ARMY Celebrate BTS' Jungkook's Birthday In Times Square

ARMY Celebrate BTS' Jungkook's Birthday In Times Square

BTS’s Jungkook has recently been gifted with an early birthday present from international fans here in America! In order to celebratehis birthday, fans wanted the world to know how important September 1st is!

An official digital billboard ad space was purchased in Time Square that reads “BTS Jungkook Happy 21st Birthday” and also highlights it as “JungKook Day.” The billboard has already caught the attention of many fans as they film and post videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other SNS accounts.

What makes the billboard more unique is its tower like shape, which has a long yellow pillar (quite an attention grabbing piece) and underneath a video playing alongside pictures featuring various clips of Jungkook from BTS claim-to-fame MV “Dope.”

ARMYs are prepared to celebrate his birthday in advance and letting New Yorkers know as well. Fellow ARMYs are sending their praise for the billboard and are even expecting more exciting things to happen on the day of Jungkook’s birthday.

However, BTS’ Jungkook wasn’t the only one celebrating his birthday in New York City recently as fans of NCT127 also posted an advertising billboard celebrating member Lee Tae Yong’s birthday as well. He was even spotted taking a picture alongside it! Maybe Jungkook will do the same? Stay tuned for more amazing birthday updates!