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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 4 Recap And Screenshot

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 4 Recap And Screenshot

Did the ending of episode 4 of Cheongdamdong Alice make you sit up and holler hell yes! to the screen? Did the lack of a preview for episode 5 cause you to alternate between sobbing wildly like a loony and stifling the urge to punch your computer for failing to provide the goods to tide you over until next week? Yorobun, I can confirm that we have a full-fledged drama mania addiction on our hands! The drama continues to be so awesome it defies my ability to scrounge up enough superlatives to do it justice. Episode 4 continued episode 3s momentum and then kicked it up a notch. I cant believe how the drama has thoroughly won me over to the OTP ship of Seung Jo and Se Kyung, and the two of them arent even anywhere close to being in love yet. Yes, hes falling for her because of her innate goodness and decency (traits he thought women didnt possess anymore after Yoon Joo dumped him), but the twist is that the very event that caused him to see her loyalty and kindness is the same event that has made her knowingly reject that version of her and embrace the Yoon Joo model.

Now the motto ismarry rich by doing whatever it takes. I also cant get enough of how Seung Jo is keeping up the whole Im just the measly Secretary Kim ruse with Se Kyung, and actively going out of his way to not let her discover his true identity. Hes not even trying to test whether she can fall for him believing hes just a low level employee, it appears that he enjoys showing Se Kyung his true self. He reverts to his saturi accent with her and shows her how petty and immature he is. Except he also shows her how he cares about her welfare, even if she chalks it up to his weirdness or acting on orders of the President of Artemis. They are so cute and funny together I just want to squish them. I also find myself truly enjoying every character, even smarmy Tommy Hong (there is way more to him then meets the eye and I cant wait to see it, even if I was totally clapping like a trained seal when Seung Jo floored him with a totally deserving punch) and social climbing Yoon Joo. In fact, beyond the love line(s) in the drama, Im also equally excited to watch the different friendship threads develop that will add such richness to the narrative. Is it next Saturday yet?

Se Kyung opens the envelope and takes out a journal. She flips open the first page and it says If you want to go to the dark side, you have to go all the way. Dayum, Yoon Joo means business, and I actually find myself admiring her guts and determination in the face of something socially frowned upon.

Seung Jo is still talking about how Se Kyung mustve been really hurt by In Chans betrayal, and his doctor friend sits across and stares at him with this look like mmmm hmmmm, tell me more.. Friend asks outright if Seung Jo likes this girl? Seung Jo sputters and says no way! Friend points out Seung Jo cried because of her, to which Seung Jo brings up ahjummas crying when watching sad societal exposes. Then why does Seung Jo act like her daddy long legs? Seung Jo decrees that hes doing it as therapy. Healing, its for healing!

Se Kyung goes home and hears her dad announce that hes sold the bakery and put the house up for sale. He wished that after 30 years of running the bakery he would have more to show for it, and have at least a house he can pass down to his daughter. Sadly its not going to happen and hes going to have to start over again. Se Kyung stares at her dad and appears to make up her mind. She remembers the first mottoto go to the dark side, one has to go all the way.

Se Kyung meets with Yoon Joo the next day at her brothers cafe and they get down to discussing the details. Yoon Joo asks if shes read the entire diary? If so, then she must know what Yoon Joo went through. Is Se Kyung prepared, because its impossible to predict what will happen and what temptation will be out there. Se Kyung says shes ready. Chapter 2 says that one needs a White Rabbit as a guide into the Wonderland world of Cheongdamdong. That person is Tommy Hong, famous designer by day, Cheongdamdong matchmaker extraordinaire on the side. Tommy dines at Etoile restaurant and we see woman dressed to impress all dining there at the same time hoping he would notice them. Tommy has successfully found 58 daughter-in-laws for Cheongdamdong mothers wanting to find the right girl for their rich sons.

Se Kyung wonders if she has to go that way and Yoon Joo laughs at Se Kyung and sarcastically asks if she hopes for a meet cute with a rich eligible guy like in the dramas and hopes opposites attract and sparks fly? Yoon Joo asks Se Kyung to meet her at Etoile tomorrow, dressed the way Se Kyung would if she was a Cheongdamdong girl. After Yoon Joo walks away, she berates her brother for why this cafe isnt doing better business. Brother asks why Yoon Joo wants to help Se Kyung? Yoon Joo says that Se Kyung is at least the kind of woman Yoon Joo doesnt find distastefulSe Kyung knows what she wants. Yoon Joo looks over and sees Se Kyung pouring over the journal intensely.

Se Kyung sits at home that time pouring through fashion magazines and sketching a look. Chapter 3 days that its not the product being counterfeit that makes it cheap, its what is in the heart of the person that matters.

Se Kyung meets up with Yoon Joo at Etoile and the latter sizes her up. Shes wearing six inch heels, a classic name brand bag, and a demure one-piece dress, all rented from a rental boutique. Yoon Joo tells Se Kyung that she failed the testthe Cheongdamdong look isnt about classic items or even current name brands, its about having items that look expensive and catches the eye, all leading people to ask Where did you buy that?. Se Kyung tells Yoon Joo that she will approach Tommy Hong in her own way, starting with taking a part time job waitressing at Etoile. Yoon Joo thinks this might work in Se Kyungs case.

