allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

Official Synopsis: Kirin Arts High School has fallen from its status as a top academy of arts into dire financial straits and is in danger of closing. This season follows a new group of students after the previous group graduated. The school is taken over by OZ Entertainment Agency, who transfers their own idol stars over to the school to avoid the law that prohibits underage entertainers from performing after 10 p.m. Competition arises between the troubled students of Kirin and the newly transferred idols from OZ.

Ratings: Yet again, KBSs Dream High 2 reached another low with a 5.7% rating, but was able to end with an increase at 6.6%, as it left the stage despondently for the much-anticipated drama, Love Rain (starring Girls Generations YoonA and Jang Geun Suk) to take over. The highlight this week was SBSs Fashion King (starring Girls Generations Yuri, Yoo Ah In, and Shin Se Kyung), which achieved a respectable 10% rating with its pilot episode and a decrease to 8.9%, which could be attributed to viewers wanting to catch the finale episode of Dream High 2. The two Girls Generations members will have to compete against each other, as Love Rain might be the hindrance to high Fashion King ratings. Meanwhile, MBCs Lights and Shadows was able to regain its crown back after History of Salaryman completed last week with a high 22.2%.

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

Recap of Ep. 15: With the beautiful rendition of Together by JB and Rian (T-aras Jiyeon), Rian returns to Kirin Arts School and thanks Hyesung (Kang Sora) for the singing opportunity. Meanwhile, JB is playfully annoyed at Hyesung for not singing the duet song with him, and makes her promise to buy food.

Meanwhile, after Hong Joo (Kim Ji Soo) sings an emotional song for Nana (SISTARs Hyorin), Yoojin sings a song dedicated to his crying mother in the audience. With the conclusion of the Super Idol auditions, he announces the finalists: Ailee, Ui Bong (JR), Hong Joo, Yoojin, Si Woo (Park Seo Joon), and finally Rian. Producer Shin Jae also decides to give Nana and JB the opportunity to become Super Idols too as both have health conditions they had to tend to.

While the students congratulate themselves on making it this far, Hyesung takes JB out for dinner to fulfill her promise. Although Hyeseung wants to officially break up with JB, he doesnt let her and begs her to stay by his side until his leg gets well, to which she reluctantly agrees to. However, JBs wish is in conflict with PD Jae Ins offer of training her to become a composer. He had offered her an intern position thatll train her to become a composer, as Hyesung is ultimately accepted to Berklee School of Music. Although she truly wishes to attend, her promise with JB makes her hesitant to accept the position.

PD Jae In asks JB to help persuade Hyesung to pursue her dream in America, to which JB agrees to. To the surprised Hyesung, he announces that he doesnt want to have any sorrowful or melodramatic farewells with her, as he will be busy performing and Hyesung will be studying in America. Hyesung ultimately decides to pack up and depart for America, while the other Super Idol members prepare for their solo showcases that will determine who will embark on a solo career with EMG World Record.

On the day of her departure, Yoojin convinces JB to officially say goodbye to Hyesung. Despite his hurt leg, JB rushes to Hyesung and lies to her, hoping to comfort her and telling her that his leg is fine. While Hyesung begins to cry, JB takes her in for a hug

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 15-16 (Finale)

Recap of Ep. 16 (Finale): After Rian finishes her sexy dance performance, JB runs in to perform after meeting Hyesung at the airport. However, his dance performance is brought to a halt as he falls to the stage with his leg in pain, destroying his hopes of performing on stage that day. While Rian and JB have a heartfelt discussion, Rian cries for him, and Yoojin confuses the crowd by only playing his signature G Minor chord. He tells the surprised audience and PD that he doesnt know yet what he wants, what his dreams are, and chooses not to pursue the Super Idol path.

The performances conclude with Rian singing Day after Day for a moving performace, and recounting her personal journey with her friends. Although Rian wins the award to pursue a solo career, she decides at the end to join her friends in becoming the Super Idol. The Kirin Arts students graduate, while Hyesung sends a letter from America to her friends, unable to attend.

Eight years pass and we see how the students are achieving their dreams.

