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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 2 Recap And Screenshot

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 2 Recap And Screenshot

Do you feel your heart thumping? That is an indication that one is alive. My heart thumps, pumps, and freaking goes berserk when I watch Arang and the Magistrate. This drama is perfectly amazing, so funny and thrilling that I find myself holding my breath at times. Im invested in both the overarching narrative (the mystery of Arangs identity plus Eun Ohs mommy search) and the little interactions that move the narrative along. I find the world of AatM to be utterly enchanting, despite its macabre concept of ghosts roaming the world amongst humans. The drama doesnt demonize the dead, instead making them simply otherworldly. Aside from Arang wandering the land of the living, one wonders why there are so many other ghosts around. The drama starts by telling us the barriers between the living and the dead have broken down, leaving me to wonder if there is a bigger reason for all of this. Is the Jade Emperor doing something behind the scenes, or is this outside his control and hes taking a back seat waiting to see how it will all shake out. Im liking how the likely villain Joo Wol is slowing revealing his creepy ways, though Im not quite ready to pin Arangs death on his head. Whats so arresting is watching Arang and Eun Oh bicker and sass each other while trying to solve a mystery. They have the most incredible chemistry, one that completely obliterates their living-dead. I find myself laughing and swooning simultaneously, and wanting each episode never to end. 

Eun Oh sweeps (swoon!) Arang off her feet and onto his horse, then taking off like the devil is behind him. Which is kinda the case, since Moo Young the Soul Reaper is turning on the hyper speed to catch up to a galloping horse. Arang tosses some peach blossoms to slow down Moo Young, which succeeds in allowing her and Eun Oh to escape. Phew!

Eun Oh rides to the edge of a lake and then gets off the horse. He pulls Arang off and then grabs the hair pin from her head, examining it to confirm that it is indeed the very same hair pin he gave his mother. He asks where she got it, but she claims its hers since she awoke into the life of a ghost wearing that hair pin. Eun Oh realizes this means Arang mustve met his mom before she died, but her having no memory of her life before death poses a problem in tracking down said missing mom.

Arang thanks Eun Oh for saving her and then walks off. Eun Oh makes a decision to help her find out who she was, knowing that this will help him find his mom. Arang breaks into a wild smile, calling him a nice guy despite pretending to be so cool. Eun Oh helps her back on his horse and they ride off. Since she doesnt know who she is, he decides to call her amnesia.

Back on Heaven, Moo Young goes to inform the Jade Emperor that hes failed to retrieve Arang. The Jade Emperor isnt fretting, saying in a zen way that things have a time and place and will work out. He touches some flowers which are colorful and turns them all white, then touching them again which returns it to its original form.

Its back to raining in the mortal realm and Dol Swe sucks under an awning to escape the rain. Eun Oh arrives and informs his trusty servant that he intends to assume the mantle of magistrate of this village after all. Dol Swe thinks the three government officials mustve done something to turn his normally carefee young lord into someone wanting to serve the people. He runs off to beat up the Three Stooges.

The Three Stooges are discussing how best to handle their no magistrate situation when Dol Swe arrives to beat them up. Eun Oh follows and stops the beat down, informing the Three Stooges that he will be their magistrate. The Three Stooges goes to inform Lord Choi that they have another magistrate at last.

When Lord Choi asks what the new magistrate is doing, hes informed that the new magistrate is obsessed with a woman. We see Eun Oh trying to draw Arang to show her picture around town and find out who she is. Eun Ohs first attempt, which he holds up proudly, elicits a I look like that?!? reaction from Arang. Eun Oh tears up the picture and begins anew.

Eun Oh ends up commissioning a painter to draw Arang, but requires that he describe her to the painter, who sees no one in the room and looks at Eun Oh like hes crazy.

Later than night, Arang looks at the picture drawn by the painter, while Eun Oh lounges on the ground. Since the portraits are so lacking, Eun Oh asks where Arang mightve died so they can start there. But she doesnt know either, having woken up dead and following the Soul Reaper. Though she does occasionally have pain on her left side of her chest. Eun Oh is frustrated she didnt mention that earlier, which leads to them huffing annoyingly at each other.

The next day, Eun Oh goes to review the local crime registry to see if there are any suspicious deaths in three years ago. All he sees are crimes of passion, turning up nothing that might be Arang. She thinks hes being insensitive to her plight, that she might be an unclaimed corpse rotting somewere. She storms out.

Eun Oh goes out later that night and he sees a residence that is dark and sealed off. He scales the walls and goes inside. He walks into what appears to be a ladys room, which remains intact with all the cosmetics and items strewn everywhere. He is about to leave when he hears a ghostly sound which makes him turn around.

Arang walks around and notices ghosts gathering outside a house and finds out they are waiting for the memorial service food to be left for ghosts. This leads Arang to flashback to her early days as a ghost. She was starving and an older man ghost have her a rice ball that sated her appetite. He finds out that she has no name since she has no memory, so he tells her that Arang is the name used by maidenly ghosts. He also teaches her than ghosts can only eat the food left outside to appease hungry spirits.

Eun Oh looks around the room until a woman spots him inside. He introduces himself as the new magistrate and asks what happened to the owner of this room. The woman reveals that the room housed the daughter of the former magistrate, who has been missing for the past three years. Her father gave up everything to find her but died without locating her. Eun Oh thinks hes found out who Arang is.

Arang jostles with the other ghosts for the rice to be left outside for the spirits. Once the rice is placed outside, all the ghosts charge towards it and engage in an all-out brawl. Arang gets tossed aside but in the pell mell the rice is taken by another ghost while Arang is blamed.