Tommy meets up with In Hwas mom (and Yoon Joos mother-in-law), asking him to play matchmaker for her daughter In Hwa with the President of Artemis Korea. Tommy chuckles at how serendipitous it is, thinking of his recently meeting with Seung Jos dad asking him to check into any woman around Seung Jo.

Seung Jo is being driven to work and he fingers his bracelet and remembers how doctor friend thinks he likes Se Kyung. He scoffs at that idea and calls it crazy! Se Kyung calls her friend Ah Jung and asks her for help to do research on Tommy Hong.

When Seung Jo arrives at work, he hears from Secretary Moon about Seo In Chan and how poor Han Se Kyung must be feeling terrible. He orders the company to stop discussing Seo In Chan anymore, and then when Secretary Moon leaves, he scurries over to his desk and composes multiple texts to Se Kyung before settling on a very simple How are you doing? He sends it and then has to attend a meeting.

During the meeting, he has his phone out under the table and nervously wait for Se Kyungs response, which is a short Im doing fine. Seung Jo is concerned at what fine means and sends another text what do you mean by fine? Se Kyung is about to retort none of your business when shes called away to run errands as GN Fashions errand girl. She leaves without replying to Seung Jos text.

Seung Jo sits in the meeting getting more and more agitated. He sends text after text, asking why she isnt responding and wanting her to say it directly if it bothers her to have him texting. LOL, he is soooooo adorable I just want to pinch his cheeks. He snarls out loud and everyone in the meeting stares at him so he quickly makes a logical pronouncement relating to the discussion about collaborating with GN Fashion. He finally ends the meeting abruptly and issues a fast decree (to make sure it incorporates the latest NY style) before rushing out.

Se Kyung arrives back at GN Fashion with a trunkful of shopping bags of items she had to pick up. Seung Jo rushes up to her demanding to know why she ended their text conversation so abruptly! He talks in saturi now with her naturally, instead of the suave Seoul accent he purposely cultivated. She worried asks if anything happened and he yells at her for not texting him back because it could lead him to be worried something happened to her, like she was in an accident or fainted.

Se Kyung looks at him like the crazy dude he is and points out that its clear shes really busy right now, which is why she didnt text him back. She asks if hes here because hes mad but he claims to be simply curious why she didnt respond. Se Kyung points out that hes acting really weird right now. When she tells him the madam sent her on an errand, Seung Jo mutters under his breath that damn Seo Yoon Joo! He is not happy seeing her as the errand girl for the company and she snaps at him that shes just a temporary employee and his company does the same thing in its hiring practices. She leaves him standing there all upset on her behalf.

Seung Jo rushes back to Artemis and looks through the portfolio of GN Fashion designers set to work on the collaboration with Artemis. He asks Secretary Moon why one designer is missing, Han Se Kyung. Even Secretary Moon knows why and says Se Kyung is just a temporary employee there and Artemis does the same thing. Seung Jo yells at poor Secretary Moon and says it doesnt matter if shes a temp or full time, shes a designer and cant be running errands for the madam! He demands Se Kyungs resume be faxed over ASAP. Poor Secretary Moon has this look like what the hell has gotten into him this time?

In Hwa is told that Artemis wants to see Han Se Kyungs resume as well and she orders it sent over. She then asks Se Kyung if she knows anyone at Artemis and Se Kyung says no, not wanting to discuss the complicated weird interactions shes had with Artemis employees recently. In Hwa notices Se Kyung is wearing an eye-catching new pair of shoes.

Seung Jo reads Se Kyungs resume and is impressed shes won plenty of fashion design awards and also speaks French despite not studying abroad. Secretary Moon wonders why Seung Jo doesnt just hire Se Kyung but is told that Artemis Korea doesnt do any design work and the home office in France hires the designers. Seung Jo argues that Artemis is a global brand hence it hires people who have studied abroad but GN Fashion is just a domestic brand, how dare they be so snooty. How can someone as talented as Se Kyung suffer because of the attitude of those domestic fashion houses! Seung Jo then decides to call around for Se Kyung, but ends up yelling at his friends that Artemis is a global brand (for why he cant hire Se Kyung) but they should.

Tommy Hong arrives at Etoile and Se Kyung serves him and reads the special of the night, ending with a suggestion that the ingredients can be swapped for vegetarian items. Tommy asks how she knew he was a vegetarian? Se Kyung points out that he wears clothes from designers that dont work with leather and fur. When Se Kyung walks away, Tommy notices her shoes and the cell phone accessory, which is a braided item that matches the bracelet she gave Seung Jo. LOL, they already have couple accessories! I love it!

After dinner, he thanks Se Kyung for an enjoyable meal service and remembers her name as Han Se Kyung. All the other female diners look around jealously. Yoon Joo comes by afterwards and is impressed with Se Kyungs diligence in researching Tommy thoroughly and learning all about his likes and schedule. Yoon Joo scoffs with a smile that there was a reason why she disliked Se Kyung back in high schoolshes so sincere and hardworking when she sets her mind to it.