JB becomes a producer as he helps Ailee record her song. JR becomes the dance teacher of Kirin Arts School, dating Yi Seul who takes over her fathers position as the principal of Kirin Arts School. Meanwhile, Teacher Jin Man (J.Y. Park) hilariously does a dance performance for a star audition, with J.Y. Park, his alter ego, criticizing the performance as a judge. However, he dances in delight with the female teachers as he gets accepted. Si Woo still trails behind the Nana-Hong Joo couple, who perform together. Meanwhile, Yoojin becomes a Kirin Art School teacher by day, and a rocker by night.

Viewers see Rian as a Hallyu actress, and shes poised to star in Hyesungs newest musical, Dream High. With an audition process of both the graduates and current students of Kirin Arts School, the production begins for Dream High, which will be a biographical story of the Kirin Arts students. As the drama cast gives a heartwarming rendition of Dream High (from the original series), the students show off their everlasting friendship.

kdramacrazy’s Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop ]

The most I can say for the penultimate episode isit was cute. Cute moments of jealousy between JB and Yoojin, cute hand holding and dating between JB and Hyesung, cute flirting between Rian and Yoojin. Sugary and sweet like cotton candy, but left with a taste of emptiness after watching. The drama does have its significant plot changes, announcing the Super Idols, healing the relationship between Yoojin and his mom, and Hyesung finally achieving her dream, but all of them are just too nicely tied.

The winners of the Super Idol contest were much too predictable, and had no special meaning to the idea of dreams. Take Ui Bong, Si Woo, and Ailee for example. All of them had the talent in the beginning of the show and we all knew they were going to succeed. But what character development did we see throughout the drama? Did we see any of them truly pour their heart and passion out into achieving their dreams? All of the idols who came to Kirin Arts School had the talent, sans Rian, who at least showed some hard work in practicing dancing for an episode. The only plot that rotated around them were freak accidents, which didnt really shatter their illusion of their dreams in a heartbreaking way, or lovelines.

While I like that Hyesung is finally achieving her dream, I feel like the jump from her dream of becoming an idol to a dream of becoming a composer was too much of a leap. The drama didnt devote too much time to Hyesungs practices in singing and dancing, and left the improvement she showed in We are Class B performance at that. Now, it feels like her dream of becoming a songwriter is too much of a Plan B, too much of a Oh. Since Im not talented enough to become a singer, might as well become a songwriter. Yes, the drama did hint at the possibility of Hyesung becoming a songwriter, but they never really portrayed Hyesungs acknowledgment of that talent, or the passion in pursuing that new dream. And where does this scriptwriter career come from? (And why is Rian an actress now?)

With the ending, the drama changed gears too much. When Rian and Hyesung were giving their emotional speeches, I thought it would be about learning to change their dreams through their hardships, finding what they truly love by pursuing different dreams, because that is what reality is. Failing and having to give up that dream for something that is ultimately even better. But, no, the speeches and the drama (Rian giving up her solo career) emphasized friendship apparently, which I did see, but wasnt really too invested in. On another hand, one reason I think the drama did poorly both in my book and the viewers ratings was the mixed up plot. Its good to have twists, but this was like shifting the whole plot to a different destination. That includes who the main character is. I felt like the dramas promotions were all Kang Sora is the main protagonist. But, it was Jiyeon who ultimately stole the spotlight, as she is the one who helps Yoojin and JB in their journey for their dreams and becomes the super idol.

Now becoming a fangirl, where was the kiss? The resolution to the love lines? JB-Hyesung? Even Rian-Yoojin? And please, fire the hair stylist. It looked like JB and JR had noodles growing out their heads, while the stylist tried too hard to make Yoojins hair into Presley style.

On a final note, while the drama does have its emotional moments, cute moments, and funny moments, they are all just moments. During that minute, its funny or its worth a bucket of tears. But, put it into the overall plot and it just doesnt fit like mismatched puzzle pieces. What I got from watching this drama: some laughter, a few smiles, a few moving lines, and a kindling obsession over 2AMs Jinwoon (who I truly hope I get to see as an actor again, in a good drama).

What are your final thoughts?

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 15-16 (Finale)


allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 13

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 13

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 13

Official Synopsis: Kirin Arts High School has fallen from its status as a top academy of arts into dire financial straits and is in danger of closing. This season follows a new group of students after the previous group graduated. The school is taken over by OZ Entertainment Agency, who transfers their own idol stars over to the school to avoid the law that prohibits underage entertainers from performing after 10pm. Competition arises between the troubled students of Kirin and the newly transferred idols from OZ.

