An Eccentric Fan Of TWICE Dated Nayeon?

An Eccentric Fan Of TWICE Dated Nayeon?

If you thought virtual and augmented reality wives were strange, this post might be even stranger! An eccentric fan of TWICE recently uploaded some rather hilarious photos of him going on multiple dates with TWICE’s Nayeon – but not exactly how you’d picture it.

It seems the user took the time to create a mid-size cardboard cut out of Nayeon and take her for a trip around the time and enjoyed the many wonders of Seoul together. The user uploaded multiple photos documenting their day to day activities together such as going to the park or eating out at restaurants.

Fans flooded the user’s post with various comments such as “This reminds me of a drama where a guy did the same strange thing,” “This is really creepy…,” and “I thought I was obsessed with TWICE xD!” As expected, the user received mixed reviews for his actions.

Although it started off as a simple post, it began to go viral as the user uploaded more and more photos from their date. From going out to drink soju, a drive throughout the city, the computer game rooms – the dates were endless. Fans began choosing which date theme was their favorite as well and playing along with the users crazy idea.

In the end, it seemed that Nayeon had a long day though and needed her rest. What did you think of this user’s ridiculous post? Hilarious or down right creepy? Share your thoughts with us!