August Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

August Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute has released the boy group brand reputation rankings for the month of August.

106,096,019 pieces of data were analyzed from July 11, 2017 to August 12, 2017, focusing on interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes to set the rankings. This is a 2.35 percent increase from the amount of data collected in July.

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For the month of August, EXO came in at first place with an interaction index of 1,919,456 points, media coverage index of 2,487,480 points, communication index of 3,590,706 points, and a community index of 9,192,234 points for a total of 17,189,876 points. Compared to last month’s 10,121,903 points, their score has increased by 69,83 percent.

Second place went to BTS, with a total score of 11,157,291 points, a 14.18 percent increase from the previous month. The group recorded an interaction index of 2,160,224 points, media coverage index of 836,760 points, communication index of 2,829,767 points, and a community index of 6,912,208 points.

Third place went to NUEST with an interaction index of 2,585,528 points, media coverage index of 1,074,336 points, communication index of 744,954 points, and a community index of 5,474,458 points for a total of 9,879,276 points. This is a 289.19 percent increase from their July score of 2,538,402 points, moving them up from 16th place to 3rd place.

The head of the Korean Business Research Institute explained, According to the statistics, EXO has come in at first place for boy group brand reputation rankings. EXO released their fourth studio album The War in July and sold approximately 960,000 copies. Some of their other achievements include topping iTunes charts in 42 countries, topping Billboards World Album Charts for two weeks, topping the Apple Music album charts in 19 countries, topping the United World Charts, and topping Xiami Musics K-pop charts. They also came in at first place 11 times on various music shows.

Check out the top 30 below: