American K-Pop Group EXP Edition Savagely Roasted By Asians

American K-Pop Group EXP Edition Savagely Roasted By Asians

EXP Edition, a K-pop group that consists of Americans, is taking the world by storm in the most unconventional way, as they are taking in a ton of criticisms from K-pop fans all over the world. It is because of the fact that EXP Edition is the first non-Korean K-pop boy band, as they are composed of Americans.

According to Inquisitr, the K-pop community has frankly denied the group of any support, especially that its upcoming music debut is nearing. One of the reasons why a lot of people hate EXP Edition is because of the alleged whitewashing of the K-pop industry.

This means that K-pop fans do not want the K-pop music genre to have artists that aren’t Korean, specifically Caucasian or white. It really is a very unfortunate scenario for EXP Edition to face this scrutiny because they did their best and they gave out their full effort to reach their goals of succeeding in the music industry.

It can also be clearly seen that EXP Edition is displaying more efforts to succeed in the K-pop genre, when compared to the other non-Korean K-pop wannabees. According to Mashable, as proof of the sincere hope of EXP Edition to be embraced as a true K-pop group, they even transferred from New York to South Korea.

Finally, after two years of preparing and studying on how it is to be a K-pop idol, the group has managed to make their name known throughout the world. However, they’re known in a negative perspective. The teaser trailer for their upcoming recording, “Feel Like This” has just been released, and has been heavily scrutinized by almost all people.

Hopefully, it’s just a matter of adapting and adjusting for the fans. Instead of criticizing EXP Edition, it would be helpful to first look at how they perform. Then, we can criticize them to help motivate them to improve.