Tommy goes to meet with Seung Jo and he immediately asks if Tommy is a domestic brand? If so, would he be willing to hire a talented young designer? Tommy smiles and agrees with meet with this designer and asks her name. Seung Jo says her name is Han Se Kyung. Tommy invites Seung Jo to attend a party at his store.

Seung Jo asks him to not let Se Kyung know that he recommended her and Tommy agrees. The two men shake hands and Tommy notices the bracelet on Seung Jos wrist. When asked what brand it is, Seung Jo smiles broadly and admits it is handmade and he got it as a present. Oh dude, you are so in lurve its not even funny.

After Tommy leaves, he calls Seung Jos dad to report that he thinks Seung Jo is indeed seeing a woman, and its likely someone Dad wont approve of.

Dad is in the neighborhood where Se Kyungs family lives scoping out a project to build a supermarket there. He sees a commotion outside JK supermarket where Se Kyungs dad has bought up all their cheap bread and is throwing it everyone, arguing that no one can produce bread that cheap and its just a way to drive the good hardworking people out of business. Seung Jos dad tells his underlings to snap pictures of him at the exact moment he bows low. He walks over and bows to Se Kyungs dad and introduces himself as the President of Royal Group and asks if he can do anything. All of this is captured on cameras to make for great publicity.

Seung Jo and Se Kyungs dad meet and the former asks him to work together to survive. He likens business competition to a boxing match. Se Kyungs dad says the unfairness lies in two fighters from different weight classes facing off, its a lopsided competition to begin with and he has no chance to win. The world is a dog-eat-dog place and Seung Jos dad doesnt feel bad, but tells Se Kyungs dad to work with him this time even if he knows hes being used.

The media is gathered together as Seung Jos dad announces the opening of a bakery cafe in that neighborhood with Se Kyungs dad as the head patissier. Se Kyungs parents watch on TV and mom remarks that Seung Jos dad only signed them to a one year contract, obviously its not guaranteed. They both sigh and decide they still have to take this opportunity.

Seung Jo watches the same press conference on TV and scoffs at his dads tactics. Dad calls and they bicker back and forth. Seung Go calls Dad an opportunist, whereas Dad tells Seung Jo he still has a lot to learn. Dad warns Seung Jo not to do anything with a woman to bring a scandal. Seung Jo is about to put on Se Kyungs bracelet and wonders why his dad cares if hes with a woman or a man! Its none of his business and he hangs up on Dad.

Tommy goes back to Etoile and Se Kyung is asked to bring him a cup of coffee. He asks about her cellphone accessory and she admits she made it herself. Tommy smirks as he thinks to himself what is your exact relationship to Jean Thierry Sha? He asks if shes a designer and she says yes and admits shes his fan. She wonders to herself if hes already had her investigated? When asked why she is his fan, she says he worked hard to get to where he is now and has support to help him succeed.

Se Kyung says that shes learned now that having support and connection can make a difference. Tommy asks Se Kyung bluntly if she has support to help her succeed. Se Kyung answers yes, thinking that the person she is referring to is Tommy himself, to help her enter the Cheongdamdong world. Tommy takes her answer to mean Se Kyung is being sponsored by a rich guy to become a designer. He invites her to the upcoming party and Se Kyung is thrilled shes gotten her chance.

Tommy calls Seung Jo who asks if hes met with Se Kyung. Tommy says yes and Seung Jo appears pleased to hear Tommy liked her. He promises to attend the party if he has the time. Se Kyung calls Yoon Joo about the party and Yoon Joo reveals some concern that things seem to be moving too fast. Se Kyung tells her that the sooner she succeeds the sooner Yoon Joo can be rid of her. She asks Yoon Joo for help since shes never been to such parties before. Yoon Joo gives her lessons on what to expect. Se Kyung goes shopping to rent the expensive outfit she needs to attend the party.

Se Kyung arrives at the party and remembers Yoon Joos proclamation in chapter 4 Do not be scared, do not be scared. Se Kyung descends down the stairs and waits there like Yoon Joo directed her to, looking like shes waiting for someone and also attracting everyones attention.

Tommy sees her and walks over to greet her, then bringing her to meet the other guests. She meets writers, actors, artists, a collection of successful men. She manages to be intelligent and witty and Tommy notices that shes making a good impression.

Seung Jo arrives and Tommy goes to greet him, telling him that Han Se Kyung is here as well. He goes to get Se Kyung and we see Seung Jo freaking out and trying to sneak away (but hiding between two men walking up the stairs and pretending to talk on the cellphone). Se Kyung spots him nonetheless.

Seung Jo calls his driver to pick him up when Se Kyung taps him on the shoulder and asks why hes here? Seung Jo lies that hes here with the President of Artemis. Se Kyung asks where the President is, she wants to thank him for everything hes done for her. Seung Jo gets a call and he uses that excuse to pretend hes being called by the President and rushes outside.