Eun Oh paces impatiently as he waits for Arang. Hes shocked when she returns, because shes so disheveled from fighting with the other ghosts. He drags her off to see her old room, telling her that her real name was Lee Seo Rim. Arang has no recollection, though the butterfly on her hanbok matches the butterfly on the cloth being embroidered in the room.

Eun Oh asks the Three Stooges about Lee Seo Rim and finds out that the world thinks she didnt disappear, everyone assumes she ran away with another man. Eun Oh learns that no one has seen Seo Rim before, as she was extremely sheltered and live her life hidden in her room. But she did have a fiancee.

Arang remains glum despite learning all this new knowledge, because she still has no memory. She wants to meet with her fiancee to ask about her past life, but thats a problem since he wont be able to see her. She asks Eun Oh for help but hes not about to reveal he can see dead people. When Arang sighs and moves to leave, Eun Oh relents since he knows he needs her memory back to reveal her meeting with his mother.

Arang and Eun Oh walk to the house of Lord Choi, revealing that the fiancee in question is Lord Chois son Joo Wol, who is currently sitting in the garden pavilion drawing. Arang sees him and clutches her frantically beating heart. Eun Oh is disbelieving that a ghost can get heart palpitations, and he hilariously tries to touch her chest to confirm, which causes Arang to be all outraged. Heh.

Since Arang is so emotionally confused, she doesnt want to go today to see Joo Wol and drags Eun Oh off. Its adorable that to the rest of the world, Eun Oh appears to be a crazy person dragging himself off. Eun Oh and Arang go to an restaurant and she tries to drown her sorrows in alcohol, chalking up her reaction to Joo Wol to mean she really loved the guy.

Arang doesnt want to see him until she can appear before him all pretty and cleaned up, despite Eun Oh pointing out the pointlessness of that since Joo Wol wont be able to see her regardless. Arang pouts and cries that shell have to go to the other world all sad like this, leaving Eun Oh exasperated knowing that hell have to help her out. Again.

Eun Oh piggybacks a drunken Arang, which is probably a K-drama first. Shes heavy and he staggers with her dead weight on his back. He pauses when her faces brushes his. On the bridge, he drops her when a passerby stares at him staggering by himself. He picks her back up and continues on his journey.

Joo Wol visits a gisaeng house, which is a first for him. He rents out the entire place for the night but doesnt find what hes looking for despite checking out all the gisaengs. Joo Wol walks out of the gisaeng house and wonders why he came in the first place, hes not going to find what hes looking for here. As he leaves, one gisaeng follows him to flirt and he pushes her up against a tree and presses a dagger to her neck. Totally not surprised that hes a crazy MoFo. He lets the gisaeng go and leaves.

Eun Oh arrives at Bang Wools house still carrying Arang on his back, which is when she awakens and reveals she was actually sobered up awhile back. Eun Oh makes his usual exasperated expression towards Arang. Poor Bang Wool is annoyed that Arang has returned, especially when shes asked to pretty up Arang again. Unlike last time when she was asked to shop lift, this time Eun Oh is paying for the new outfit.

Eun Oh needs to take Arangs measurements since Bang Wool cant see her. Arang measures her own bust because of her maidenly ghostly modesty, but Eun Oh gets close to take the rest of her measurements. This moment is thrumming with palpable chemistry between then, which both of them feel. Arangs measurements confirm for Bang Wool that she has a lovely figure, except she still has a bad temper.

Arang rushes off to escape the moment, while Bang Wool begs Eun Oh to find out how he can see ghosts. Eun Oh warns Bang Wool to keep this knowledge to herself and he hurries off as well. He tries to shake some sense into himself after that heart pumping moment with Arang. Shes watching him from the roof and smiles at herself, saying that Eun Oh is a good guy indeed.

Lord Choi hears that his son was at a gisaeng house which is out of character, and he asks how many days until the crescent moon. Joo Wol stands outside staring at the full moon and fingering his ring, before walking away. He passes by Eun On on the bridge, and while he doesnt recognize Eun Oh, the latter snerks at what Arang sees in this guy?

Later in the night, Eun Oh is sleeping when he awakens to find Arang lying across from him. She softly asks if he knows what ghosts might be regretful about? Eun Oh thinks shes sad about wearing the same outfit for the last three years. Arang shakes her head and explains that shes sad about dying without ever kissing a man. Which is when she leans in close to Eun Oh and he stares at her.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 Screenshot Recap

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 Screenshot Recap

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 20 recap by Softy

Bang Wool Lee: Hwang Bo Ra

The King of Heaven: Yoo Seung Ho

The King of Hell: Park Jun Kyu

When AR cries "NO..!', Mu Yeon can't approach her. MY says "I'm sorry for not saving you until now. Let's go together. This is end of our story." Then, MY stabs Mu Yeon and he suicides. EO tries to wake up her mom. "Mom, wait for a minute. I'm going to a doctor!" HR asks to let her down and says "Thx, my son...". After saying that, she closes her eyes.

In the meanwhile, JW realizes HR died and thinks wat he has to do. Suddenly he remembers he threw away AR's body. He cries "I'm afraid of remembering all the terrible memories..Now how should I live?"

YR asys "MY finally succeded." SJ says "It's sad that extinction is the only way to save. Maybe Mu Yeon would prefer hell, cuz at least she can feel pain which only human can feel." YR says "But still our deal is not over. I'm sure AR wouldn't find out the truth of her death. Prepare to change ur body."

AR thinks 'The answer of my death was not EO's mom. It's not solved still. But now it doesn't matter, cuz in the hell I can live remembering him.' EO says "MY said there's book of one's life in heaven. If you see the book, u can find the answer. I will go for it." But AR disagree with it, saying she won't go to heaven.

EO asks to BW how to go to heaven. She says "There is way. Theoritically, AR's soul can go with u there and guide you."

