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T-ara's Ex-member Areum Updates with Selca

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T-aras Ex-member Areum Updates with SelcaGirl group T-aras ex-member Areum somewhat recently shared a picture on her own Instagram to show that she is doing well.

She updated her selca along with the meaningful comment, I also wanted to be  needy when I was little. Sigh I cant help it. Well, I heat myself up by the side of gas range.

In the picture, she looks so cute with no make-up, wearing her horn rimmed glasses. She has matured so much compared to the past years when she was a member of T-ara.

Netizens showed various responses towards her update and said, Areum, what does this mean? Areum is as beautiful as I remember, and She looks she has matured a lot in the picture.

Areum aims to stop rumors

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Areum aims to stop rumors

Areum of girl group T-ara tried to stop spreading rumors regarding her drop-out, which was first announced on Wednesday.

Many netizens have questioned whether Areum is stepping down due to troubles with other members, but Areum denied such doubts.

"You didn't see it in person, and you didn't hear it from me, and can you do this or not?" she said on her Instagram page.

"I'll buy you a meal, so can you please contact me directly if you know who said such things?"

And then she added that she won't try to explain the whole situation.

"I don't want things to end on bad terms", she said.

"Don't try to interrupt other people's lives when you don't know, promise?"

She said she won't mention this again as people would just think whatever they want to think anyway. Finally, she left a warning note that no one should try to interrupt anyone at her agency, Core Contents Media.

Earlier, the agency said that Areum decided to leave the group and go solo to pursue her own music career.

Meanwhile, other remaining members of T-ara left Incheon International Airport on Thursday to perform in Japan yesterday and today.

Areum's departure raises questions

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Areum's departure raises questions

Netizens raised questions yesterday about an announcement on Wednesday that Areum of the girl group T-ara will no longer be a part of the group after being a member for about a year.

After reading a post that Areum put on her social network service about two weeks ago, fans wonder whether she is stepping down from the team due to any sort of trouble with other members as well as whether the drop-out has been long planned.

"I seriously have nothing more to lose", she said on her Instagram.

"I'm not even scared of dying either".

Along with the post, she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a hat that covers one of her eyes.

Such doubts came after former member Hwayoung left the group in August 2012. Rumors at the time said that Hwayoung had been estranged within the group.

However, the group's agency previously said that Areum wanted to pursue her own music career and that's why she's going solo.

"Don't forget Areum of T-ara, and thank you for the love you have shown me", said Areum.

"You will be able to see a much better and cooler version of Areum, but never forget the performance and the songs I gave as a part of T-ara".

The group will not have any new members, according to the agency. However, T-ara's subunit group, T-ara N4, will have a new member named Dani.

T-ara’s youngest member, Areum, will be leaving the team

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T-ara’s youngest member, Areum, will be leaving the team

According to a July 10 announcement by T-ara’s agency, Core Entertainment, the youngest member of the group, Areum, will be leaving and will most likely reappear at a later date as a solo artist. A new member, known as Dani, will join the group. The agency announced that “Areum has always wanted to pursue hip-hop music and has made it clear that she would like to show off a new side of herself by going solo. The other members of the group respect her decision. “In the future, Areum will be involved in a variety of activities ranging from singing to acting.”

Areum also announced her departure and plans to go solo thorough T-ara’s official fan board, Queens.

The group will therefore be going back to their original six-member composition, comprising Hyomin, Boram, Eun Jung, Ji Yeon, Qri,andSo Yeon. The new member, Dani, will join Eun Jung, Ji Yeon, and Hyomin for T-ara N4 activities both in the U.S. and in Korea. The agency says that Dani grew up in the U.S, and speaks fluent English.

The remaining six members of T-ara will leave for Japan on July 11 for a concert at the Budokan.

T-ara's Areum Leaves Team And Will Be Going Solo

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T-aras Areum Leaves Team And Will Be Going SoloSports Joseon is reporting tonight that T-aras youngest recruit Lee Areum will be leaving the team and will most likely reappear at a later date as a solo artist. T-ara will therefore be going back to their original six-member composition comprising of Hyomin, Boram, Eun Jung, Ji Yeon, Qri, and So Yeon.

Areum had officially joined the team last July and was one of the members for T-aras sub unit experiment, T-ara N4. According to Core Contents Media (CCM), Areum expressed an interest to leave the team to pursue a solo career, and the reason for the split was due to the fact that Areum had always wanted to pursue hip hop music and had made it clear that she would like to show off a new side of herself by going solo. The other members have respected her decision and that In the future, Areum will be involved in a variety of activities ranging from singing to acting.

The reports also claim that CCM is currently planning on introducing their long term trainee Dani into T-ara N4 for their U.S. activities and the rest of their domestic activities. It seems like a natural addition given that Dani grew up in the U.S .and speaks fluent English, but so far, none of the reports seem to suggest that she will also be joining the main T-ara group. 

Here is a video from CCMs official Youtube channel showing Areum announcing her departure and solo plans. Unfortunately, there are no official English subtitles available.  

This wont be the only member changes amongst Core Contents Media artists with 5dolls having two of their members replaced for similar reasons to Areum and boy group Speed getting two new experimental members. 

With Core Contents Media continuing to struggle against the negativity instilled during the T-ara incident, it will be interesting to see if these new changes will be taken lightly by fans. The first of these restructures will be seen in July with 5dolls comeback. Well continue to update all our readers as further details are revealed about Core Contents Medias artist restructuring. 

