Amber and NCTs Johnny appear in Bill Nye the Science Guys New Show

Amber and NCTs Johnny appear in Bill Nye the Science Guys New Show

f(x)s Amber and NCTs Johnny appeared in an episode of Bill Nyes new Netflix original Bill Nye Saves the World.

The famous kids science program host and TV personality, Bill Nye, was recently involved in the production of an American talk show series called Bill Nye Saves the World that was released exclusively on Netflix just a few days ago. The series features a variety of special guests and K-Pop fans were pleasantly surprised to see that the episode titled The Sexual Spectrum actually featured some unexpected idols.

In the episode, viewers see NCTJohnny putting on makeup while Amber talks about the evolution of K-Pop allowing for more girls to don different looks than had been the norm in the industry. A fan of Ambers told the hosts of the show that Amber was the reason she found the confidence to cut her own hair short and challenging traditional beauty standards.

K-pop has empowered fans to experiment with gender expression.

— Bill Nye Saves the World host Derek

While there were no direct comments on the idols sexuality during the show, the episode talked in depth about how sexuality and social norms feed into each other. f(x)s Amber has shut down speculation on her sexuality in previous interviews, but she has always been candid in her desire to exhibit a different style, which she reiterated in the shows brief interview.

Check out this excerpt of the show including Amber and Johnny below: