AOAs Choa Removes All Posts From Her Instagram

AOAs Choa Removes All Posts From Her Instagram

AOAs Choa has surprised fans by clearing everything off of her Instagram account following her recent controversy.

Choas Instagram is followed by over 412,000 users, and now contains no posts. Although she is not a frequent user of the social media site, many fans are viewing this action with concern in light of recent events.

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The AOA member has been swept up in controversy lately, with fans first becoming worried that her apparent hiatus from the group was a sign of her upcoming departure. Choa took to Instagram last week to apologize and assure fans that she is only on a temporary break.

Shortly after, dating rumors spread about Choas alleged relationship with the CEO of an electronics company, which her agency has denied. The dating reports named Super Juniors Kim Heechul as the alleged couples matchmaker, leading Kim Heechul to express his frustrations with such reporting. Choa then posted on Instagram again to apologize and ask others not to bother other people by trying to connect them to her.

What are your thoughts on Choas decision to delete her Instagram posts?