. When asked about her ideal type, Eun Jung said any person who is faithful and well-mannered, pronouncing personality is more very important than looks for her.

She also shared her difficulties, asserting that because she′s so busy, she′s studying Chinese via video classes and that she also felt apologetic when she was once dating.

Seventeen's hip hop unit talk about their ideal kinds on 'Cosmopolitan'

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Seventeen's hip hop unit talk about their ideal kinds on 'Cosmopolitan'

"Cosmopolitan" these days sat down with the men of Seventeen"s hip hop unit. The mag held a short lived interview on their ideal types and what makes Seventeen sticks out from the rest.

When speaking about the sort of woman that makes them shout "Mansae", Wonwoo answered, "I have this fantasy. A lady who reads by way of the window sill as the mild shines opposed to her. If I see a woman like that i suspect i might fall in love."

S-coups added, "A girl who is pro in her field. My present ideal kind is Nicki Minaj. She looks so cool rapping passionately on stage."

Answering the query of what they would do when assembly the affection in their life, Vernon answered, "My dream is to commute the arena with the individual I love. Actor Tom Hanks acknowledged this in the past, to head travel the area with the man you love. when you still love that user after the trip, then that"s genuine love. I wish to revel in that."

Meanwhile, Mingyu told the editors of "Cosmopolitan" that Seventeen"s authentic charm would be their energy. Minkyu said, "We overflow with energy. You'll have amusing and smile whilst you watch us. You"ll feel recharged."

Joo Won Talks About His Ideal sort and Hobby

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Joo Won Talks About His Ideal Fashion and Hobby Joo Won made appearance at the October 12 episode of “Healing Camp,” in which he is related to have disclosed some appealing non-public tastes.

According to the manufacturers of “Healing Camp,” Joo Won confessed that his ideal variety has a little of a belly. Seo Jang Hoon asked, “Just how much is a little bit?”

Joo Won then responded, “I in reality love bellies. I don’t know. Bellies are my favorite,” then added, “I wager not anything truly topics while you like someone.” At this, MC Kim Je Dong asked, “Are you the type of individual that can’t get over a love when you’re really into someone?” and Joo Won responded, “It’s now not that I can’t get over a love, yet that I don’t attempt to get over it in the primary place,” taking pictures the hearts of many with this romantic answer!

Joo Won also has an enchanting hobby. He really loves to walk, and acknowledged that after he is going on a walk, he walks for 8-9 hours.

Joo Won describes his ideal girl as anyone with a pot belly?

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Joo Won describes his ideal girl as anyone with a pot belly?

Actor Joo Won, who is understood to have an strange ideal type, grew to become heads at the contemporary episode of SBS"s "Healing Camp" when he declared once back that he likes girls with pot bellies. 

When asked the unavoidable, inevitable, expected query of what kind of woman is his ideal type, Joo Won spoke back that a girl who "only wears pants, has a pot belly, has a beautiful back, and is kindhearted" is the nearest to his ideal type. 

MC SEO Jang Hoon, upon hearing that Joo Won lis ladies with pot belies, quipped, "How giant does the pot stomach must be?" making the every person burst out into laughter. 

However, Joo Won responded seriously, "I like the belly. I don"t know. i love the belly..." and continued, "I think if I am willing on the person, not anything matters." 

MC Kim Je Dong then questioned, "Are you the sort who can"t come again up while you fall not easy for someone?

Joo Won replied, "It"s no longer that I can"t get up, it"s that I refuse to get up," melting the hearts of all his lady lovers out there.  

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AOA’s Choa Finds Her Ideal sort On “My Little Television”

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AOA’s Choa shows Her Ideal Fashion On “My Little Television” AOA’s Choa published her ideal kind on MBC’s “My Little Television.”

On the show, Choa played the ideal type international cup game with fellow lady team member, Jimin. All through the game, Choa had to select from entertainers Jeon Hyun Moo and Kim Sung Joo. Without hesitation, Choa chose Kim Sung Joo.

She said, “I actually like Kim Sung Joo oppa. i used to be a large fan of his during basic faculty and junior high. I even joined his fan café.”

She revealed, “I met with him once and was once ready to speak to him. I told him that I become a significant fan and that i truly loved him. He concept I was just being friendly yet I was totally serious.”

What are your mind on Choa’s big confession?

Ayumi says she's dated a huge number of celebrities and finds her ideal type

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Ayumi says she's dated a huge number of celebrities and finds her ideal type

Ayumi of former lady crew Sugar can after all be noticed on Korean TV! For the primary time in nine years, she graced a Korean program with her presence via JTBC"s "Witch Hunt" on October 9.

On the show, she used to be asked by Seo In Young, "Between celebrities and routine citizens, which do you date more?" and she replied, "Seeing as this is my work, I date more celebrities."

Curious, Shin Dong Yup asked, "How are there no rumors?" and she responded proudly, "I"m just right at not getting caught," making all and sundry laugh.

They then did a fantastic sort international cup. Among Yoo Ah In, Yunho, and Lee Search engine marketing Jin, she chose the last, explaining, "I generally tend to love men who are older."

Shin Dong Yup said, "I"m as regards to Lee Seo Jin. will have to I introduce you?" and she replied happily, "Next time, when I come again to Korea, please introduce me."

Seo In Young inputted, "Isn"t Lee Seo Jin very well cherished by women?" and Shin Dong Yup joked, "That"s because Lee Seo Jin inherited 40 billion KRW (~ 34 million USD) from his father." Mhm, it"s all about the money and no longer that he"s a fab and good-looking guy, Shin Dong Yup...

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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Confesses About Dating and Her Ideal Type

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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Confesses About Dating and Her Ideal Type Red Velvet‘s Seulgi made a gigantic time confession referring to her dating history and printed what her ideal guy would be like.

On the episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” aired on September 30, Seulgi, Park Kyung Lim, Jin Yi Han, and Gray seem as guests.

“You’re one of SM’s artists who’ve never dated before, much like Seohyun. It’s now not necessarily a excellent thing,” MC Kim Gu Ra says to Seulgi. In response, she says, “Now that I call to mind it, I feel sorry about not dating.”

“When I watch a drama or a movie, I fall challenging for the characters. Recently, I’ve truly gotten into Jo Jung Suk from ‘Oh My Ghost,’” she says.

She also takes time to discuss Super Junior’Kyuhyun, who had up to now selected her as his ideal type.

“I’ve at all times concept that he has a pleasant personality. He’s very kind. yet I’m not a large fan of double-lidded eyes,” she says.

Meanwhile, Seulgi spread out about her seven years as a trainee and confessed that her maximum rebellious moment was once when she ate fast ramen by the Han River.