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Song Seung Hun and Lim Ji Yeon Show Deep Chemistry in Both Film and Photoshoot

Actors Song Seung Hun and Lim Ji Yeon showed their compatibility through a recent photoshoot for Vogue. Having filmed the movie “Human Addiction,” which is set to be released in May, the two have previewed their teamwork and onscreen chemistry through the recent photoshoot. One recently released photo from the Vogue shoot shows Lim Ji Yeon leaning against the legs of Song Seung Hun. While the actress gives a longing stare towards the camera, the actor’s gaze seems to be set on someplace else.

Furthermore, the intense crimson color is quite noticeable, as the deep color foreshadows the depth of emotions that would be portrayed in the upcoming film. “Human Addiction” will portray a shocking love story between those of superior and inferior ranks that takes place in the military residence of soldiers during the 1969 Vietnam War

JJCC impress with their amazing vocal singing ‘At First’ & ‘Just The Way You Are’

JJCC appear on Arirang Radio.

The boys sing their debut song At First and popular song Just The Way You Are on the show, watch their amazing performance below:

Lizzy shares her base makeup know-hows for cosmetics brand ‘Laneige’

After School"s Lizzy shared her base makeup know-hows for cosmetics brand "Laneige" with fans through a video clip from "Nylon TV Korea".

Lizzy went for a natural makeup look to show fans how she applies "Laneige"s BB cushion and cushion concealer to cover up imperfections yet bring out the skin"s natural glow. Of course, she brightened up the beauty studio with her abundant aegyo, looking like she was having fun while doing a simple makeup routine.

Let Lizzy brighten your day with her bubbly personality through the clip above!

‘Emergency Couple’ Team Cancels Community Service Project

The Emergency Couple volunteer project to Boramae Medical Center has been cancelled.

To fulfill a ratings promise, the team of tvN’s Emergency Couple made were scheduled to do community service on April 17 at Boramae Medical Center. However with the entire nation in sadness with the recent sinking of a passenger ship in Jindo, the group decided to fulfill its promise another time and canceled the project.

Newsen spoke with an Emergency Couple rep on April 18, who stated, “We decided that it wouldn’t be right to fulfill a promise immediately with the nation in anguish and canceled the project.”

The rep added, “We haven’t decided when we’ll carry on the promise. For now, it’s postponed

Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Continue to Request for Hallyu Event to Be Postponed

While the situation is still up in the air, onlookers are watching to see if Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye will attend a hallyu event.

After jumping to incredible popularity after SBS’ The Heirs, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have been picked out as 2014’s hottest hallyu stars. Their popularity in China is especially unimaginable, with fans from overseas naturally coming into Korea to see them.

In the midst of this, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye were scheduled to attend theFamily Concert with Hallyu Stars, organized by Lotte Duty Free for April 18, 19, and 20 at the Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium.

However, with the recent events of the sinking passenger ferry on April 16, the entire nation has been expressing their sorrow with the broadcasting, music, and movie industries postponing and canceling programs and activities

Jeon Ji-hyeon and Kim Soo-hyeon-I in an awkward situation

Samsung Electronics is in an awkward situation with a Galaxy Launching Party coming up in China on the 18th.

This event was prepared on a wide scale basis with Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Jeon Ji-hyeon but as the whole nation mourns the news of the sunken ferry in Jindo, a dilemma unfolds#.

Samsung Electronics promoted the launching of Galaxy S5 starring Kim Soo-hyeon-I and Jeon Ji-hyeon in Beijing, China.

Models of Samsung Electronics, Jeon Ji-hyeon and Kim Soo-hyeon-I, are greatly popular in the Chinese region right now for the recent drama "My Love from the Star" and this is their first official event together since then.

They are rewriting the history of advertising with their outstanding popularity all over Asia.

Jeon Ji-hyeon and Kim Soo-hyeon-I were scheduled to hold a fan signing event in Myeong-dong for their modeling brands, respectively, but decided to cancel that to show their respect for the terrible accident

Ga In Gets Ready for the Sizzling Summer with Fashion Magazine “The Celebrity”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In recently posed for a pictorial for fashion magazine “The Celebrity” and revealed some of her own beauty secrets. Her pictorial was taken in Bali, Indonesia.

With her famous porcelain skin, the sexy singer looks gorgeous under the sunlight. Bali, which is very well-known for being a hot spot for newlyweds, welcomed Ga In with open hearts. Most of the clothes she wore were swimsuits and short pants.

During an interview, Ga In talked about how to wear daytime makeup in areas with hot weather and her knowledge on how to protect skin and hair against the salty sea water.

The last two pictures were taken during the shoot and the man beside her seems to be one of the staff members from the set.

More pictures of Ga In’s summer pictorial can be seen in the May issue of “The Celebrity

Shin Ji Hoon lends her voice for theme song ‘Happy Ending’ for upcoming animated film ‘Beyond Beyond’

"K-Pop Star 2"s Shin Ji Hoon lent her angelic voice for the song "Happy Ending" for the upcoming animated film "Beyond Beyond"!

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"Happy Ending" is the theme song for the movie and gives a message of hope with its beautiful melody and lyrics that are express through Shin Ji Hoon"s pure and refined voice.

A Cube DC rep stated, ""Beyond Beyond" is an animated film that is good for your whole family to enjoy at the theater. We thought that Shin Ji Hoon"s version of "Happy Ending" would fit well with the animation and video."

"Beyond Beyond" portrays the story of a little rabbit"s adventure to rescue his mom and the lessons about life he learns along the way

TVXQ Max Changmin’s ‘Mimi’ to Premiere in Theatres Around Japan

Mnet’s drama Mimi starring TVXQ Max Changmin will be played in theatres around Japan.

A Japanese sports and entertainment news ‘Sankei Sports’ reported on April 18, “TVXQ Max Changmin’s drama Mimi will be edited into a movie version. The first part will premiere on May 9 and the second part will premiere on May 16 in 30 theatres around Japan.”

Meanwhile, Mimi’s special preview sold over 10,000 copies in the first week since the release, ranking number one on Oricon’s weekly DVD chart.

Photo credit: Mnet

“Dae Jang Geum 2″ producer confirmed, now awaiting Lee Young-ae

MBC drama "Dae Jang Geum 2" is putting together the final pieces.

According to resources, the producer of "Dae Jang Geum 2" is Kim Geun-hong. He's particpated in "Guam Heo Jun", "Queen Seon-deok", "Jumong" and other great historical dramas.

"Dae Jang Geum 2" is now waiting for Lee Young-ae's response. Initially, she had wished to work together with the crew of "Dae Jang Geum" especially because Jang-geum becomes a mother of a daughter and likewise Lee Young-ae, who is a mother of two.

Lee Young-ae hasn't showed a clear sign of starring in the drama but others are saying she will do it. A resource said, "We are leaning towards her agreement". Jang Geun-soo, the chief of department of drama said, "We are still discussing things with Lee Young-ae with the first episode coming up in October"