Ratings: Ratings for Dream High 2 deteriorated to an even lower 6.4%, a drop of .2% from last weeks episode. With the ratings for Dream High 2 continuously declining, it can only hope for a slight increase to change the trajectory. SBS History of Salaryman is enjoying much success as it continued its crown with a 19.1%, hoping to break the 20% with its final episode tomorrow. Meanwhile, MBCs Lights and Shadows is still enjoying high ratings despite losing its first-place to History of Salaryman as it holds a rating of 17.5%.

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 13

Recap of Ep. 13: Immediately after producer Shin Jae In announces JB as the eliminated student, Hyesung (Kang Sora) frantically plans to sacrifice her super-idol candidate position for JB. But with stinging words, Shin Jae In crumbles Hyseungs confidence in loving and protecting JBs dreams. Like a slap across her face, he tells her that by JB choosing the weakest student as his partner, he failed to show enough ambition to become a super-idol.

With the female students bullying Hyesung for dismantling JBs dreams of becoming the super-idol, Rian (T-aras Jiyeon) helps Hyesung by fending the predatory fans. While the two enemies create a peace treaty, Yoojin (2AMs Jinwoon) teases JB as he hopes to cheer him up, slowly becoming friends.

Producer Shin Jae In breaks the startling news: the next challenge will be the ultimate audition to determine who will become the super-idol. The challenge of composing a song to emotionally move a special person begins with the students taking writing and acting classes from Teacher Jin Man (JYP) and Teacher Taeyeon (Choi Yeo Jin). While the students hone their songs to perfectly express their passions, Hyesung aches over JBs elimination, and the threats as well as torn, bloody teddy bears sent by JBs own version of berserk fans only adds salt to her wound.

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 13

Broken up after seeing Hyesungs distress, Yoojin berates her for still liking JB and ultimately confesses his feelings for her, shocking Hyesung. Emboldened by the promise that he will rise above JB, he signs the contract with the OZ Entertainment and begins his activities as a celebrity with TV interviews and endorsements.

Meanwhile, Hyesung is agonized after seeing JBs intense nightly dance practices. She decides to gives him her self-composed song, Together, and delivers some heartbreaking news. Telling him she wants to stop everything, she repeats Rians words: Stars? Its only good when you look at it from far way. Up close, its so-so.

Still taking in Hyesungs words, JB rushes out of the room to chase after her. However, he encounters a child picking up a soccer ball in front of an oncoming truck. Putting his life on the line, he jumps in front of the truck to save the child

kdramacrazys Thoughts:

[ Note : This post reflects the opinions of the author, not necessarily those of allkpop ]

Dream High 2 went to the rotten buffet of Korean dramas, the food items rotting with triteness. Selecting the cliche I-have-to-break-up-with-you-because-youre hurting scene, along with the car crash and stirring in the financially unstable parents to the story (rather than picking up a pair of shears and the right hair dye for JB), Dream High 2 not only cut that splintering thread of dreams and hopes, but the emotional affinities with the characters as well. The train headed for dreams and talents as well as the challenge of choosing to hope against all odds, instead swerved to the melodramatic romance of dreams vs. love.

I truly loved how JB wasnt melodramatically depressed with the elimination and genuinely portrayed the essence of persevering for your dreams, but his character became flat. Although all those shippers will adore him for becoming a puppy dog for Hyesung, it makes him lose the spirit of his dreams. His burning desire to feel that pulsing energy of enjoying the stage (like he had told Yoojin), and the ambition he had during his blood and sweat filled years of nightly practices, all fall apart at the seams. No, Im not saying he should have gone down the path of giving up love for his career. But if he had really wanted to taste the pure elation of his dreams, he could have paved his own avenue, shoveling the ground every second to discover an underground road to stand up on the stage again.

Does anyone also have some anger towards producer Shin Jae In? Producer Shin Jae In slaughtered Hyesungs dreams with that scapegoat. I had actually liked the producer in contrast to the heartless director as he truly understands the value of friendship with teamwork and emotions, but I had bad intentions when he essentially said dreams are about winning, not the passion.

Ultimately, too many mismatched puzzle pieces that had no significance in the story interrupted the flow of the episode. Even though Yoojins confession was heartwarming and a consolation, it was anticlimatic. Not only was there no set-up to create hype for his confession, but because ‘Dream High 2’ already focused too much of its energy in developing the JB-Hyesung loveline, there was no room in Hyesung’s heart for Yoojin. In addition, Rians mothers counterfeit item scandal and Yoojin’s sudden decision to sign a contract with OZ created abrupt lurches in the continuity.

