AOA’s ChoA apologizes for controversy surrounding her dating rumors

AOA’s ChoA apologizes for controversy surrounding her dating rumors

AOA’s ChoA apologized for the controversy surrounding her recent dating rumors.

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ChoA has been taking rare personal time off, and at first, some suspected she may be leaving AOA. She addressed those speculations, and soon afterwards, rumors of her dating the director of Najin Corporation arose but were quickly shut down by FNC Entertainment. However, in another strange turn of events, Super Junior’s Heechulbecame involved in the rumor circus, and it seems ChoA felt she needed to apologize for the trouble.

On May 17, she wrote the following to Instagram:

“I always think of how I’ve always received overwhelming love from a lot of people.

Even if some would point fingers at me for things that aren’t true, I’m ready to bow my head and be grateful as I think of it as interest in me.

I’m very sorry that people who aren’t related to any of this are being harmed.

I’m sorry if headlines related to me have caused you worry.

I tried my best, but as expected, it seems I’m not worthy enough to receive so many people’s love.

If you dislike me for whatever reason, I’ll reflect on myself and then reflect again.

Please do not bother people who have nothing to do with my break.”

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