At that night, he persuade AR to go to heaven to get the book. "U came here to find the answer and go heaven. Let's go. After that u have time to think."

When EO is walking, ghost follows him to ask to solve their problem. A ghost says "I died because of a accident. At that time, my wife got pregnant but she still can't name him because there's no father. Would u name him?" Other ghost says "I have a mom. When I went to get sth in forest, I was bitten by tiger and died. But she doesn't know it and wait for me until now. Just tell her now I went to somewhere good." And other ghost ask for marrying, and another one asks for finding his body. After hearing their story, EO solve their problem.

EO thinks now he's done all things here. EO walks by with AR. He says "I didn't like time flies. Cuz for me, time was so slow when I was hard. But now I can't belive that time flies so fast when I'm with you." AR thinks 'Even if everything will be changed and we can't remember each other, I will still remember the feeling.' AR thinks 'Later I will find u with this feeling. When u walk and meet a guy who u feel hearbeat for, then think it's me. I love you, AR.' Then he kisses her.

At night, JW thinks 'I've lived hurting many ppl, and I even didn't know it. I can't forgive that.' Standing on cliff, he remembers AR once again. 'If I can live a life with u again, then I would always stand hehind and just wach u. I will not even love u and live as criminal.' Then he threw himself.

Next morning, EO says to servants "I feel sorry for supporting me. Now I think I gotta leave. Listen to me well and follow my saying." He posts an order. It says 'Everyone can have position here without caring class.' Seeing it, everyone feels happy.

DS and BW is dating. He sees artist who draws ppl and asks for a drawing.

At that night, they looks the drawing together. Then DS gives her a ring he prepared. BW feels thanksful, and DS asks to put a ring in his finger too. He says "I've thought real man use power, but I was wrong. The real man use power for woman's heart. Would u take my heart?" BW replies "Why not? Instead don't leave me..!"

BW prepares for AR and EO going to heaven. She uses thread with bell so they can find eachother and she can tell when they have to come back. She says "U have to comeback until morning comes. If u don't, EO would die. I will tell u when morning comes by shaking bell. AR, be careful! Even if ghosts try to disturb u, concentrate on ur stuff!" Then she uses magic. Then AR and EO arrive to heaven.

Walking by, AR meets her dead nanny. She says "I have sth to show u. Follow me." Listening her, AR follows her. There she sees the past when her mom died. Her mom says "Don't cry, SL. I'm sorry for leaving. Live happy life instead of me..."

EO wakes up AR. She cries, "I saw when I was young. I saw my mom's dying." EO says "AR, we have to concentrate. Let's go!" They find a place with the book of ppl's life. EO goes and says "We came to see book." But the guard says "This book is for only dead. U are first alive person who came here. Once u enter here, there's limited time. If u can't keep the time, u can't go back. Do u still wanna go in?" EO says "I came here for it. I'm prepared." Then guard let EO go in. He says "U can get only one answer from book. Once u ask, book will tell you. U can stay here until the five dots in your hands dissapear."

EO sees there's no many dots left. He closes eyes and thinks 'I can find. I will find. Plz tell me who made AR die.', putting his hands on book. Then he finds out the one who mae her die is AR herself. He got shocked. But he also finds his book there. He remember SJ survived him when he died in 6. He remember SJ said "the time you live later does not belong to you." He calls SJ and he goes to him. He asks "I knew AR was the one who drove herself to death. But now she's already dead which means she can't solve problem. Is it unfair?!" SJ replies "When AR came to me, she didn't come to go to heaven. She came to find truth of her death. If she realized what you found today, then she's rewarded. That's what I intended."

Then EO comes out from the place with the books, then runs with AR. While they're running, EO can't see AR anymore. Then only AR wakes up. While she's praying for him to wake up, AR dissapears. The gate of hell appears in front of AR, then finally she realized she's the one who dorve herself to death and EO didn't tell it cuz it means she can't solve the problem. When AR realizes it by herself, EO opens his eyes and stops AR. Then EO goes to the hell. (When EO went SJ, he proposed to change the condition of deal with AR. EO said "I caught Mu Yeon as u wanted. Then would u change condition of the deal? I will die and go to hell instead of AR for letting her to go to heaven."

Later, DS becomes magistrate. And SJ and YR have a conversation. SJ says "I let EO live in heaven cuz he sacrified himself. I don't understand why he continually wants go to human's life." YR says "That's human."

A boy named EO is hiding from his mom. Then he meets a girl. The girl introduces her as AR, but EO can't remember anything. The girl says "I told you not to drink water in heaven! How can I explain you to make you remember?!" They changes to adult, and AR still complains of it. EO says "I can't remember, but anyways this time is most precious for us." Then they kisses..

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 Video Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 screenshot

Watch "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 20 Screenshot Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 20 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 20 Screenshot Recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 Synopsis Preview

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 Synopsis Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 Video Preview Updating...

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 Synopsis by Softy

hades says to jade: arang wont be able to solve this problem/riddle (truth of her death) no matter what so prepare to switch bodies.

there was also a scene where J threw LSR’s body over a cliff

M tells E: there is a way to find out the truth of arang’s death

arang explains to E:even if I go to hell I want to remember you. E: you dont want to forget me so you will go to hell. how could you have such a dumb thought? let’s go let’s find the truth of your death and think about the rest then. then B performs some kind of ritual and makes E and arang lay side by side. B tells them to shake the bell when the time comes. arang thanks him.but then arang is gone when B wakes him. B: there is big trouble lord

YR says "I think, AR can't solve the probelm at all." AR says to EO she wanna go hell for not forgetting him. And BW use a charm to EO and AR to help, but she finds out sth went wrong and wakes up EO.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 20 screenshot

Watch "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 20 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 20 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 20 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 19 Screenshot Recap

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 19 Screenshot Recap

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 19 recap by Softy

Bang Wool Lee: Hwang Bo Ra

The King of Heaven: Yoo Seung Ho

The King of Hell: Park Jun Kyu

Starts from E running down the street looking for arang. He runs over and calls out and a ghost asks are you looking for miss arang. E: did you see her? he tells E how he saw arang in the woods. he called out but she didnt answer so he followed her and on that road there is a cave. E: where? The ghost shows E the way. when they get there the ghost wont go anymore and runs off. E sees J running up.