Although Im butchering the episode with criticism, there were some truly heartfelt moments. I liked how Jinwoon confronted his painful past brought on by his parents with a letter to his mother, as well as the transformation of competitors to friends with both Rian-Hyesung and JB-Yoojin.

I truly hope the train travels back to the road towards dreams, and the youthful exuberance and passion it highlighted in the shining moments of this drama. I didn’t board the train to cry over lovers, sudden injuries, and sacrificial lambs, but to shed tears of empathy, relating with the characters’ hardships in achieving their dreams.

allkpop TV Guide: Dream High 2 Ep. 13


JYP Unearths G.Soul Used to be  Meant To Play Kim Soo Hyun’s Role In “Dream High”

JYP Unearths G.Soul Used to be Meant To Play Kim Soo Hyun’s Role In “Dream High”

JYP Unearths G.Soul Was onceMeant To Play Kim Soo Hyuns Role In Dream Prime ehk38 Might 11, 2016 0 JYP Exhibits G.Soul Was Supposed To Play Kim Soo Hyuns Role In Dream High Park Jin Young reveals that he first of all envisioned G.Soul as the male lead of hit drama series Dream High.

On the Could 11 broadcast of MBC Radio Star, G.Soul explains why he ended up spending 15 years in the its place of debuting. He says that up till the U.S. monetary crisis in 2008, Korean artists were being well-received in the United States. After the economy plummeted, numerous production corporations called it quits.

Park Jin Young shares, I used to be worried about G.Soul, and thats how I got here to write a portion of a drama storyline. It became Dream High. I assumed that if we made G.Soul the lead and then sent him back to America, his likelihood of good fortune would be high.

However, G.Soul declined the offer. Jo Kwon also chimes in, I also were given a call, yet 1 was at the time now notinterested by acting or dramas. The role would in the end exist filled by way of Kim Soo Hyun.

In the end, Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy took the roles. Kim Soo Hyun played G.Souls role, Park Jin Young says.

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Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

Korea's Top Pop Acts Hit The Stage With High Energy Performances For Annual Hallyu Dream Festival

(Photo : Twitter ) Many of South Korea"s hottest pop stars performed over the weekend for one of the country"s biggest music festivals.

The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival was held at Gyeongju Citizens Stadium on September 20 featuring many popular idol groups and thousands of screaming fans.

The festival was made possible and organized by the Korea Entertainment Producer"s Association and a partnership with the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province Gyeongju City.

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend in person, check out the great performances from groups like SISTAR, SHINee, VIXX, and Secret, among many others. Check out the stellar stages from the music festival belor.

Performances From The 2015 Hallyu Dream Festival

VIXX; "Love Equation" and "Error"

April; "Dream Candy"

Nine Muses; "Hurt Locker"

SHINee; "An Encore" and "View"

DIA; "Somehow"

A Pink; "Remember" and "LUV"

Impact; "Kazino"

LU:KUS; "Beautiful"

Boys Republic; "Hello"

MONSTA X; "Rush"

BTOB; "It"s Okay" and "Beep Beep"

GOT7; "Just Right" and "Stop Stop It"

WANNA.B; "Attention"

Oh My Girl; "Cupid"

SISTAR; "Shake It" and "I Swear"

MyB; "My Oh My"

TREN-D; "Jung"

SONAMOO; "Round N Round"

CLC; "Like"

EXID; "Ah Yeah" and "UpDown"

24K; "Hey You"

HIGH4; "Baby Boy"

KARA; "Cupid" and "Mamma Mia"

B1A4; "Sweet Girl" and "Solo Day"


Red Velvet; "Dumb Dumb"

T-ARA; "So Crazy"

Lovelyz; "Hi~"

Berry Good; "My First Love"

Dal Shabet; "Joker"

LABOUM; "Sugar Sugar"

A6P; "Face Off"

SECRET; "Love Is Move" and "Madonna"


[GIVEAWAY] Get ready for allkpop

[GIVEAWAY] Get ready for allkpop"s recap of Epik High"s flash mob appearance in NYC!

[GIVEAWAY] Get ready for allkpop

Were you able to see Epik High at Times Square in New York City yesterday? It was so much fun! Tons of fans got to be up close and personal with this talented trio and even win free merch from allkpop which was there to capture the moment.

