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Are 'Pinocchio' Stars Lee Jong Suk And Park Shin Hye Dating In Real-Life?

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Are 'Pinocchio' Stars Lee Jong Suk And Park Shin Hye Dating In Real-Life?

On July 1, dating rumors surrounding "Pinocchio" stars Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye exploded throughout the internet, following the release of an exclusive report from the Korean outlet Disptach.

According to the exclusive report, the Hallyu stars were spotted by Dispatch while they were allegedly on dates. Over the course of three months, Dispatch compiled photos of the pair. The outlet alleges that it witnessed the stars dating in various locations, both overseas and in Korea.

Nate provided further examination of the report, which claimed that the actors were engaging in car dates within Porche owned by Lee Jong Suk.

To substantiate their claims, Dispatch quoted a source which is allegedly close to the stars. "Magazine shoots generally conclude in a few days," said the unnamed source. "The rest of the time is free."

This statement was utilized to justify what would possibly be the time that allowed the busy actors to date. However, representatives for both stars have denied the reports.

In an official statement published by Newsen, representatives for Park Shin Hye denied that she was dating Lee Jong Suk. "Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are close friends, who have met in private," said a representative for Park"s ageny, S.A.L.T Entertainment.

However, the representative noted that there was a need to check for further information.

The sought-after actors generated buzz after starring in the hit SBS drama, "Pinocchio." Park is known for being hesitant during on-screen kisses but demonstrated strong chemistry with Lee.

The on-screen couple also developed into a popular endorsement couple, through their ads for the outdoors wear company, Millet.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think the "Pinocchio" stars are dating?

Tiffany and Nichkhun revealed to have broken up after dating for 1 year 5 months

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Tiffany and Nichkhun revealed to have broken up after dating for 1 year 5 months

Word has come that Girls" Generation"s Tiffany and 2PM"sNichkhun have decided to part ways after dating for a year and 5 months.

A source close to the two revealed that the two broke up recently and had already told all their close friends. Many are probably wondering "why?", and it"s said the two just couldn"t find the time to see each other very much due to their busy overseas schedules. They"ve both been working on their own group comebacks as well, so even less time to see each other. Due to this, they gradually drifted apart and parted on good terms, according to their acquaintances.

SM and JYP Entertainments both confirmed that this was true, stating, "When we confirmed with them, they said it"s true they"ve broken up."

However, it seems the two may be seeing each other on stage still for 2PM is working on their comeback planned for June, and Girls" Generation are also expected to be returning with new music around June to July.

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Sung Si Kyung Says "We Got Married" Is Just A Sitcom, + Hopes "Dating Alone" Can Bring Out People's Real Emotional Tone

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Sung Si Kyung Says

Sung Si Kyung wants to bring out more real emotions to "Dating Alone."

During the February 4th press conference fo JTBC's dating show " Dating Alone," held at Bit Maru Broadcast Support Center in Ilsan, Sung Si Kyung  revealed that the success of the program will depend on how honest and open minded the female participants are.

Sung Si Kyung said, “The most important point of this program is how open minded the participants are. When it comes to adults’ relationships, there are things you might try to hide. People end up not talking about physical things. In the case of We Got Married, they can’t even kiss easily even though they are married couples. In a way, it’s like a sitcom.”

He added, “I hope that Dating Alone can show more realistic dating. I think the success of the program will depend on how honest the participants get.”

Dating Alone is a new program that helps men understand the psychology of women through a virtual date with a woman in a recorded VCR with different scenarios and reactions. Kim Min Jong, Jun Hyun Moo, Sung Si Kyung, Jang dong Min and Cross Gene′s Shin currently appear on the program.

Sung Si Kyung says "Dating Alone" is more real than "We Got Married"

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Sung Si Kyung says

Singer Sung Si Kyung compared "We Got Married" to the upcoming JTBCvariety program "Dating Alone".

At the press conference for "Dating Alone" on February 4, Sung Si Kyung commented, "I say this sometimes, but I wonder how viewers can believe "We Got Married" when they"re supposed to be a married couple but don"t kiss and wake up with makeup on? I think our program will do well depending on how honest the participants are."

He went on, "I think "We Got Married" is a sitcom. ["Dating Alone"] will do well depending on how honest it will be....The most important aspect of this program is how open-minded the participants are. When it comes to adult relationships, there are things people try to hide."

"Dating Alone" will follow male participants who have virtual dates with women. Stay tuned!

Which is Lee Seung Gi's dating style in real life? Stable Relationship or Pull-Push Romance

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Which is Lee Seung Gi's dating style in real life? Stable Relationship or Pull-Push Romance

Which is Lee Seung Gi's dating style in real life?

On January 12th, Lee Seung Gi held an interview for the film Today’s Love at a café in Samcheong-dong and shared his thoughts on dating.

In the film, Lee Seung Gi acted as Jun Su, who stays by his first love of 18 years and still meets other girls, but always gets dumped in the end. To Jun Su, Hyun Woo (Moon Chae Won) is a friend of 18 years and his crush. He secretly likes her for 18 years and stays by her side as a friend. Being loved by Jun Su, Hyun Woo is an easygoing girl who swears and dances freely in front of him. She even acts violently when she’s drunk.

What does Lee Seung Gi think of Hyun Woo as his possible girlfriend? Lee Seung Gi refused. The reason was simple. “I don’t want to date a girl who acts violently when she’s drunk.”

Lee Seung Gi said, smiling, “I don’t have any other reason. Just by the fact that she acts violently, I don’t want to see her as my potential girlfriend."