T-ara to launch subunit made up of Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Areum

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T-ara to launch subunit made up of Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Areum

There is some exciting news in store for Queens!

Idol group subunits seem to be the trend these days, and jumping on the bandwagon will be T-ara with their very own unit consisting of 4 members!

Who will be in this currently unnamed subunit? Apparently it will be Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Areum, and theyll be kicking off promotions with a song by one of the hottest producer teams these days, Duble Sidekick!

Core Contents Media broke the news on the 27th, stating, A unit made up of Jiyeon-Eunjung-Hyomin-Areum is scheduled to launch.

However, unlike other subunits that try their hands at a different concept or style of music than their original groups, this T-ara subunit will continue with T-ara-like performances. The agency added, Theyll be approaching the public with an even more familiar image.

According to the rep spoken with, the unit has big plans in store as they hope to create a national dance that the whole nation will be able to dance along to, much like the way everyone knows how to do the Y.M.C.A. The rep added with laughter, We are expecting to see a song that will be like the next Gangnam Style.

As for the other members, Boram, Qri, and Soyeon, theyll be focusing on individual activities for the time being. After the concluding of unit and individual promotions, the group will reunite and stand together on stage again for their Japanese arena tour.

The subunit is said to be aiming for launch around April or May, so keep an eye out for updates!

Are you excited for T-aras new subunit?

T-ara's Hyomin, Eunjung, Areum, and Jiyeon to start unit promotions

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T-aras Hyomin, Eunjung, Areum, and Jiyeon to start unit promotionsT-ara will be making a first return to the music scene since the release of "Day By Day"'s repackage album "Mirage," last September. Though instead of returning as a full group, it was revealed that T-ara will be starting up unit activities.

The first unit to come from Core Contents Media's girl group consists out of members Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung and Areum. Though not many details were revealed, the group's title track is compared to a well-known song called "YMCA" by Village People. It is said to have a similar easy and addictive dance, and is expected to turn into a big hit. Though still untitled, it was produced by Duble Sidekick who has worked with a variety of other artists such as SPEED, Two-X, and Davichi, among others.

Members Boram, Qri, and Soyeon, will be attending to their own schedules. They will rejoin the other four girls for the group's Japanese summer tour.

The unit is expected to debut near the end of April or early May. More information is expected to be released soon.

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T-aras Areum performs a sexy dance on Sebakwi

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T-aras Areum performs a sexy dance on Sebakwi T-aras new member Areum attracted many viewers attention with her powerful dance.

In the episode of MBC TVs Sebakwi that aired on August 4 at 10:50 p.m., T-aras Areum, Eunjung, and Jiyeon, Lee Jung Seop, Moon Joo Ran, Kim Do Gyun, and Maeng Yuna made a guest appearance.

In the episode, Areum performed a powerful hip-hop dance in bare feet. She attracted many viewers attention with her cute yet sexy look.

To the question about how she maintains her nice figure, Areum said, I drink shakes every morning and evening, but I also have a lot of rice and snacks.

T-ara's Areum had doubts on fitting in with the group

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T-aras Areum had doubts on fitting in with the groupT-ara grabbed viewers' attention with their July 13th Music Bank comeback performance of their new hit "Day by Day." With this song, they immediately shot up to third place on the charts despite only being back for a week.

Among this girl group is new member Areum who brings her soft, fresh voice, and strong stage presence to fans.

Meeting with reporters after her successful debut, Areum said, "It doesn't feel real yet. I remember seeing them on TV and I really wondered if I would be able to blend in with them. I'm so thankful for such great fortune. At first it was very difficult to dance in high heels, but after much practice I've improved a lot."

Recruiting new members into already established groups has very high risks as the outcome could be either failure or success. Because the group is already famous, new members can become known very quickly. However, after the adjustment period, the question is whether or not this member can contribute to the group's fast growing popularity. The member could then face many burdens and responsibilities.

Areum stated, "It was a very great burden. I did not want to damage T-ara's high caliber status and it was quite stressful. But after the debut, I thought 'these unnies really have a lot of experience. It would be good to follow them.'"

A ninth member, Dani, is expected to join T-ara in December. It appears as though comparison between the two will be inevitable. To this, Areum responded with determination, "It doesn't matter. We are two separate people and have different charms. I want to be like Suzy and represent the 94 line as a singer and actress. Like an onion peeling layer by layer, I too wish to show myself one stage at a time and reveal the attraction of my ideas."

Continue to support T-ara as they continue their "Day by Day" promotions and prepare for their upcoming concert!

T-ara's Soyeon talks about her thoughts on the addition of new member Areum

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T-aras Soyeon talks about her thoughts on the addition of new member AreumT-ara's Soyeon has revealed her thoughts about the addition of new member, Areum.

On July 14th, at Kyunghee University Peace Hall, where T-ara's official fanclub QUEENS held their inauguration ceremony, member Soyeon was asked her thoughts about new member Areum joining the group.

Soyeon stated, "To be honest, there are no uncomfortable points in her addition. Except for the fact of practicing choreography and songs from 6 members, to 7 members, and to 8 members versions. However, instead of worrying, Areum is doing well and she's a friend that is well-mannered, so we became used to it right away. Especially because of Areum, T-ara's weak points, which was average age within the group, have gone down. We're glad that we came back with a friendly image of girl group."

On this new member Areum said, "I will work hard not to become a burden as a new member, so please encourage and like me a lot please."