April Singer Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

April Singer Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

IU has ranked first place in brand reputation rankings among singers for the month of April.

From March 20 to April 21, the Korean Business Research Institute gathered brand data and analyzed aspects such as consumer brand participation, media, communication, and community. Compared to March, the amount of data had decreased by 24.06 percent.

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IU came in first place with an overall brand reputation index of 10,286,346. Her score has jumped up 106 percent since her March ranking at No. 9, likely related to the recent successful release of her fourth studio album and the pre-release tracks leading up to its release.

BTS came in second place with a brand reputation index of 8,447,188, a decrease of 11.88 percent from last month.

Third place was TWICE, who held the No. 1 spot last month, with a brand reputation index of 5,700,460. This is a 53.69 percent drop from their score in March.

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