Seo says you came as arang goes inside. M sees that from outside and gets the knife out

Arang goes in and seo welcomes her. did you make up your mind. I wont force anyone. Arang: if I give you my body promise you will return sato’s mom to him. Seo gets up and says ok. is that the only promise you want. Arang: I will ask one more thing. When you come into my body-will I not be able meet sato anymore. Seo: you cant meet him. will you not regret? Arang cries and says yes. Seo says the strength of love is impressive. seeing how you love a human. Give me your body now. Arang: ok. What do I have to do. Seo says close both eyes and empty your heart and just think of that one thing that you want. Arang closes her eys and seo touches her head. M walks over and sees that. J calls out to arang so the spell is broken. J says you cant trust that woman. Arang says don’t do this. J says don’t give your body. You wont be able to get sato’s mom’s body even if you do. Seo pushes J away and tells arang don’t trust that guy. Are you going to trust that guy or your choice. You wont have another chance to save sato’s mother then. Arang says I will trust your words. Seo starts again and they start to exchange bodies as M runs over. He is about to stab seo but E calls out arang and pushes M away. Arang faints. E carries her away.

J comes too. M tries to stab seo again but cant. Seo looks at him and shoves him away. She calls out for arang. But J blocks her and takes out a knife. M disappears. J says I will get rid of you and I will die too. Before he can stab, e’s mom says look here. she falls down and calls out young master. She faints.

E carries arang through the woods and puts her down. He keeps calling out to her to come to. She looks at him and says sato. He hugs her. why are you driving a person crazy. You think this is for my sake. I told you it wasn’t. she cries and says this is all I can do for you. I will disappear anyway and cant see you anymore. And you need your mother. E says if I lose you and find my mother you think I will be happy. You don’t have to do anything. I will do it all. I will find my mother and send you to heaven. Just trust me. He hugs her. she says I didn’t want to go too. I didn’t want to send you away. I didn’t want to go and leave you behind. She hugs back and they both cry.

Jade watches that as M comes over. M says I am sorry. Jade says do you want to save MY or get rid of her. did you try to stab her to save her. you wanted to end her misery. Not being able to stab her and stabbing her is your heart as a human. What you cant have in heaven. M walks away. Hades comes over and says a person’s fate is hard. Jade asks what are you going to do about MY?

J is waiting outside as a woman changed seo’s clothes. J goes inside to see seo. She is lying in a room in his home. He remembers how she called him young master. He thinks this is E’s mother.J remembers how E’s mom became seo.

He goes outside to his room. he remembers how he stabbed arang while she was sleeping. He wonders why he didn’t know who she was. And how he asked for her heart and how she said I will act like I didn’t hear. And how he said I already told you the truth about the girl I was engaged to. J calls himself a dummy.

Arang wakes up and E is sleeping next to her. she turns and faces him and watches him. She reaches out to touch his face but just outlines with her fingers and holds his hand. She closes her eyes and sleeps. E opens his eyes and looks at her. then he closes his fingers around her hand.

E goes outside and looks back at the room. he stares up at the moon. He senses M there. M says how many times did I tell you we have the same objective. E says no it’s different. M says you have to kill seo to get your mother. E says don’t touch arang to do that. if I take out your sister will my mother live. M says you cant save your mother. E asks then no matter what I do I cant rescue my mother? M doesn’t reply and disappears. E calls out his name in tears

Next morning, Arang is looking at her reflection in the mirror. She says not many days are left till I have to go LSR.

Arang goes to visit her grave. You know I went to see jade. For the sake of love I went go give myself so I know what you can do for love. Glad we can go together. You were a strong and brave girl so thank you. looking for you and finding all this truth I don’t regret. I love you LSR.

J walks over to the grave and sees arang there. he holds back but goes over. She asks are you ok? He says there was this dumb guy and he loved a girl he didn’t see.he didn’t know who she was like a dummy. She died to save that guy. Saving a guy like that she gave her body. she came back alive I didn’t recognize her face. He kneels in front of her. he says his heart opened cuz of her. He cries and says I am sorry. Don’t ever forgive me. She touches his arm as he cries

J walks back and says you gave your body to save me and I stabbed you in the heart again. For that truth. I am sorry.

When he goes back seo is sitting outside in the sunshine leaning against the pole. J helps her back inside. she seems weak. He puts her back in bed. She says young master – a day came when I could see you again. He asks what happened. She says that woman saved me. Right now she is weak and gave me my body back for a short time. if I didn’t give her my body then all this wouldn’t have havened. If I only endured and accepted what happened (with choi) then my son would have lived happily. Please tell my son that I never forgot my son’s face.When he was sick I didn’t hug him. I wasn’t a warm mother. Please tell him I am sorry. Please tell him

E asks why did you come here. J says your mother came out of her body. There is no time. hurry and go there now. E asks what is all that. J says there is no time. E says how can I believe that

J takes E to see his mom. he leaves them in the room alone together. She tries to sit up and calls out his name. he doesn’t seem to believe and keeps his distance. She says you don’t believe. She says I made you this sad for leaving. He says you aren’t my mother. Cuz my mother never once looked at me. He turns to go and says sorry. Sorry I told you not to come. You gave me that hairpin so I should have put that in my hair to show you. he walks closer to her and gets on his knees. He says mother. Why did you make it so hard to call you that. she takes his hand, she says how she wanted him to live well and not as a slave. He says why block my way when all I wanted to do was live with you as a slave or noble. She says how sorry she is for leaving him. How lonely he must have been. How much you must have hated me. He says I didn’t hate you – just missed you like crazy. She says promise. promise don’t send that girl to this woman and don’t hesitate in killing me.He says I will save you from this. he holds her hand and she pats his back.

