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Uhm Tae Woong′s Wife Finds Why Her Husband and Ji On Left ′Return of Superman′

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Uhm Tae Woong′s Wife Finds Why Her Husband and Ji On Left ′Return of Superman′

--> Uhm Tae Woong′s wife Yoon Hae Jin printed why her husband and daughter left Return of Superman.

Yoon Hae Jin seemed at the November 17 broadcast of tvN′s Taxi, where she spread out about Return of Superman.

Yoon Hae Jin said, "Ji On is a baby, and we were worried that she may think she′s more special than other kids, so that′s why we left."

She continued, "Because of filming, there were times I had to leave despite the truth that I didn′t need to. I even thought, ′Where will I sleep today?′ I slept at my parents′ space the most. I also even slept at my friend′s house."

Sean stocks pictures of trendy walk with Wife Jung Hye Young and Youngest Daughter

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Sean Shares Photos of elegant Stroll with Wife Jung Hye Young and Youngest Daughter Jinusean member Sean, actress Jung Hye Young, and their youngest daughter Hael look like a true fashionista circle of relatives in Burberry outfits whilst on an afternoon out together.

On November 17, Sean posted several photos of himself with his wife Jung Hye Young and daughter Hael to his Instagram, with the trio taking a look either chic and toasty warm in their trendy and complementary wintry weather outfits. On every photo, he comprises the hashtags “#burberry” and “#happiertoday” in addition his daughter’s name.

On an image of the trio walking down the street, he writes, “Family…” and on one choice of lovable photos of Jung Hye Young with Hael, he writes as the caption, “Hye Young and Little Hye Young’s date.”

Sean and Jung Hye Young turned into husband and wife in 2004, and feature 4 adorable kids together, with two sons and two daughters.

Spoiler 'Mom' Kim Suk-hoon fortunate to have Hong Soo-hyeon as his wife

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Spoiler 'Mom' Kim Suk-hoon fortunate to have Hong Soo-hyeon as his wife

On twenty-second episode of the MBC drama "Mom", Hong Soo-hyeon changed into a just right wife after Kim Suk-hoon lost his job.

Lee Se-ryeong (Hong Soo-hyeon) used to be broad-minded even after she discovered out her husband Kim Yeong-jae (Kim Suk-hoon) lost his job.

Kim Yeong-jae was wear probation from the bank on account of the effort his brother Kim Kang-jae (Lee Tae-seong) caused. However, the bank found out that he"d implemented for some other task and in the end, he was fired.

Park Hyeon-sook (Kim Ye-ryeong) was at the bank to look her son-in-law yet found out his was fired. Lee Se-ryeong was stunned too but she was formidable about it and showed unforeseen results.

Lee Se-yeong said, "To care for my mom, you want strength. Devour even supposing you don"t feel like it". She secure him from all varieties of nagging from her mom.

When he left over some food that he didn"t end and Park Hyeon-sook started scolding him, Se-ryeong said, "You stated folks can throw away food when they don"t" like it. Your food isn"t that fab anyway and you can"t be mean to anyone simply because he"s unemployed".

Later Lee Se-ryeong took Kim Yeong-jae on a picnic and said, "Look at the trees and get some brand new air. Do you would like to observe for a job? the promoting team at my company. I"ve at all times sought after to paintings with someone I love".

Lee Se-ryeong was continuously the immature and spoilt kid bearing in mind her rich background but she was smart to her husband.

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Song Il Gook and the Song Triplets published to Have an excellent Wife and Mom

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Song Il Gook and the Song Triplets Revealed to Have a tremendous Wife and Mom The amazing background of pass judgement on Jung Seung Yeon, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse’s mom in addition wife of actor, Song Il Gook, has been lately revealed.

On the November nine broadcast of tvN’s “The List 2015,” a listing for “Stars with A hit Wives” has been revealed in which Song Il Gook placed 2d place. Judge Jung Seung Yeon was once revealed to have placed in the head 1 % at her college and in 2000, become admitted into Seoul National University’s branch of Justice where she received her master’s and doctoral degrees with honors. She maintained wonderful grades at the Judicial studies and coaching Institute and at the age of 33, was appointed as a Busan District Court judge. Currently, she works at the Incheon District Court.

To most sensible that off, Judge Jung Seung Yeon too can discuss Japanese, English, and French. She has even turn out to be close pals with Sarang’s mother, Yano Shiho, because of the truth that she is able to be in contact with her perfectly in Japanese.

Song Il Gook temporarily fell in love with such an overwhelming girl and married her after dating her for twelve months and six months.

Meanwhile, actor Hwang Jung Min placed first on the list. Others on the list were Ji Jin Hee, Ahn Jae Wook, Yoon Jong Shin, and Ryu Seung Wan.

Note: Jung Seung Yeon’s symbol is blurred because of the her being a public legit and a non-celebrity. The alteration of the picture was no longer done via Soompi.

Ji Jin Hee Finds How He Fell in Love With His Wife

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Ji Jin Hee Exhibits How He Fell in Love With His Wife The November nine episode of “The List 2015″ printed the names of stars who have very accomplished wives.

On this episode, actor Ji Jin Hee‘s wife made the list. His wife, Lee Soo Yeon, worked at an excessively giant advertisement firm, and they have been dating even sooner than Ji Jin Hee debuted as an actor.

It turns out that Ji Jin Hee in the beginning sought after to be a photographer, and he fell in love to get started with sight when Lee Soo Yeon visited his studio for a commencement photo shoot. He gave his number to her, and the remainder is history! The couple’s love for each and every other is strong, and Ji Jin Hee has previously said, “We dated for 6 years, and we were married for 12 years. yet I still to find my wife to be so beautiful.”

