Aron Talks About How Things Have Changed For NUEST And How Proud He Is Of His Fellow Members

Aron Talks About How Things Have Changed For NUEST And How Proud He Is Of His Fellow Members

NUESTs Aron appeared on SBS LoveFMs Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyungs Two Man Show with After School and Orange Caramels Raina on August 2 to promote their new song, Loop.

While discussing various things, the topic of Produce 101 Season 2 came up in the conversation as the other four members of NUEST (JR, Ren, Baekho, Minhyun) had appeared on the show. Yang Se Hyung asked Aron, There are people who say the people who gained the most from Produce 101 Season 2 were the members of NUEST. What do you think of that statement?

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Aron replied, I cant really answer that because I wasnt in the show, and added with a smile, But Im really happy with how things are now.

When asked if things have changed after the show, including the fact that member Minhyun is currently promoting as a member of Wanna One, Aron replied, A lot of things have changed. We didnt used to be that busy in the past, but now were really busy and have lots of scheduled activities. Weve also gained a lot of new fans, and I still cant believe this is all actually happening.

Yang Se Hyung jokingly asked, Do you ever get jealous [that the other members went on the show and did well]? Aron was quick to say, Never. Ive never felt jealous that the other members did so well while I wasnt able to participate in the show. Im actually really proud of them. All of them are younger than me, and I was so happy to see them do well. It felt like I was an older brother watching my younger siblings succeed.

Hearing this, Raina chimed in and added, When we were coming here, a crowd of his fans followed us. Its so nice to see After Schools labelmate NUEST doing so well. The members are all objectively so handsome and talented, so I had been hoping they would do well, and Im happy to see that they are. Im pleased to see them succeed.

Dont forget to check out Rainas new song Loop featuring NUESTs Aron!