AW Restaurants Goes On The Record Saying They Like SEVENTEEN

AW Restaurants Goes On The Record Saying They Like SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEENs member Joshua seems to have attracted a new fan to the groups growing fanbase, but its not anyone they could have expected.

SEVENTEENs members often interact with their fans on Twitter by signing on and answering any questions or comments that fans send them.

These conversations often end up becoming jokes within the fandom because of the members sassy and playful responses.

Yo yo I like your flow , its smooth like a sailing boat , cool and refreshing like a root beer float, its so cool i need to wear coat

세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) (@pledis_17) May 30, 2017

During the latest QA session, Joshua ended up catching the attention of a company instead of a fan with his cute rap. It appears the phrase root beer float caught the attention of AW Restaurants (which is, among other things, well-known for its root beer).

You had us at Root Beer Float. 😍

AW Restaurants (@awrestaurants) May 30, 2017

Fans immediately wanted to know if AW liked SEVENTEEN and the company came back with a witty response of their own and referenced one of SEVENTEENs songs.

We think they arevery nice. 😏

Another fan wondered if AW really was a fan of the group, and the company answered using two more of SEVENTEENs songs to show that they were indeed interested in the group.

Well keep this answer Simple and Say Yes. 😎

AW Restaurants (@awrestaurants) May 31, 2017