Se Kyung is approached by a rich older man who brings her a drink. She accepts and they chat, with him clearly interested in her and she naively thinks she is just socializing as per Yoon Joos instructions.

Tommy approaches Se Kyung later and hands her a room key, telling her that the Chairman really liked her and wants to see her again. Se Kyung is confused and asks what he means? Tommy says he and Se Kyung are no different, they have to work hard to make it as a designer. He suggests this Chairman is a great sponsor for her.

Se Kyung realizes the misunderstanding and hands the key back to Tommy, explaining that shes not here for that. Tommy is genuinely taken aback, asking if shes not currently being sponsored by Jean Thierry Sha? If not, why did he suggest Tommy hire Se Kyung as a designer? Isnt Se Kyung here to look for another sponsor? He asks what her relationship is with Jean Thierry Sha if hes not her sponsor? Se Kyung says that its too complicated and even if she told him he wouldnt believe her. Tommy thinks shes playing hard ball and apologizes, suggesting he should have started by negotiating the price. He asks if she wants to discuss the nightly rate first?

Se Kyung tosses a glass of water on Tommy and the entire party gasps. Tommy stares at her in shock, and then splashes a dish of soy sauce on her. Se Kyung leaves the party embarrassed and angry, with everyone staring at her like shes a leper.

Seung Jo is about to leave the party when he spots Se Kyungs back walking away. He gets out of his car and chases at her. He initially is happy to see her but then notices her condition and smell and asks why shes covered in soy sauce?

Se Kyung asks if the President of Artemis told Tommy Hong that she was a designer? Seung Jo admits it and Se Kyung says she is very grateful to the President for all hes done for her but he doesnt need to do anymore. Seung Jo asks if Tommy Hong said something to her back there but she wont tell him.

Seung Jo gets increasingly agitated and keeps insisting she tell him what just happened back there? Se Kyung finally reveals that Tommy Hong asked if she was being sponsored by Jean Thierry Sha. Seung Jos face hardens with anger when he hears this. He asks if Tommy Hong did this to her? Se Kyung says this look suits who she is and then she walks way. Seung Jo stands there staring in anger at her dejected back and his hands clench into a fist. Oh yeah, please go kick some ass.

Se Kyung walks and then sits down when she gets a call. Turns out its Yoon Joo checking in to see how things went? Se Kyung says she has newfounded respect for Yoon Joo now, what determination and guts it must have took for Yoon Joo to succeed at this endeavor. Yoon Joo wonders if something happened at the party and hears that Tommy Hong asked if Se Kyung had a sponsor. Se Kyung explains what happened and Yoon Joo asks if Se Kyung got angry and left? Yoon Joo tells Se Kyung to buck up if facing this one set back and shes a wreck already. Se Kyung repeats Yoon Joos chapter one headerto go to the dark side, one has to go all the way. Yoon Joo says Se Kyung has no idea the full extent of what she endured and was feeling to get to where she is now. If Tommy Hong cant become Se Kyungs White Rabbit into the Cheongdamdong world, then Se Kyung has only one other option leftfind another White Rabbit.

Tommy changes and walks out to greet his guests and tells them to resume the party. He goes to apologize to the Chairman that wanted to sponsor Se Kyung, and the guy asks him to do better diligence in the future on finding him girls. Tommy is bowing down and agreeing to keep looking when suddenly a river of soy sauce is poured over his head.

Seung Jo, holding an entire cannister of soy cause, pours it slowly and deliberately over Tommys bent head. When Tommy stands up, he stares at Seung Jo and asks why he did that. Seung Jo leans in and whispers to his ear to remember this very wellthe President of Artemis Korea has a very bad temper. And then Seung Jo leans back and sucker punches Tommy who goes down for the count. BOOYAH!

In four episodes CA has taken me for a loop-di-loop that I never imagined was possible based on the promotional materials. This is indeed a plausible albeit subversive take on the Cinderella fantasy, but done in a way that is entertaining and intriguing. I care about all the main leads, even the sleazy-on-the-surface Tommy Hong, because we have already seen that there are two sides to every tale and sometimes bad choices dont always mean a person is a complete and utter villain. Seo In Chan showed Se Kyung that when faced with a chance to leave behind his horrible life, he would take it, even if it meant taking advantage of her good intentions. But Se Kyung tells Seung Jo that In Chan isnt a bad person, hes simply a person who has nothing. She doesnt fault him, she faults this unfair life that decides who can make it and who can struggle their entire life and still fail. We also hear Yoon Joos side of the story with respect to her decision to leave Seung Jo for a man that could better provide for her. Was she right? Who knows? Perhaps she and her husband really do love each other and hes the better fit for her. But she did break Seung Jos heart and left him an emotional wreck, that much is true. However the right and wrong is parceled out, at least I now understand her motivations and determination to never be poor again. Even Se Kyung has gained a grudging respect for Yoon Joo, and Im actually loving the frenemy interactions and how Yoon Joo seems to genuinely want Se Kyung to succeed. Its going to be great seeing them team out to win over the Cheongdamdong types, but Im also looking forward to the tension and fallout once Yoon Joo finds out Seung Jo likes Se Kyung.