E goes out and says I imposed on you. he bows and walks away but J says don’t give up the girl. How did you get everything I wanted? E doesn’t reply and leaves

J sits outside and kim comes over. J asks what are you going to do from here on. kim says since the home ended up like this I will leave this village. What are you going to do from now on. stay here? I understand your heart. J says you said you were like me hungry and poor. I don’t know why that was so awful cuz seeing how things are now it was better to live like that. kim says don’t say that. there must be some fate for you to meet the wife like us meeting. Since you are like this I don’t feel comfortable so until you leave I will stay here to the end. J thanks him.

E goes to his room and holds his head and cries. He says is there really no way to rescue my mother. He calls out to his master (jade) and says couldn’t you help me?

E wakes up in a plain room wearing normal clothes. He says what is this. kids come in and hug him calling him father. Arang comes in with food. He asks why she is dressed like that. she says I came from cooking – don’t leave any food. E wonders what is this. she says where his mother is and on his way home from visiting buy some peaches. E says I cant believe this – it’s a dream. It cant be real

E walks over to the magistrates office and D comes over dressed as sato. He says what brings you here since you left a long time ago and after quitting being a sato. E asks where is my mother. D says with B. B walks over with his mother. Bangs come over with gifts

As they walk down the street E calls out mother and cries. He hugs her in the street. She says remember your master’s words well

Suddenly jade is there and E says who are you. jade says I changed a lot but I was your master. E asks is there really no way to save my mother. Jade says remember my words to you and what I gave you. you can’t save your mother but you can rescue her (soul). Think carefully what your mother wants sincerely. Jade disappears. E wakes up and remembers jade’s words

J watches as seo comes back

Bangs talk about why choi called arang a ghost. They think choi was crazy. Other bang says he was choi’s man. Other bangs talk about D

Arang gives E the hairpin and E remembers how jade said if you want your mother’s heart give this hairpin to your mother. Arang says sato. He says I met jade. He says there is no way for my mother to live but I can rescue her from eternity. That’s the best I can do for her. arang asks how. He says you said there is a way to separate the body from the demon. He shows the hairpin. She thinks with this pin that could happen. E says I will rescue my mother with that.

E goes out to meet M and says I will do as you planned. M asks are you determined. E says I wil take your sister out of my mother’s body so you stab her then. Don’t make a mistake

E walks over and J is standing there. J says that woman came back

Next morning arang goes in and E is dressed. Before he takes care of his mother he wants to take care of choi

E goes out and bangs says everything is ready. E sees choi being taken over. E asks him the difference between people and stuff. People take responsibility. He lists how choi separated families and tore them apart. He orders choi to be taken away for sentencing in another town. Choi is put in a carriage and taken down the street. Villagers throw things at him. Choi calls G a bad names. And blames him for ending up like this cuz G didn’t do his job well. G says I only did as you said. Choi thinks G is going to blame everything on choi at the sentencing in front of the king. G thinks the king might pardon him cuz he only followed choi’s orders. Choi says that wont happen cuz I am a noble. Choi says to the villagers he wont leave them alone cuz kids threw rocks at him. Villagers attack the carriage and pull choi out. G gets a sword from a guard and holds it against choi. He kills choi. J saw choi being killed

E is dressed in plain clothes and sitting in his room. he is holding the hairpin. He says mother. Arang calls out and asks if he is ok. He says of course who am I. she says you have to come back just like this so he says I wont let anyone touch a hair on me and come back. She takes his hand and says you have to do that. he hugs her and leaves

E walks over to choi’s home. M meets him. M: are you ready? E nods.

Seo is outside and senses them. She says these guys.

Arang is running down the street calling out sato

Seo meets M and E. E takes out his hairpin and M takes out the knife. Seo asks what is that. E says mother and runs at her. seo pushes him back. Arang helps him up. M rushes at seo. So she pushes him away and E runs over and stabbed her with the pin. She says you are going to kill your mother now? He cries and says I will rescue you mother. He stabs her. Mu Yeon and his mother show up at the same time. they separate. E bends over her calling out mother. Mu Yeon shoves M aside and runs straight for arang. Arang yells: I don’t want to.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 19 Screenshot Recap by njkim

AR decided to go to HR and prepared farewell with EO. EO knew it and ran to stop her. Let's see what happens today!

A ghost comes and tells EO where AR is. EO finds JW is chasing her.

HR says "Welcome. Did you decide ur mind? I won't force you." AR says "If I let my body, promise you will give HR(EO's mom) back to EO. And I have a question. If u come into me, I can't see him anymore?" HR says "U can't. The power of love is great. Now close your eyes and think of only one thing that you want." But JW cries and stops her. "AR, you must not listen to her. Even if you do that, EO won't get her mom back." HR gets angry. "Don't believe him. If you believe him, leave now. But u have to know that EO can't get her mom back never ever." AR says "I will follow your saying."

JW says "I will kill you, and I'm gonna die too." But at the moment he tries to do that, HR feels pain and loses her sense.

EO wakes up AR, and cries "Why you do that? U wanna make me crazy? I told you this is not I want..!" She says "This was the only thing that I could do for you. Anyways, I have to leave and I can't see you anymore, but you need to get ur mom back.." Hugging her, EO says "I can handle it..! plz don't put urself in danger.." AR cries "I also don't wanna leave you..I don't wanna go.."

