AOA’s ChoA writes letter to fans about her recent absence

AOA’s ChoA writes letter to fans about her recent absence

AOA’s ChoA wrote a letter to fans about her recent absence.

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FNC Entertainment released an official statement explaining ChoA is taking personal time off, but it did not stop rumors saying she’ll be leaving the girl group. The AOA member has now made her own post on Instagram to comfort fans.

On May 16, she wrote on Instagram:

This is my first long break since I debuted, so that may be why many people are taking interest and expressing surprise. I’m thankful that you’re still thinking of me even when I’m not appearing anywhere.

There’s a controversy about my absence, but the break I’m taking was planned and discussed with the head of our label since before we filmed the music video for ‘Excuse Me’ in December of 2016. 

I suggested that we let you all know that I’m taking a vacation because I knew you would wait for me, but I was advised against releasing an official statement for a personal rest. The company’s management team also advised that I stop using social media on my break, so I followed along though I didn’t completely agree. 

I should have tried harder to persuade them for those waiting for me. I think I was too complacent. I want to sincerely apologize to those who waited for me and supported me.

It may be because I’m speaking up so late, but there are a lot of mean speculations and rumors spreading. I’m on a break that I planned in advanced, and I hope no more rumors arise from this. 

Those posting baseless rumors can really hurt people. Please delete them. 

As I end this post, I’d like to again express my gratitude for those who’ve shown me support. I hope to recharge my energy and work hard to show a side of myself that’s before. Thank you.”

Hopefully, this clears up the rumors.

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