Seung Jo and Se Kyung are so so amazing together even at this stage I can hardly wait to see what new sparks will fly between them. Will the writer hold off on Se Kyung finding out his true identity? Will he become her White Rabbit and lead her into Cheongdamdong? Will he do it willingly to her plan, or unwittingly as her daddy long legs behind the scenes? I actually dont hate Tommy for pimping Se Kyung out, since he drew a very logical conclusion though he didnt have to be such an ass about it or so totally demeaning. I wanted to high five someone when I saw Seung Jo pour an entire jar of soy sauce on Tommy, and then punch him out. Thats what I call avenging the honor of a lady. In many ways Seung Jo is really the idealistic romantic heroine of K-dramas, except hes a guy who is maybe a few marbles shy of having a whole bag. But while Se Kyung clung onto her love with In Chan for as long as she could, she never struck me as the type who fantasizes about love in its pure glory. She was idealistic without falling into the love-for-the-sake-of-love clap trap. She believed that she could have a future with In Chan, but she finally gave up once she realized she couldnt. Whereas Seung Jo is a bleeding heart romantic, which is why Yoon Joos betrayal was so traumatic for him. How will meeting Se Kyung change his dreams about love now that hes tried once and been burned? I dont know but I cant wait to find out!

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Recap And Screenshot

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Recap And Screenshot

Ive officially given up on Cheongdamdong Alice, though Ill probably recap to the end since its almost done. Episode 13 confirmed for me that this drama has completely lost its marbles and Im going to have to approach it like its some delusional fantasy rom-com otherwise Ill go crazy. At this point Im shipping Se Kyung with Tommy. Im not jokinghe knows who Se Kyung really is, warts and all, and appreciates and admires her. When I look at Seung Jo, I see this guy with the EQ of a child and the inability to live in the real world. I used to pity him for dealing with an overbearing father and a very traumatic failed relationship with the first woman he loved. But now the entire universe of the drama appears to treat him like a fragile glass doll that needs to be handled with care to the point that even Seung Jos dad is begging Se Kyung and In Hwa to keep up the pretense. DA FUQ? Does the writers of this drama fail to understand that they are heightening the issues surrounding Seung Jo when if you reduce it to its barest minimum we are talking about a man WHO HAD A REALLY BAD BREAK UP. That is it.

We are now three episodes into lets keep the truth from Seung Jo when really Seung Jo needs the truth because otherwise he will never ever grow up. EVER. He will continue to be shielded from the vagaries and disappointments of life and cling onto his belief that women are either bad golddiggers or super good saints. Im so fed up with this dramas bullshit, especially in light of how fantastic it was initially. All the tension is gone, especially the sizzling romantic frisson between Seung Jo and Se Kyung. Now he resembles a little boy being led around by a leash held by his very insincere older sister. It doesnt matter that Se Kyung loves Seung Jo for real (though I now longer feel that either), what matters is that this drama is being disingenuous and tiresome in trying to sustain a love story where neither the love nor the story feels remotely real. Ive actually reached the point where I just want to see where this crazy train is headed. Im sure its somewhere with a happy ending but one that doesnt remotely resonate with me or say anything meaningful to ponder over.

In Hwa sends Seung Jo the incriminating video of Yoon Joo and Se Kyung but hes distracted by Se Kyung modeling her wedding dress that he doesnt watch it. Talk about a split second save. Tommy rushes to the wedding dress shop and calms himself before walking into the changing room. He notices the phone on the table and the video playing. Im confused why there was no sound on the video, other than that would make it impossible for the drama to continue keeping the truth from Seung Jo. Tommy trades a pointed look with Se Kyung while Seung Jo notices his presence and asks why he is here? Tommy makes the excuse that he wants to congratulate them on the upcoming marriage. Se Kyung gets the hint and distracts Seung Jo long enough for Tommy to swipe his cell phone. Tommy may have a third career as a cell phone thief.

Tommy rushes out with the cell phone and deletes the video. He then heads back in with the excuse that as a fashion designer he would like to help with the wedding. Seung Jo says hells no and Se Kyung once again distracts him so Tommy can put the phone back. Ugh, can this pointlessness end and get to Seung Jo finding out Se Kyung isnt rainbows and unicorn and learning to deal with it.

Elsewhere, In Hwa goes to see her brother and is surprised and he and Yoon Joo seem perfectly fine. Yoon Joo rushes off and In Hwa gets the clue that her video bombing got thwarted.

Se Kyung and Seung Jo finish wedding dress shopping and she excuses him from driving her home, saying she needs to do something. Seung Jo cluelessly is fine with it and raises his hand for a high five. Okay Seung Jo, can you please stop acting like a clueless kid. Please. Its driving me nuts.

Yoon Joo rushes to Tommys store and is furious and scared to death about In Hwa possessing the video. Tommy says In Hwa stole it before he got around the deleting it. They discuss whether to hack into In Hwas tablet to delete it but Se Kyung arrives and says In Hwa probably has it stored in a hard drive elsewhere.