Which also means there is no need to fret about missing out on the awesome flash mob because allkpop has covered everything! We"ll be releasing a recap later on today with tons of fun details and photos on the event, so stay tuned.

But as you wait, get ready for our giveaway. When the recap comes out later on, make sure you re-tweet it in order to win two - yes, two! - tickets to Epik High"s concert Friday night.

In order to win a pair of tickets, just re-tweet the recap later. We will be picking one winner today and one winner tomorrow.

Meanwhile, check out the video below!

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Seoul School of Performing Arts: a K-Pop fangirl

Seoul School of Performing Arts: a K-Pop fangirl"s dream high school

You know you"re in your dream high school when you"re surrounded by K-Pop idols! Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) is a high school that attracts many idols due to its focus on the arts. Let"s play a game of make-believe--if SOPA was an ordinary public school and you, a lucky fangirl, were to attend, which role would high school stereotypical role would each idol play?

Here are my guesses:

The football captain Kai

Aside from being a wizard with his dancing feet, Kai gives off the confident air of a cocksure jock. Plus, who wouldn"t have a crush on this cutie as he strides down the hallways like a football champ?

The cheerleaders Joy


SONAMOO"s Euijin

Rookies Red Velvet"s Joy, G-Friend, and SONAMOO"s Euijin would make perfect cheerleaders. With Joy"s constantly cheery disposition, G-FRIEND"s high-kicks, and Euijin"s twerks combined, these fresh girls would make kickass team.

The mascot Hyeri

Now that we"ve run through the athletes, who else would make a better mascot than mukbang queen Hyeri? With her killer aegyo and ability to consume all kinds of food in one bite, Hyeri will make the enemy both fall head over heels yet also cower in fear at the thought of being devoured Kirby-style.

The preps



A Pink  


Sehun, Sulli, A Pink members Hayoung, Na-Eun, and Namjoo, and Boyfriend members Kwangmin, Youngmin, and Minwoo all have one thing in common. They look like total preps.

While Sehun has a cool demeanor that makes him seem untouchable, Sulli and A Pink are all look like ladies that come from a refined background. Meanwhile, the Boyfriend members are cute as a trio of flowerboys who would definitely find success should they ever start a high school host club.

The band geeks Jonghyun and Juniel

CNBLUE"s Jonghyun and Juniel are both masters of the guitar. A duo that both comes from the band-music oriented agency FNC Entertainment, they would definitely be labeled as adorable "band geeks" for their love and skill for music.

The rebels BTS"s Jungkook

Lovelyz"s Yoo Ji Ae

BTS"s energetic Jungkook and Lovelyz"s spunky Yoo Ji Ae would grace the halls of a high school as the rebels who act as they please. Despite their cute appearance and sweet mannerisms, these two strong idols are definitely no pushovers and won"t take crap from anybody--whether from other students or from teachers.

Glee Club Lee Hi

B1A4"s Gongchan

Glee Clubs make high school a musical place. Vocally talented, Gongchan and Lee Hi would rule the school with their melodic voices.

Class clown TEEN TOP"s Ricky

A cutie and a total dork, TEEN TOP"s Ricky would be the kind of guy that brightens up the room and makes everyone around him smile at his quirky antics, making him perfect for the role of "class clown."

Teacher"s pet Suzy

Last but not least, we have the teacher"s pet--none other than miss A"s Suzy! With her goddess looks, heavenly smile, and angelic personality, Suzy has become the entertainment industry"s favorite. Seems like this girl was destined to be loved, so of course she would receive the same treatment anywhere she goes. 

Bonus: here"s a picture of the teacher"s pet with the school mascot.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with these roles?


Woman Crush Wednesday: IU's Character Kim Pil Suk On

Woman Crush Wednesday: IU's Character Kim Pil Suk On "Dream High"

Woman Crush Wednesday: “Dream High’s” Kim Pil Suk

This week on Woman Crush Wednesday, we will take no heed at dreamy girls like Geum Jan Di from “Boys Over Flowers”or Go Eun Chan from “Coffee Prince. Instead of that, let’s spend some minutes on IU's character Kim Pil Suk from “Dream High”.

