ASTRO Shares Childhood Memories To Celebrate National Childrens Day

ASTRO Shares Childhood Memories To Celebrate National Childrens Day

May 5 is Childrens Day in South Korea. On May 4, ASTRO shared some adorable pictures on their Twitter of themselves as young children to celebrate the holiday.

One of the pictures shows a young Cha Eun Woo holding a fish he caught. Along with the photo he wrote, Dong Mins big catch. That he became ASTROs Cha Eun Woo is also a big catch. Meeting AROHA is also a big catch. Im thankful everyday. (Cha Eun Woos birth name is Lee Dong Min). He ended his message with a hashtag for Childrens Day.

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매일 나는 감사해? #어린이날

ASTROs JinJin also posted a picture of himself fishing. The caption reads, This is me when I was six haha. The me that liked taking pictures, even while focused on fishing, would turn and smile like that when my mom called for me. Do I look the same now?

낚시에 집중하다가도 엄마가 부르면 저렇게 웃었었어요 지금이랑 똑같나용..?? #어린이날

Yoon Sanha shared a childhood photo with a more active pose. He shared it with the message, Roar! This is little Sanha. Um My picture is from so long ago I dont really remember it, but if it was Childrens Day, I remember going to the park and having fun haha. I would like it if every child had a lot of fun playing today. And dont get hurt!! He followed this with hashtags joking that Little Sanha is also going to play. Adding to the cute factor, throughout the message he spelled his name in a way that imitates the lisp pronunciation commonly heard from very young Korean children as they are learning to speak.

어흥! 어렸을때의 따나에요♡♡음.. 저 사진은 너무 오래돼서 기억은 안나지만 어린이날이면 공원가서 재밌게 놀았던기억이나요ㅎㅎ모든 어린이들도 오늘 신나게 놀았으면 좋겠어요 다치지말고!!#따나어린이도 #놀아야지 #ㅎㅎ #어린이날

Rocky also shared a childhood photo filled with personality. He wrote, This is little Minhyuk haha. They say I had much more aegyo back then than I do now. I guess Ill have to go back to being like that. Rocky also included a hashtag that stated he was #ROHAsBallofLove, and he spelled out some classic aegyo sounds.

저 때처럼 돌아가야겠어요 ㅋㅋ#로하사랑둥이 뿌잉 뿌잉 #라키 #어린이날 #사랑해 #하트

With a beaming childhood photo, Moon Bin thoughtfully considered parents in his message. Today is Childrens Day, its our world~ You know that we are always children to our parents, right? haha. For at least today, what do you think about sticking close to your parents?

오늘 하루만큼은 부모님과 딱 붙어있는게 어때요??#아스트로 #문빈 #어린이날

MJs childhood photo also showed off a dimpled smile. For his caption he said, Everyone say kimchi~~ Hope you make good memories with your family on Childrens Day. Written by M Kid. (Say kimchi is analogous to the English-language phrase say cheese when taking photos).

글쓴이 엠꼬마#ASTRO #AROHA #아스트로 #아로하 #어린이날 #가족 #추억

Dont these little faces just bring a smile to your face?