Gu Hye Sun To Play The Wife Of 'The Legendary Tycoon'

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Gu Hye Sun To Play The Wife Of 'The Legendary Tycoon'

Gu Hye Sun"s next project will be a Chinese drama. Gu will play the wife of a Chinese film magnate Run Run Shaw in the drama "The Legendary Tycoon."

The news that she was considering the role first surfaced in September but her management finally confirmed her casting on November 6, the same day she left for Hengdian, in eastern China to start filming. She is expected to spend the next three months in China, working on the drama, returning to Korea only for her first concert on November 21.

The drama will focus on the life of the film industry tycoon Run Run Shaw, who founded Shaw Brothers Film Studios in the 1960s. The media mogul popularized Chinese Kung Fu movies in the west and worked in the entertainment industry for 80 years. Known as The King Of Asian Entertainment, Shaw died in 2014 at the age of 107.

The legendary tycoon will be portrayed by actor Zhang Han, known for his roles in the dramas "Let"s Watch The Meteor Star," "Fairy Tale" and "Braveness of the Ming."

Gu will play only one of the women who were important in Run Run Shaw"s life. The other women will be played by Taiwanese stars Guo Zi Qian and Chen Qiao En, and the Chinese actress Song Yi.

Gu Hye Sun has worked in China before. In 2012 she appeared in the drama "Absolute Darling," with Taiwanese actor Wu Chan. That drama was produced by Huace Media, which is also producing "The Legendary Tycoon." One of the reasons that Huace Media reportedly cast Gu Hye Sun is because of her ability to cope with the language barrier.

It doesn"t hurt that she has been popular in China since she first appeared in "Boys Over Flowers" with Lee Min Ho. Gu Hye Sun"s last k-dramas were "Blood" with Ahn Jae Hyun and "Angel Eyes" with Lee Sang Yoon. The vampire drama was so popular in China that Gu"s previously released self-composed piano piece, "Rain," topped China"s QQ music chart in April 2015, six years after it was originally released.

Lee Sung Min Sings Duet With Wife Kim Sa Eun, Shindong Also plays at army Band Concert

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Lee Sung Min Sings Duet With Wife Kim Sa Eun, Shindong Also Performs at Armed forces Band Concert On November 6, the 17th department Military Band held their annual autumn concert, where Super Junior contributors Shindong, Lee Sung Min, and Lee Sung Min’s wife Kim Sa Eun performed.

Kim Sa Eun posted a photo of the program to her Instagram account on November 5. The program showed that the 3 of them were covered up to accomplish at the concert. Despite the truth that Shindong’s song can’t be observed in the photo, it sounds as if that the married couple conducted the duet “Something More” from the musical “Rudolf.”

Kim Sa Eun then posted a photo of herself with the Great Junior members to her Facebook on November 6, in addition more than one the opposite performers. In the caption, she wrote, “I’ve just get back from a friendly appearance at the concert hosted through the 17th Division Military Band. It used to be fantastic to peer your face back after so long. We were in a position to do a duet again for the primary time in a while, so i used to be happy! I became even happier that we were capable of carry out this type of meaningful song! ♥ all the performers did a super job~ Ten-hut!”

Their appearance in the footage has meaningful meaning, as these days Super Junior celebrates their 10th anniversary. Even if the 2 couldn’t celebrate at the aspect of their fellow members, it’s great to see them doing neatly in the army. Shindong enlisted on March 24 of this year, whilst Lee Sung Min followed in a while thereafter on March 31.

Lee Hwi Jae’s Wife unearths She Shrunk Hepatitis B All through Pregnancy

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Lee Hwi Jae’s Wife Exhibits She Contracted Hepatitis B Throughout Pregnancy Lee Hwi Jae‘s wife Moon Jung Won published at the maximum contemporary episode of “The go back of Superman” that she contracted hepatitis B whilst pregnant with the twins.

During the interview portion of the episode aired on October 25, Moon Jung Won makes a short lived appearance. She admits, “I had a troublesome time during my pregnancy because I contracted hepatitis B. My liver degrees were very high, so it used to be an excessively unhealthy situation.”

She continues, “The doctors told me I had to begin taking drugs for it immediately, so I wasn’t in a position to breastfeed my kids when they were born.”

You can listen your entire tale in the total episode below.

Super Junior’s Kangin Sends a Message to Former “We were given Married” Wife Lee Yoon Ji

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Super Junior’s Kangin Sends a Message to Former “We Got Married” Wife Lee Yoon Ji On the October 24 episode of “We Got Married,” existing couple BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae and Red Velvet‘s Joy met with Yook Sungjae’s former “A Song For You” co-hosts and Joy’s label mates, Super Junior‘s Kangin and f(x)‘s Amber at a coffee shop.

Since he gave the impression on the first actual season of “We Got Married” with Lee Yoon Ji, Kangin is experienced in terms of the show, and provides Yook Sungjae some advice. “Lee Yoon Ji is a pal who is a similar age as me, and she did in fact get married,” he tells Yook Sungjae, although his mysterious expression serves most effective to confuse in position of help.

Kangin then leaves a message for Lee Yoon Ji. He says, “Yoon Ji, how’ve you been? Is your husband treating you well? I’m sorry I wasn’t in a position to wait the wedding. I can’t undergo to peer you pass with any other man. Congratulations.” His confession reasons an uproar of laughter.

On some other note, Lee Yoon Ji gave birth to her first kid previous this month.

Meanwhile, on the similar episode, Yook Sungjae shocked his wife by way of making ready dinner for her whilst she used to be busy with work.