SJ asks "MY, you wanna save Mu Yeon or kill her? U wanted to get her out from the reality, right? Those things tells that you still have human's feeling which you must not have as angel of death."

HR is taking rest in JW's home, and JW's regretting of what he did in the past.

In the middle of the night, MY comes to EO. "I told you that our purpose is same..!", MY says. But EO says "No, I don't think so. U wanna kill HR, but do not ever think to use AR for it. Let me ask u one thing. Can I save my mom?" MY answers "No you can't..wtv u do, u can't save her."

Next morning, she goes to Lee Seo Lim's grave. She says "Even if it was hard for days here, I don't regret wat I found and exprienced. I love you, Seo Lim.." In the meanwhile, AR sees JW came. JW says "There was a idiot, and a lady loved him. He didn't know her heart, but she died to save him. And she revived, but he couldn't recognize her at all..Even if I saw you for first time, I felt heartbeat..I should have felt guilty instead of the feeling..I'm sorry, plz don't forgive me.."

*Lee Seo Lim is the name when AR was human.

As he came back from Seo Lim's grave, he sees HR is sitting. HR says "Mu Yeon went out from me for a while. But once she gets power again, she will come back. If I didn't want to revenge and let my body to her, this misfortune wouldn't happen..Would you tell EO I've never forgotten his face and feel sorry for treating him well as mom?"

JW went to EO to tell him. "Ur mom got free from Mu Yeon..! She woke up. U have to go and see her!" EO says "How can I trust that? I will go and see her."

EO see her lying. "How I know that you're my mom?" HR says "I'm so sorry for making situation like this. I shouldn't have told you go back to ur father..I shouldn't have told that when you came to me with the hairpin." Hearing that, EO's sure that she's his mom. EO cries "Why you made me so hard?" HR says "I wanted to protect you..I'm so sorry. Promise me when you can kill Mu Yeon, do it without caring me..Even if I have to die for it, kill her..!" EO and HR cries, hugging each other. After seeing her mom, EO says thx to JW. JW says "Do not give up AR."

JW asks to servant "What are you gonna do?" He answers "I'm gonna leave soon..What are you gonna do? Are you gonna protect HR continually?" JW says "In the past, I felt so lonely without family..I shouldn't have done

EO feels desperate cuz he can't find way to save his mom. "Can't u help me teacher..? Plz.." Then suddenly he wakes up in a room. Childern runs into him, saying "Father..!" Then AR comes in with meal. "When you go out to see your mom, buy me some peaches!", she says. EO goes to office and see DS. He says "BW will comeback with ur mom. There she comes..!" EO calls and hugs her mom. She says "EO, don't forget what ur teacher said..!" Then suddenly SJ appears. EO asks if he can't survive his mom. SJ says "Think what I told and gave you before. Even if it can't survive her, it can help ur mom. Think what she wants really."

EO is thinking what SJ said before. AR asks what he's thinking. He says "In dream, I met SJ. He said I can't survive her but I can survive her soul. You told me there is way which can separate one's body and soul, right?" AR says "Yes, if there is thing the person adore most."

EO decides to work with MY. He says "I'm gonna get Mu Yeon out from my mom. Then you have to kill her at that moment."

Next morning, EO send Choi Lord to capital. He says "What do you think is different between animal and person? If you have crime, you will know how you have to live."

Choi gets angry of the situation and blames his servant for the situation. His servant says "I just followed your order. I'm gonna tell what you did in front of King." Choi cries "Everyone listen..! I'm gonna come back and revenge what happened today!" People lose their patience and beat him. But he's still confident of what he did, and killed by his servant finally.

EO goes to kill Mu Yeon with MY and stabs HR with hairpin. At the moment Mu Yeon gets separated from HR, she runaway from MY and goes towards to AR. AR cries "NO!!!!!"

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 19 Video Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 19 screenshot

Watch "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 19 Screenshot Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 19 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 19 Screenshot Recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate' episode 18

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate' episode 18

Added episode 18 for the Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate'

"Arang and the Magistrate" (2012)

Directed by Kim Sang-ho-I

Written by Jeong Yoon-jeong

With Lee Joon-ki, Sin Min-ah, Yeon Woo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Hwang Bo-ra, Han Jeong-soo,...

20 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

An adventurous fantasy mellow historical of Ah-rang a single ghost with ataxia who wants to know how she died and a bad tempered district magistrate who can see ghosts.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/08/15

Note : Videos may not be available in your country

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate' episode 17

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate' episode 17

Added episode 17 for the Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate'

"Arang and the Magistrate" (2012)

Directed by Kim Sang-ho-I

Written by Jeong Yoon-jeong

With Lee Joon-ki, Sin Min-ah, Yeon Woo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Hwang Bo-ra, Han Jeong-soo,...

20 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

An adventurous fantasy mellow historical of Ah-rang a single ghost with ataxia who wants to know how she died and a bad tempered district magistrate who can see ghosts.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/08/15

Note : Videos may not be available in your country

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 Screenshot Recap

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 Screenshot Recap

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 18 recap by njkim

Bang Wool Lee: Hwang Bo Ra

The King of Heaven: Yoo Seung Ho

The King of Hell: Park Jun Kyu

EO asks why they catch him. A man introduces him as provincial governor and says to EO he disobeyed King. So EO and DS is caught in jail. The governor asks to Choi Lord if it's really true that EO disobeyed King. He's a little bit worried if EO's father( he's a politician with strong power) wouldn't harm him. Choi Lord says "This is good opportunity to disgrade both of them."