When asked, “Can’t it be cute when a girl acts violent out of drunkenness?” Lee Seung Gi answered, “But Hyun Woo’s drunken acts of violence in the movie goes over the line of being cute.”

Lee Seung Gi also shared his thoughts on dating. When it comes to relationships, Lee Seung Gi said that he doesn’t like doing the push-and-pull for too long before starting a relationship.

He said, “I don’t like unstable relationships very much. I prefer a stable relationship. I think doing too much of the push-and-pull makes one lose the feeling of love.”

About Moon Chae Won, who showed a fantastic on-screen chemistry with him, Lee Seung Gi said, “I think we both tried hard. Moon Chae Won did such a great job at acting. It felt comfortable acting with her, maybe because we’ve acted together once before. I didn’t have anything to watch out for or argue about while acting. We were both considerate of each other, so we could both act comfortably.”

He continued, “Many people praised my couple acting with Moon Chae Won in the film. What better praise can an actor ask for in a romantic comedy film?”

Meanwhile, Today’s Love by director Park Jin Pyo is a romance film starring Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won depicting the push and pull relationships between men and women. It is set to premiere on January 14.

“My Sassy Girl 2,” Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)’s Victoria Are Dating In China

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 “My Sassy Girl 2,” Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)’s Victoria Are Dating In China

Actor Kyun Woo and f(x) member Victoria

Recently, the production crew of “My sassy girl 2” has revealed first stills, featuring Cha Tae Hyun and his “wife” f(x)’s Victoria.

My Sassy Girl 2” is a joint film project between Korea and China. It finished filming in China this past November.

The scene started out with Kyun Woo, played by Cha Tae Hyun, and his girl, played by f(x)’s Victoria, in front of a famous sculpture in Weihai, Shadong, where reporters and onlookers watched. The number of people that came to watch the shoot showed how popular the previous installment was.

The filming took the stars from tourist popular Weihai to the breathtaking views of Lijiang and Shangri La. The roads between Lijiang and Shangri La may be perilous, but Kyun Woo and his sassy girl took to this road to search for her mentor, played by Chinese actor Wang Je Chang.

“The beautiful scenery of the Weihai Sea, the grandiose mountain paths to the Himalayas, and the charms of rural villages and its people have all been captured on film for the upcoming ‘My Sassy Girl 2’ movie,” said one official from the production team.

The film is expected to be released next year.

"Real Men", Henry Started Dating Since He Was In Middle School

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On the latest episode of “Real Men”, Super Junior member Henry has confided his past love to other members.

On that day, while talking about Girl’s Day member Hyeri, the stars found that the name, Hyeri, is very similar to Henry’s own. This discovery has led into the topic of Henry’s love life. Henry shared that, "Actually, I’ve only had one girlfriend. Her name wasn’t similar to mine at all, we started dating when we were young. Since we were in middle school, I started at a new school, and among the 2,000 students, one person caught my eye and I fell in love with her”

The star continued, "Everything about her was beautiful. But now we’re split up." "I’m currently looking for a new love," he finished, making the kids dissolve into fits of giggles! Check out the sweet clip above.

2PM celebrate Nichkhun's birthday on 'Real 2PM' episode

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2PM celebrate Nichkhun's birthday on 'Real 2PM' episode

2PM celebrated Nichkhun"s birthday on an episode of "Real 2PM"!

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Nichkhun turned 26 (international age) on June 24, and 2PM had a little get-together and surprise party with cake to congratulate their fellow member. They sing him the "Happy Birthday Song" and also have fun with a few games.

Check out their mini party in the video above!

'Real Men's Chun Jung Myung revealed to be dating a non-celebrity woman

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'Real Men's Chun Jung Myung revealed to be dating a non-celebrity woman

2014 truly seems to be the year of love as another celebrity has been revealed to be in a relationship! It turns out actor Chun Jung Myung (34) of drama "Cinderella"s Sister" and on-going Sunday variety show "Real Men" is dating a non-celebrity woman 12 years his junior.

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"Sports Seoul" broke the news with a report stating that the actor and his girlfriend (22) was spotted on a date. It"s said an insider revealed, "Chun Jung Myung has a non-celebrity girlfriend. Although they are 12 years apart, the actor fell for her warm heart." 

The two were able to grow their love as they both share similar interests, one of which includes working out. His girlfriend is said to have fallen for him because despite his cute baby face, he becomes a "real man" as he takes on challenging workouts. The two were able to meet due to an introduction by a mutual acquaintance, and the woman is said to work in the fashion industry.

Regarding the report, his agency has confirmed with several media outlets, "Chun Jung Myung and his girlfriend have been dating for about a month now. As it"s only been about a month, they are still in the beginning stages of a relationship."

Gain and her 'Fxxk U' lover Joo Ji Hoon are actually dating for real

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Gain and her 'Fxxk U' lover Joo Ji Hoon are actually dating for real

Gain and her bestfriends Joo Ji Hoon who starred as her lover in her 'Fxxk U' MV revealed to be dating in real life for a month now.

Both agencies confirm the report of that there's a romantic feeling involves between the two. The two have been friends for 8 years and that's the reason Gain chose him to star in her daring MV. However, the sparks of intimate relationship blooms after they shot the MV and started dating.

They were recently photographed leaving a restaurant where they met up and ate dinner. According to their agencies, Gain and Joo Ji Hoon are quite hesitant to reveal their relationship because of the situation where people are mourning due to the ferry tragedy.

But now that both parties confirm and go public about it, let's cheers for the new couple!

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