Which is when In Hwa also arrives and the party is officially underway. Yoon Joo decides to beg for clemency and gets down on her knees to ask In Hwa to let her go this time. Even Tommy bows his head and begs In Hwa to please not reveal this. In Hwa says she is merely bringing justice down upon them for their wrongdoings. What will happen when everyone finds out is that both gold diggers will go back to their original form, having nothing. Se Kyung just stands there quietly watching.

In Hwa sneers and calls Yoon Joo and Se Kyung snakes who thought they could come into their world and take what doesnt belong to them. Ugh, what a hypocrite and a snob. When In Hwa is about to leave, Se Kyung stops her and asks why In Hwa thinks she is any better than them? She wanted to make a business marriage with Seung Jo herself to increase her wealth and power. How is that any different than what Se Kyung and Yoon Joo are doing? All that is different is that In Hwa had money to start with while Se Kyung doesnt. But their motivations are the same. To In Hwa, Seung Jo is merely one of many business marriage prospects, but to Se Kyung he is everything.

Se Kyung points out that In Hwa sent the video anonymously to her brother and Seung Jo so that she doesnt need to take responsibility for ruining what they have. What motivates In Hwa isnt a sense of justice, shes just angry that even with money and background she still lost Seung Jo to Se Kyung. In Hwa says that if she fails, she hasnt lost anything. But if Se Kyung and Yoon Joo fails, their entire world is over.

After In Hwa huffs off, Yoon Joo yells at Se Kyung for riling In Hwa up. Yoon Joo says the only way is to beg. Se Kyung begs to differ, begging will only make In Hwa want to crush them more. She might toy with them until she gets tired but eventually the truth will come out. Yoon Joo blames Se Kyungs appearance in her life for ruining everything.

Tommy goes to talk with Se Kyung after Yoon Joo leaves. He asks if she is planning to confess before In Hwa reveals all? Se Kyung says no, she will have to admit shell only telling the truth now ahead of In Hwa, so if Seung Jo hears it from In Hwa, at least he can decide on his own whether to forgive Se Kyung or forsake her. Se Kyung asks if Tommy regrets picking her side? He admits being scared but realizes thats just the way the dice rolls. Se Kyung gets a call from Seung Jo, revealing he still is clueless, and she heads home.

The foursome of In Hwa, Se Kyung, Yoon Joo, and Tommy go back to their respective abodes and ponder the next steps. Witness Seung Jo is not involved in this adult brooding and plotting session, as hes probably off blissfully playing with his rabbits and planning his dream wedding. Se Kyungs family sees the news report on President Robert visiting Korea and think that President Cha might like Se Kyung now and change his mind about the marriage.

President Cha goes to the bakery and asks to speak with Se Kyungs dad, confessing that he now approves of Se Kyung as a daughter-in-law and asking Se Kyungs dad to consent to the marriage of their kids. Wow, winning over Seung Jos dad was easy peasy. Too bad Yoon Joo never got a chance to try since Seung Jo went all commando in cutting off ties with his dad first. President Cha promises to fix his issues with Seung Jo so that Se Kyungs dad will have nothing to object to.

Seung Jo presents a present to Se Kyung from President Robert, happily planning already to hang it in their newlywed home. My god, Seung Jo seriously runs before he walks, doesnt he? He registers Se Kyungs less than enthused expression and assumes shes worried about her dads objection to the wedding. He vows to win her dads support. They both gets calls from their respective dads to come out.

Se Kyung and Seung Jo separately go meet with their own dads, only to realize they are arriving at the same place, a noraebang. They enter to find the dads singing together, and both dads are drunk and happy. The four of them sit down to drink and sing some more.

Seung Jo drives his dad home later and his dad asks him to bring Se Kyung home for dinner tomorrow night for a simple family meal. Se Kyung tells her dad about the dinner tomorrow and her dad supportively tells her that she will need to work hard to help that lonely family feel loved.

Se Kyung gets a call from Tommy who is worried since she was MIA all day. Se Kyung confesses all is going super swellSeung Jo still doesnt know, and their two dads have suddenly become BFFs and they all spent the night carousing happily at the noraebang. Tommy chides her for not telling him earlier since he was worried all day, supposedly because his future is tied to hers. Liar, you totally like her and want her to not get hurt. Despite how well things are going, he can tell from her voice that Se Kyung isnt happy about it.

Se Kyung meets with Yoon Joo and wants to know what happened in Paris after she left Seung Jo? Yoon Joo says he used revenge as a motivation to survive the break up. But if he breaks up with Se Kyung, that motivation wont work again. She suggests Se Kyung talk with Dong Wook, who knows all about what Seung Jo went through in Paris.

Yoon Joo finds Min Hyuk at work and he warmly asks if she has a problem and can he help her? He can tell something has been bothering her lately, assuming that its her brother. He wants to help and doesnt like seeing her so worried and stressed. Yoon Joo suddenly asks if he loves her? Yoon Joo is about to come clean when In Hwa enters and asks to speak with Yoon Joo about an urgent matter.