Due to her choice of wardrobe during the Kirin School of Arts audition, Kim Pil Suk is nicknamed Miss Sushi. She’s an overweight girl with an amazing voice, which is problematic for one who wishes for fame. Uncertain of how to reject her application solely based on appearances, Kim Pil Suk luckily claims a spot for herself at Kirin, where even sky high dreams can be reached.

Her accomplishments doesn’t stop there as Kim Pil Suk also claims a spot here on our weekly Woman Crush Wednesday feature. These are the five reasons why (spoilers ahead):

1. Kim Pil Suk is super cute!

WCW_Kim Pil Suk Cute

From that first encounter where she wore the sushi costume to the way she would faithfully leave candy at Jason‘s locker, Kim Pil Suk is cute from head to toe. She falls over in surprise if Jason gets too close, leaves him cute sticky notes, and constantly carries around a doll like a security blanket. Her chuckles and excited dances are nothing short of endearing and her slightly spastic demeanor is humorous and delightful. But the great thing about her is that, despite her naturally adorable nature, when it comes to music and singing, Kim Pil Suk is completely serious, dedicated, and passionate.

2. She has the voice of an angel.

WCW_Kim Pil Suk Sing

This reason is pretty self explanatory, but Kim Pil Suk possesses absolute pitch. Her voice is absolutely amazing and captivating to the point where you’ll find yourself lost in her songs whenever she sings. You may unintentionally sway to her music, get chills, or backtrack just to hear her sing again. She’ll make you wish you were a Kirin student as well, so you can sit with her and listen to her melodic voice on a daily basis.

3. Kim Pil Suk is downright gutsy… at times.

WCW_Kim Pil Suk Gutsy

For someone often soft spoken, Kim Pil Suk has her moments of courage. Going on stage to sing in front of hundreds of people is always a brave act and she pulls it off effortlessly. Having the ability to let Jason know he was in the wrong, giving him a dose of common sense, with complete seriousness and without a trace of adoration in her eyes and tone is another form of courage. Oh, and let’s not forget grabbing Jason by the neck, almost forcibly, as he pulled away from giving her nose a peck to land a big one, we assume, on the lips. Hehe. If that’s not courage, then I’ll need to find myself a dictionary!

4. She has ambitions, hopes, and dreams.

WCW_Kim Pil Suk Ambition

Now, this is mixing things up, but in a drama I watched recently, “Fated to Love You,” the leading male, Lee Gun, said something I really agreed with, something that I thought applies to Kim Pil Suk as I was dissecting all the parts of her that I thought made her crush worthy and all the reasons why I like her. He said, “a woman is most lovable and beautiful when she’s a girl full of dreams.” From the beginning, we were able to see Kim Pil Suk’s dreams and how it has shaped her to change, develop, and grow. We saw how hard she strove to achieve those dreams and how passionate she was about singing. Even when she did not win the contest in the end, she still found an occupation where she could sing and kept that dream alive.

5. Kim Pil Suk is not a mold.

WCW_Kim Pil Suk Weight

I’m all about promoting good health and keeping a fitness regime, but I’m also a firm believer that we were all born with a natural variety of shapes and sizes. With that said, it was refreshing to see someone like Kim Pil Suk, someone who didn’t stop dreaming simply because her outward appearance would have made her an outcast. For some teachers, they very reluctantly accepted her as a student, but managed to eventually look beyond her figure and see her talent, potential, and heart. For other teachers, they accepted her from the beginning and for that, they earned a special place in my heart.

Kim Pil Suk’s weight loss was expected, especially since she was becoming more exposed to talent agencies and stage performances. While a sad fact, it’s universally known that there is a higher chance for success if you’re thin and beautiful, and for a long moment, I feared that our beloved Kim Pil Suk would become nothing more than a mold – someone who portrayed the exact idea that you must be a certain size in order to become successful and to be loved by others.

Thankfully, Kim Pil Suk remained true to herself and solidified herself as crush worthy when she proved time and time again that she was actually quite comfortable in her skin when she was heavier. She even felt awkward when others insinuated that she wasn’t. Eventually, Kim Pil Suk settled for a weight in-between her heaviest and lightest, while still maintaining her love, friends, and happiness.

All in all, I’d say Kim Pil Suk sets a great example that we should be self-confident, regardless of what we may or may not look like, since it’s the interior – the heart and soul – that truly matters. For these reasons, I deemed Kim Pil Suk Woman Crush Wednesday worthy.