In the meanwhile, AR go to Mu Yeon and asks 'for what EO's mom(HR) gave her body to Mu Yeon. Mu Yeon says HR wanted for Choi Lord to obey her while he's living. But AR doesn't understand if she really let her body with only the reason. Mu Yeon asks "If you were HR, for what can you let your body?" AR just leaves without answering. While she's leaving, JW stops her and says "Don't let yourself to Mu Yeon to get what you want." But AR gets angry for him and asks "Why do you stay with those womon?"

Mu Yeon says to JW "Do not hurt EO for a while. I changed my mind after meeting AR. I think I'd know why I couldn't get her body."

Choi Lord came to see EO in jail. "How do you feel? I can put someone in jail if you feel boring..someone like AR. Kim Lord was your relative, right? If you wanna hear, I can tell you how he died in front of your mom. haha"

AR and BW hear the news which EO and DS was prisoned, but EO worries of AR and says stay in safe place.

The governor says to EO "You gave position illegally to your slave and disobeyed King. U also hired ppl for military for your own profit. Confess what you did honestly!" But EO says "I didn't anything wrong. If I have really fault, I'd get punished fully." Choi Lord says "I will tell you how much EO is crafty. He used ghost for his profit. See well. This lady, AR, doesn't die how much I hurt her." At the moment Choi was about to stick sword right through AR, EO acknowledge his sin.

Magistrate's servants are thinking what they should do. They decides to send EO's news to his father, the powerful politician.

BW asks to AR "I don't understand. Is it that wrong for DS have position?" AR says "I also don't know. The one who should live is dead, and the one who should die like Choi is living well. There must be meaning. Maybe the message to change the wrong thing."

Choi Lord says "I've been hard since you came here. I can finally read book comfortably." EO says "You mean I have sin? You're the one who have fault. But one thing is sure. King of heaven is watching you." Choi Lord beats him and at the moment, EO's father comes in. He came with King's order. King says 'There's no enough prove that he disobeyed King. And EO hired ppl without caring class according to my order. So that's also not sin. I order to let him go.'

EO says "This is beginning. I'd let the world know what Choi Lord did." His father says "So did you solve the problem? U must not forget It's hard to read citizen's mind. You should try hard."

Mu Yeon(HR) asks to Mu Yeong to help her. But he leaves without any words.

*HR is EO mom's name, and Mu Yeon is the name of angel in heaven who is using HR's body. Don't be confused ;)

EO's innocent was proved and he goes to arrest Choi. JW runaway, but Choi says he can't leave. While he's packing golds, EO comes in. EO says "I was in prison for a few days and it was not that bad. Your sin is to hire military illegally, to raise taxes from ppl more than it was planned...etc Get him in jail."

Choi Lord got prisoned and EO shares all his property with ppl.

While JW is watching Choi's room, EO comes in and says "I finally see you. You know everything. Now tell me why my mom changed like that," Choi says "AR met Mu Yeon. I don't know what she's thinking about, but be careful. Mu Yeon gets whatever she wants."

EO asks to AR if it's true. He says to stop it. But AR says "Since I came to know that your mom killed me, I've not cared of the truth. I think the best I can do is to survive your mom and do your mom's revenge."

AR makes dinner for EO. "I wanna cook for you before I leave. Don't worry. I'll follow your saying. I thought of meeting Mu Yeon once again, but I realized it's fool idea. Now don't worry and enjoy your dinner.", AR says.

DS feels thankful of magistrate's servants asked help to EO's father. They decided to be friends.

AR goes to BW and says "Would transfer this letter to EO? I know it's been hard to help me. U're such a good person."

BW feels a little bit strange, and goes to EO right away to give letter. In the letter, AR says 'Time flied while I was staying with you. It was so good to live as human for a while. Thank you for caring me. Even if the places I've stayed would dissappear, plz don't forget my name, AR. I love you.

JW re-ask to AR "Are you really going to go? U're so cruel to me. You really don't care of my heart. How can you do this when you know my heart?" AR says "That's not what I meant. If you don't feel fine, I'd go alone." JW says "Don't do this..!" and stops her by hugginh AR. At the moment that he hugs her, JW reminds of the memories about AR's death once again. While JW feels embarrassed, AR goes to HR. HR feels that she came, and EO is running to stop her.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 Video Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 screenshot

Watch "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 18 Screenshot Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 18 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 18 Screenshot Recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 Synopsis Preview

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 Synopsis Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 Video Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 Synopsis by Softy

E is sitting in jail and choi says to him: You won’t be able to do anything just like your mom couldn’t

Arang comes out of the cave and asks J: Why are you with a woman like that?

seo says to J: she isnt an easy kid like I thought

Seo asks M: Help me brother. help me

seo: you came. Arang asks: What did sato’s mother get from you to give you her body? Seo: for what reason will you be able to give me your body. for the sake of protecting the most precious person to you? arang: I….

Choi Lord says "You can't do anything like your fool mom did." AR doesn't understand why JW stays with HR. She asks what was EO mom's wish before let her body to Mu Yeon. Then My Yeon says "What would you wish to me if you were her. Sth which can protect your lover?" And My Yeon asks to MY to help her.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 18 screenshot

Watch "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 18 Synopsis Preview, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 18 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 18 Synopsis Preview TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 17 Screenshot Recap

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Arang and the Magistrate Episode 17 Screenshot Recap

Arang and the Magistrate: Episode 17 recap by njkim

Bang Wool Lee: Hwang Bo Ra

The King of Heaven: Yoo Seung Ho

The King of Hell: Park Jun Kyu

AR finally remember everything how she is was killed and who killed her..! It was HR! And HR tries to take AR's body to live forever but EO stops her. Can EO protect AR and kill HR as SJ planned?!

