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APink Naeun at the Maison de COURONNE Legit event

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APink Naeun at the Maison de COURONNE Legit event

APink Naeun surprises enthusiasts with her voluptuous figure at the Maison de COURONNE Legit event, take a glance at all her pictures here

APink Naeun is a mature woman for Cosmopolitan

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APink Naeun is a mature woman for Cosmopolitan

APink"s Naeun showcases her female charm for the maximum recent factor of Cosmopolitan magazine, take a glance at her photoshoot here

APink's Naeun takes a fall at the Seoul Type Week

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APink's Naeun takes a fall at the Seoul Type Week

APink"s Naeun takes a difficult fall at the Seoul Type Week stairs.

Her teammates Chorong and Bomi come to her rescue and thankfully it"s just a minor incident, Naeun isn't injured, take a glance at the moments here

APink Naeun unearths her similarly lovely sister

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APink Naeun unearths her similarly lovely sister

Naeun"s more youthful sister is garnering attention for being as similarly beautiful as the APink member.

It is already known among lovers that Naeun has an attractive sister and her call is SaeEun. However, the new image of them uploaded via Apink"s twitter draws attention as they are sitting beside every other.

NaEun captions, "Gloomy day. With my sis! It"s been truly some time with Saeni~ Everyone, vave you been spending Chuseok well??" The striking appearance of the 2 displays their exceptional visual.

Saeeun is terribly fairly and classy too. She"s glaringly taller than Naeun regardless of their 3 years age gap. Netizens compliment her with "She might be an idol too.","She"s tall and pretty.","Can say that she"s prettier.","Superior genes." and so on.

Apink Naeun’s acting abilities lack says netizens, are you one?

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Apink Naeun’s acting abilities lack says netizens, are you one?

APink"s Naeun is getting much attention from the netizens, yet unfortunately no longer on account of a excellent reason.

Naeun was once launched as a television actress in 2012 in the ancient drama "The wonderful Seer," and she"s returning in the process the tvN drama "Twenty Again" as a classmate of the feminine protagonist Choi Ji-woo. Regardless of the reality that Naeun has old acting reviews already, many netizens don"t in finding her acting as smart enough. There are those that think that acting isn't her thing. 

Let me proportion some negative but decent evaluations below:

"ummm.......that changed into great awkward.....i"m sorry Naeun ..."

"ah guy it"s the facial expressions and the tone of voice, she just has to be acutely mindful of that and i suspect she can toughen if she practices more."

"I love Naeun, but please that was awful. She"s awful by way of expressing emotions, i am hoping she takes on a easier role next time. Acting isn"t for everyone."

"She"s now not that bad. I"ve noticed a massive number of idols in this type of scene. Not that brilliant but it"s fine. hassle for her it"s that she has to increase this roughly scenes. She"s not that emotional so it"s demanding for her xD.. But I know Na Eun, finally those articles about this acting she"s gonna improve... That"s the sort of user she is. She"s in truth very strong. I"m not a panda but I knew her for our Taeminie and saw her actings casually before. She sucks at crying I hope she can enhance that xD"

"Yeah, i"d say she is lovely bad, you'll be ready to certainly tell she is an idol rookie actor. She must actually paintings on her crying more and also her facial expressions. But howdy I"ve visible worse from folks who aren"t rookies."

After seeing her acting, do you lend a hand or a other one?

Let"s take some realizations, I accept as true with we might be able to extract some lifestyles courses from here. permit me to reveal mine.

1. We can"t please everyone. individuals see and react at the same thing differently. Some could agree to it, some may additionally not. That"s inevitable. Living our complete life with the point of being cherished or enjoyed by all is a torture. 

2. Don"t take it personally. It"s probably the most 4 known agreements. When anyone says or does adverse to us, higher to stay ourselves cool. I know it"s hard to regulate to combat back because it"s super human nature to feel you need to get even. Just make a choice the battle, if we think it"s too much, i believe we want to say something.

3. But, take time to hear criticisms, either positive and destructive. Truth hurts, but it"s still a fact. Take movements to get well ourselves. Perfection doesn"t exist, we should repeatedly feed ourselves with new wisdom and skills. 

4. Specialize on our happiness. Do where our hearts is LOL. locate our niche, and listen on it when we discovered it. It"s not other folks who can make a decision on what we"re nice at, it"s simplest ourselves. 

5. When we"re giving opinion, we can also preserve this in brain sooner than shedding any word:

Adorable APink"s Naeun

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Adorable APink

APink"s Naeun impresses amongst her lovely looks amongst fresh selcas.

She shared A four in one selcas on social media, posing amongst Adorable expressions And colorful most sensible. The footage Are taken At the behind the curtain of Inkigayo.

lovers commented, "that"s An excellent functionality", " lovely Naeun equally standard" And etc.

meanwhile, Naeun is busy amongst the promotional Activities for consider amongst APink READ MORE

TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of Apink Naeun

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TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of Apink Naeun

Share on Facebook Share on TwitterApinks face of the group, Naeun, is apparently more than just the face of the group. These next 10 pictures will not only show that she knows how to strut her stuff but also why she is one of the sexiest female idols in K-pop today.

1. Red short/hoodie, furry hood, and knee high socks.

Heres the same outfit, but in purple:

2. White button up shirt, black tie, and short black skirt.

3. Short sleeve one piece white dress and snapback. 

4. Floral one piece dress. And what a spin!

5. Pink frizzy sweater and white short shorts.

6. Red and white striped shirt with see through sleeves, white skirt, and white sneakers.

7. White shirt and short overalls.

Heres the same outfit, but in a shiny silver color:

8. Short one piece dress with cherry print and skin color high heels.

9. Short light pink/skin color one piece with dark blue waist belt.

10. This hot pink one piece!

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APink"s Naeun is a beach goddess

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APink"s Naeun updates her fancafe with some pretty photos.

She is seen posing naturally at a beach in these photos, fans commented, "goddess", "look like photoshoot" and etc.

Meanwhile, APink is currently busy with their promotion in Japan.

Happy birthday to Apink's Naeun

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Happy birthday to Apink's Naeun

Birth Name: Son Naeun Stage Name: Naeun Birthday: February 10, 1994 Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group Height: 164 cm Weight: 45 kg Specialty: Dance, ActingArt Twitter: @Apinksne

-She was in B2ST's music videos "Soom" (Korean Version) and "Beautiful" -In 2013 she was paired with SHINee's Taemin to be on We Got Married.

Apink′s Yoon Bo Mi stocks mind on Winding up First Drama

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Apink′s Yoon Bo Mi stocks mind on Winding up First Drama

--> Apink′s Yoon Bo Mi shared her mind on acting for the primary time in the internet drama Love Detective Sherlock K.

Yoon Bo Mi said via A Cube′s reputable Twitter and Facebook on November 20, "Thank you to everybody who enjoyed Love Detective Sherlock K. As it used to be my first time acting, there were difficulties, yet I ask for your hobby and love in my long run activities."

She also incorporated pictures of herself in persona as best famous person Yuna in Love Detective Sherlock K. Yoon Bo Mi played a biting, yet lovely height star in the drama.

Yoon Bo Mi turned into praised for her acting, earning comments like ′Her charm flickers even in the drama,′ ′Her sly acting appeared so real,′ and ′Bo Mi brought the nature to existence actually well.′

Love Detective Sherlock K is set a noted profiler, Sherlock K, who is in reality a lady undercover as a man, who is helping chaebol son Min Woo in finding out the reality about top star Yuna. The drama aired its ultimate episode on Naver television forged today, and it is going to air on KBS 1TV on November 21.

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