What do you think about Kim Pil Suk? Who would you like to see featured next? Make sure to let us know in the comments below as next week’s Woman Crush Wednesday will be a mystery reveal, where the featured woman will be randomly selected from Soompiers’ nominations found in this article, as well as the articles from the previous two weeks!

Let Kim Pil Suk captivate you with her voice on “Dream High” at SoompiTV!


allkpop Fantasy League: Create your Dream Team Girl Group!

allkpop Fantasy League: Create your Dream Team Girl Group!

Last time on the allkpop Fantasy League, we asked you to make up your own male idol group dream team. Looks like your favorite picks to make up the best team included: reliable leader Doojoon, badass rapper G-Dragon, flowerboy visual L, b-boy dancer Wooyoung, and talented vocalist with a unique sound Sunggyu!

Nice picks allkpop community. Do like. Would fangirl. More stats on the male group Fantasy League here.

Now it"s the girl"s turn! For those of you who missed out last time, here"s how it works: each allkpop user has 15 imaginary dollars to spend on the draft. Each idol comes with a price; the more desirable an idol, the pricier he/she will be. You must use this budget to construct your team, and your team must consist of five different kinds of members: leader, rapper, visual, dancer, and vocal. Listed below are your selection of possible team members.

As this is our very first female edition of the allkpop Fantasy League, we have selected a completely random batch of female idols. (Don"t worry there will be more next time!) Try it out. Who would you pick to be in your dream team girl group? You have until next Tuesday, November 4, 12 PM EST to submit your picks!

You have $15 to build your Dream Team - make your own girl group, Who will you pick? 15 Remaining Balance: $ Leader Gyuri $5 Victoria $4 Jaekyung $3 Sojin $2 Irene $1 Visual Suzy $5 Hyeri $4 Na-Eun $3 Hara $2 Seolhyun $1 Vocalist Hyorin $5 Taeyeon $4 Eunji $3 ChoA $2 Ji Eun $1 Rapper CL $5 Bora $4 LE $3 Jimin $2 Woori $1 Dancer Minzy $5 HyunA $4 Hyoyeon $3 Min $2 Hyosung $1 Submit



[INFOGRAPHIC] allkpop Fantasy League: Male idol dream team!

[INFOGRAPHIC] allkpop Fantasy League: Male idol dream team!

[INFOGRAPHIC] allkpop Fantasy League: Male idol dream team!

Last week we ran a fun new experiment called the allkpop Fantasy League: Male idol dream team.

allkpop users has 15 imaginary dollars to spend on the draft and each idol came with a price; the more desirable an idol, the pricier his cost. With this budget constraint, users had to construct their teams, and the team must consist of five different kinds of members: leader, rapper, visual, dancer, and vocal.

The submissions have come through and now we"ve created this fun infographic for the users to review the results! Check it out below.


allkpop Fantasy League: Create your male idol dream team!

allkpop Fantasy League: Create your male idol dream team!

You know those P.E. classes where the gym teacher appoints team leaders who take turns choosing who gets to be on their team? Yeah, that always being picked last life, Not fun.

But what if you were able to pick your own K-Pop group? Introducing the allkpop Fantasy League, a new feature where you get to create your perfect K-Pop idol group and then see how popular your combination is!

Here"s how it works: each allkpop user has 15 imaginary dollars to spend on the draft. Each idol comes with a price; the more desirable an idol, the pricier he/she will be. You must use this budget to construct your team, and your team must consist of five different kinds of members: leader, rapper, visual, dancer, and vocal. Listed below are your selection of possible team members.

As this is our very first allkpop Fantasy League Draft, we have selected a completely random batch of male idols (Don"t worry there will be more next time!). Try it out. This is your chance to create your dream team -- who would you pick to make up the perfect male idol band and compete in the allkpop Fantasy League?

You have $15 to build the Greatest K-Pop Group League - make your own male idol team, Who would you pick? 15 Remaining Balance: $ Leader Leeteuk $5 Onew $4 Doojoon $3 N $2 Lee Hoo $1 Rapper G-Dragon $5 Zico $4 Bang Yong Gook $3 Junhyung $2 Rap Monster $1 Visual Siwon $5 Nichkhun $4 L $3 Minho $2 Ren $1 Dancer Kai $5 Yunho $4 Jay Park $3 Wooyoung $2 Jackson $1 Vocal Hongki $5 Junsu $4 Yoseob $3 Sunggyu $2 Sandeul $1 Submit