EO says to AR "Stand back." HR says "You're finally here. You know how much I've been waited? That is fan of SJ. Ur mom is still here." EO says "I will get her back..!" Then he uses fan but it doesn't work to HR. HR says "If you wanna get your mom back, give AR to me. SJ is so fool to send you to me. U're so useless. Go and cure her."

EO takes AR back and says "Don't care what she said." But AR says "You gotta listen her. As soon as I saw her, I remembered all memory who I killed me. It was your mom." EO gets so surprised. "What are you talking about? U mean my mom killed you..? This can't happen. I just wished her would live, so I came here to find..Mom why you let your body to those wicked? Now what should I do?"

JW is feeling painful cuz he remembered all the memory related murdering.

AR thinks 'EO's mom killed me but she didn't intend me..Is it really whole true?' EO comes in room and says to AR "I can't see you like this no more. I don't know what should I do.." AR says "You don't have to do anything. There are still many days until full moon rises. I think there would be more to solve." EO asks "You told me JW was with my mom, right? I think I gotta go and ask him directly."

While EO tries to come in JW's room, he sees that Choi Lord's private military is protecting his home. Then he finds Choi has illegal military. While looking around his storage, he makes sound and fights with some soldiers.

AR is telling stories about the wicked to BW. AR asks the way which get EO's mom out from the wicked. BW decides to call her ancestor's soul and asks her. AR calles her name, then her soul comes down. AR asks how gets ghost out from human's body. The ancestor "I heard about you. You're famous in heaven. But if you go there, you'd forget all the memories here. Well..when ghosts move to other's body, if you hurt her, the ghost would disappear. Firstly think what EO's mom consider as most valuable thing."

HR says to JW "Before I takes AR, this wouldn't end. You gotta live with memories you murdered until you die." JW gets shocked and thinks 'Is this punishment I should take?'. Then he goes to HR and asks "What should I do?" HR says "Go and kill EO. When he comes to meet, EO's mom continually tries to come out of me. So go and kill him."

While AR what EO's mom cares most, EO comes back. To find medicine to cure him, she sees his fan from SJ and thinks HR's saying which EO would her mom back if HR takes AR."What are you thinking?", AR asks to EO. He says "I think I'm punished. Until now I didn't care of others. It was none of my business. So I also didn't like my talent which I see ghost. But after I knew you, I came to understand my mom's hurt and realized I can help others with this talent. So I really appreciate." AR says "You're welcome. You've done so many things for me. BW said even if I leave you, I can live with the memory. I was wrong. I thought if I have memory with you, it would be painful for you..So I ignored you heart, but those memories also help me to live further according to BW's saying. I can't stay with you continually and I would forget memory about you..But I've loved you. I hope you're find always." EO stops AR and kisses her.

JW thinks 'I would what HR wants and after that he would do what he wants. Firstly I would kill EO and take AR to you. Then I will kill you.'

In the morning, AR tells what BW's ancestor said asks to think what EO's mom cares most.

AR tells whole story to DS and orders him to catch HR. He went to place where she stayed, but no one's there.

In the meanwhile, JW give temporary shelter to HR and says "Stay for a while." On the way he back home, he sees AR. She asks "What's relation between you and HR? You know who she is..!" JW says "She's angel in heaven. When she takes human's body, it's possible only when she makes the human's wish come true." AR asks "So what EO's mom wanted?" JW says "I also don't know that."

Choi Lord hear the news which EO tried to catch HR. He decided to get Gu Dul( his servant who murdered AR's nanny.) out of jail. Then suddenly a man comes to EO and cries Choi takes off his son cuz he couldn't pay back Choi's money. EO goes to the site and solve the problem. In the process, EO came to know that many people was sold as slave by Choi Lord. DS says "This won't be solved until he pay all the money."

Choi came to know what EO did and orders sth.

To hear what magistrate did, citizens continually comes to EO to tell their problem.

AR comes to JW and asks "I need to see HR and ask her directly. Lead me where she is."

EO calls DS and says "You've done all the hard work to follow me. I will upgrade you." He announces "DS is now your leader. I will not care of a person's status if he has talent."

MY thinks to get Mu Yeon from HR he needs EO. He goes to EO and says "The wicked in your mom is my sister. Her name is Mu Yeon. You can't get out her from HR by forcing. She gotta go out by herself. You know the way.." EO says "AR? I won't give her to the wicked. Tell me anothe away. Then I would stand for you."

HR thinks her old memory when she loved as human.Even if she was someone's lover, she couldn't get him. So they was reborn as brother ans sister. No matter what their relation is, she loved MY and asked to go to human's world to love each other, but MY refused. So at first time she wanted to live as human for love, now she became the wicked.

Before AR goes to HR, JW says "Do not hear anything what HR says."

Suddenly military comes in and catches EO as criminal.

In the meanwhile, AR meets HR and EO is caught.

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 17 Video Preview

Arang and the Magistrate Episode 17 screenshot

Watch "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 17 Screenshot Recap, online new korean drama in korean Series, "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 17 Recap Preview Watch Episodes Reviews "Arang and the Magistrate" Episode 17 Screenshot Recap TV Series Movie Episodes NewsWatch Full Streaming HD Episodes for Free korean drama

[Video] Added Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate' episode 16

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[Video] Added Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate' episode 16

Added episode 16 for the Korean drama 'Arang and the Magistrate'

"Arang and the Magistrate" (2012)

Directed by Kim Sang-ho-I

Written by Jeong Yoon-jeong

With Lee Joon-ki, Sin Min-ah, Yeon Woo-jin, Kwon O-joong, Hwang Bo-ra, Han Jeong-soo,...

20 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55

An adventurous fantasy mellow historical of Ah-rang a single ghost with ataxia who wants to know how she died and a bad tempered district magistrate who can see ghosts.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/08/15

Note : Videos may not be available in your country