American Made dance moves that swept through Korea

American Made dance moves that swept through Korea

This dance move was created in 2013 by the American Hip Hop group We Are Toonz and eventually became widely used among several K-Pop acts such as 4MINUTE, BIG BANG, Super Junior, Block B and much more in  early 2014, due to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Vine.

While the Whip and NaeNae originated as part of the dance unite style, the easy modification of the dance sometimes allows the two to be separate, however, they are often still done together.

Groups such as UNIQ, GOT7, 4MINUTEJay Park, and Amber of f(X), and of course BTS, have all caught the Whip/NaeNae craze.

The dance movement behind  juju on that beat was created by a teenager named Zay Hilfiger in 2014, however it didnt officially go viral around the world until 2016, including South Korea.

When K-Pop fans think of the dab, they may think of GOT7s BamBam, who frequently is spotted doing this dance.  However, before BamBam and the rest of the world followed this dance trend, there was Skippa da Flippa.   Skippa da Flippa is credited for being the originator of this dance move, that went viral in South Korea and the rest of the world in 2015.

Hit The Quan is a dance move that was originally done by the rapper Rich Homie Quan in 2015 and became an instant hit.  However, this dance is also known as Hit The Quan after the rapper ILoveMemphis released a song based around the dance move in the same year. Much like other dances, Hit The Quan hit the streets of South Korea in late 2015.