In Hwa wont let Yoon Joo confess and use her tears and feminine wiles to win her brothers forgiveness. She is actually grateful Yoon Joo interrupted her plan to send the video to her brother. She agrees that revealing the video anonymously is cowardly and that is not Shin In Hwas style. Yoon Joo realizes that business is still In Hwas top priority and if the truth comes out, the business arrangement between the three companies will be kaput. Yoon Joo is impressed with how calculating In Hwa is.

Min Hyuk finds Yoon Joo and tells her that he does love her. He hugs her and asks her to come to him if she has anything that is bothering her. Se Kyung calls Dong Wook and schedules time to meet with him.

In Hwa goes to see President Cha to discuss business but then ends with showing him the video. Yoon Joo is now the Shin familys problem, but she wants to save President Cha from taking Se Kyung as a daughter-in-law. President Cha asks her as a business partner to keep this secret. Seung Jo will not be able to handle the truth and if he finds out, the entire business arrangement will be over.

In Hwa staggers out of that meeting in shock that President Cha is willing to accept Se Kyung as a daughter-in-law. Im in shock that President Chas reason is to keep Seung Jo from facing reality, however ill-equipped he is to handle it. Seung Jo is surrounded by enablers up the wazoo. His dad sits in his office and says poor chap about Seung Jo.

Seung Jo drives Se Kyung to dinner and tells her not to worry. Se Kyung isnt worried since she gets along with his dad now. During dinner, Seung Jo happily reveals Se Kyungs dad has selected wedding dates and his dad wonders why so soon? Seung Jo says he would get married right away if he had a choice since his heart knows what he wants. After dinner Seung Jo wants to show Se Kyung around his childhood home but his dad offers and Se Kyung agrees to go with him.

Seung Jos dad takes her to a room filled with Seung Jos old toys and revealed that Seung Jo once ran away to bring back all the toys his dad threw out. Since then he realized that Seung Jo cannot deal with being abandoned or losing something he loves. Seung Jo lacks love so he found something else to put his love into. The doctors told him to talk with Seung Jo every day but he couldnt do that.

Seung Jos dad asks if she can do that every day going forward with Seung Jo? If she can stay beside Seung Jo for the rest of his life? Se Kyung says yes. He then asks if she can keep the secret from Seung Jo for the rest of his life? He reveals In Hwa came to him with the video but he cannot use his own wishes to kick Se Kyung out because that will destroy Seung Jo. Se Kyung wants to respond but he tells her to shut up! If it was up to him hed tell her to get lost and not see Seung Jo get hoodwinked. He tells Se Kyung to keep this secret forever and use the rest of her life to make it up to Seung Jo. Seung Jos dad says he will never forgive her if she becomes weak willed and tells him the truth. Se Kyung cries and agrees to do just that.

In Hwa is trashing her desk in her fury at Se Kyung winning over her and how even President Cha is willing to let it go all for Seung Jos sake.

Se Kyung goes to see Tommy and reveals that even President Cha knows but wants to continue everything and accept her. Se Kyung says she did it, there is nothing else for her to worry about anymore. Tommy suddenly asks if she wants to go to Paris? He will pay for everything and clean up the mess left here? He points out that because of desire and failure and poverty she set off on this path. But now she doesnt seem to be living like that now. Shes supposed to be merely a tool yet she still retains her pride. Everything she says right now is the genuine truth about her intentions, so what will happen to her if it all comes crumbling down?

Se Kyung looks lost while Tommy stares at her with concern. She asks if hes scared of her failing? She brings up 2009, at that coffee shop, the incident Tommy told her about when he failed. She refuses to think about failure because when it arrives there is nothing she can do about it. Tommy smiles ruefully and asks if she had him investigated about that incident. Se Kyung says she wont consider failure and takes her leave. Tommy sits down and realizes that this is the first time hes considered what will happen if there is failure.

President Cha asks Seung Jo to stay home tonight and Se Kyung encourages him to do so. Father and son have a drink and Seung Jos dad asks if he really likes Se Kyung. Seung Jo says yes, she has a lot to give to people like them (lonely distant people) and asks his dad to please like and accept her. Seung Jo later tucks his drunk dad in bed. Dad cries that his mom left not because of not loving Seung Jo, it was because Dad was too cruel to her. He apologizes to Seung Jo and both guys cry. Its like suddenly Dad and Son are talking for the first time miraculously because of Se Kyungs arrival into their life, but its all so easy one wonders why it never happened before?

Se Kyung sits at home and gets a text from Seung Jo in his old bedroom and responds back saying he did a good job. In Hwa slowly puts her office in order and looks determined.

In Hwa asks Min Hyuk to send her to the meeting with Artemis. Yoon Joo gets called by Tommy to meet. Se Kyung meets with Dong Wook, who congratulates her on the upcoming marriage. He wants to thank her because he never imagined Seung Jo would be getting married and would be reconciling with his dad. Se Kyung asks him about what happened in Paris after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend?

