AOA’s Seolhyun Is The Most Photogenic Star In 2017

AOA’s Seolhyun Is The Most Photogenic Star In 2017

There’s no doubt that Seolhyun has the perfect figure anyone could ask for. Apparently, The Korean Online Press Photographers Association (KOPA) also has the same idea about the AOA idol.

KOPA awarded Seolhyun as The Most Photogenic Star of The Year in The 2017 KOPA Nikon Press Photo Awards, that was held on May 15, Soompi reported. The event was attended by the CEO of Nikon Imaging Korea, as well as KOPA’s president and vice president.

The online press photographers are the one that has put Seolhyun in the flattering title any celebrities with stunning visual could get. Seolhyun’s bright smile and diverse poses are the factors that make her looks stunning in pictures.

“This award is so meaningful for me because it was given by professional photographers who worked hard at each site. Thank you very much for giving me this award,” said Seolhyun.

According to KBS World Radio, other celebrities who received the award include Han Ji Min, park Bo Young, Son Ye Jin, and Jung Ryeo Won.

Seolhyun and her bandmates in AOA recently became the headline of multiple news outlets following Choa’s disbandment from the group. However, AOA’s label, FNC Entertainment, said that Choa will only be taking a break from all AOA activities for personal reasons.

Fans were worried upon finding Choa was inactive in the group’s social media activities. Some of them speculated that she might get into bad blood with other AOA members. FNC clarified that Choa’s relationship with other members are fine, and the rest of the group has also felt down when they heard Choa is halting her group activities.

Meanwhile, Choa’s Instagram account has been suspended from AOA profile. It even has been inactive for months prior to the disbandment issue. Choa’s last performance was on JTBC’s “Sing For You” on April 1. Previously, she performed in AOA’s concert on March 11.