ARMY trend ‘#ArmysWillProtectJimin’ after Jimin receives death threats

ARMY trend ‘#ArmysWillProtectJimin’ after Jimin receives death threats

ARMY all across the globe are protecting Jimin with the hashtag “‘#ArmysWillProtectJimin” and it is trending worldwide on Twitter.

A few days ago, some toxic users on social media started spreading various false rumors including one that said Jimin hates international fans. Shortly thereafter, there were alleged screenshots from a now-suspendeduser named Selja that revealed a false DM conversation which said Jungkook had sexually assaulted a Brazilian fan. Selja herself stated that these are all false and manipulated / Photoshopped images.

Thislead to more toxic behavior and one particular Twitter [email protected] started making death threats.

After these threats, ARMY took action and used the hashtag to protect Jimin. They also made the @AntiBTSAnti account become suspended.

ARMY also alerted authorities and security personnel at the Honda Center about these threats.

Do these threats from this user have any merit? A google reverse image search shows that the gun image was taken from a French blog.It appears it is some troll who wants to gain attention but nonetheless it is nice to see ARMY protecting Jimin.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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