Tommy tells In Hwa that even President Cha knows but intends to keep quiet about it and asks In Hwa to bury the truth. But he knows In Hwa will have a hard time stomaching the thought of Se Kyung becoming the daughter-in-law to Royal Group. Tommy gets a call that In Hwa is headed to a meeting at Artemis and Yoon Joo reveals that the meeting was supposed to be attended by Min Hyuk. Yoon Joo realizes that In Hwa may be a businesswoman, but first and foremost she is a woman. Yoon Joo says they have failed because they didnt take into account that In Hwas base jealous as a woman would trump her business acumen.

Seung Jo is reading news articles about him and Se Kyung happily. He meets with In Hwa for the meeting and apologizes for any discomfort caused by their failed marriage prospect. In Hwa brushes it off as no big deal.

Dong Wook tells Se Kyung that Seung Jo dealt with the break up by pretending it never ever happened. They went on vacation and he acted like everything was fine, but he had actually broken up with Yoon Joo a few weeks before. Dong Wook says that by pretending nothing ever happened, that was how he was able to survive.

In Hwa projects the video of Yoon Joo and Se Kyung on the screen during the meeting and Seung Jo watches intently. When the video ends, In Hwa looks expectantly towards him but he smiles and asks what that was? Its so strange that there are two people on screen who look so much like people he knows.

Okay, is anyone else sensing that this drama has devolved into Much Ado About Nothing? The entire narrative spins around Seung Jo cannot deal with being disappointed in love so he must be shielded from any hard truths no matter what. Seriously? Wow, this drama has completely lost its way now. What happened to the zippy humor? Where did all the interesting side characters go? Dong Wook is now trotted out 3 minutes an episode to play the exposition fairy? And Tommy has taken a sharp left turn and clearly has a crush on Se Kyung (totally understandable but should have been there like 6 episodes ago) and wants to protect her. Seung Jo has turned into a total pointless plot device, the reason for which people act a certain way but completely devoid of any semblance to reality. He is like the Bubble Boy and the world revolves around keeping him germ free. I have rarely seen a leading man I find less worthy to be a lead. What happened to his personality? Where did his smarts go? How could all those people know that Seung Jo is freaking DELUSIONAL in order to function think that he doesnt need dedicated therapy? How could Dong Wook be happy that Seung Jo is getting married when nothing about his personality and emotional hang ups are ever addressed or fixed. Its like sticking a bandaid on a hacked off limb. Except the limb was hacked off simply by Seung Jo tripping. Nothing about his severity of emotional trauma makes sense, so the reaction of everyone around him dealing with it makes less sense. PTSD for a bad break up? PTSD is horrible shit that happens about getting deployed to Afghanistan, after seeing your entire family murdered before your eyes, after losing a limb in an industrial accident. Its not what happens after your girlfriend dumps you.

I wish this drama could have understood its central purpose before delving into creating the world of characters. Seung Jo was written as such a far-out character that now the story revolves around his idiosyncrasies without any basis in reality. I can hardly be made to care for whether Seung Jo and Se Kyung get together and overcome all odds because nothing they say or do make any sense to me anymore. I dont think Se Kyung needs to tell Seung Jo because she needs to come clean with him or that she owes him. Thats romanticized hog wash. A person does not need to bare their soul to their significant other and there are lots of things that couples keep from each other but that doesnt mean they dont love each other genuinely. This idea of candor to the max is something young folks idealize but in reality marriage and a lifetime requires so much more than that. On top of love, it requires compromise, it requires consideration, it requires loyalty. I know Se Kyung has all of that towards Seung Jo, so I want her to come clean because that is better for Seung Jo than to have him continue to live in his ridiculous dream bubble. As his future spouse she needs to work to heal him from inside as opposed to continuing the charade that he has constructed himself.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 9 Recap And Screenshot

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 9 Recap And Screenshot

Whatta fantastic episode of Cheongdamdong Alice! Episode 9 revived my flagging interest for this drama not a minute too soon, and really helped smooth over the decidedly lackluster episode 8. The narrative was back to speeding ahead at full steam with a combination of humor and heart. I totally understand Se Kyungs considerations, issues, and hesitation now, and boy is she in a conundrum. She likes Seung Jo for real, and she got to know him without pretext. But she was intending to use the President of Artemis, and she did learn Seung Jo was the President before he confessed to her. So shes stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tell him the truth about her decision to marry into Cheongdamdong and she risks hurting him unnecessarily since her feelings for him are real. Not tell him and she risks him finding out the truth and never believing that her feelings for him are real. Ottoke? In the mix comes turd bucket Tommy Hong, intent on painting Se Kyung into the blackest of gold diggers when we know she is not. His philosophy on life isnt wrong, and he has every right to get rid of impediments to his own career advancement, but boy do I loath his slimy presence in this drama.

Seung Jo continues to be that weird combination of kooky and serious, but thankfully the kooky was kept to a minimum in this episode. I do laugh whenever Seung Jo does something funny, but I confess to finding his schtick wearing a bit thin. It works when hes alone with Se Kyung, not as much when hes in a more public place and still appears to march to the beat of his own drummer. Im loving Team Seung Jo, which is seriously the largest back up team I have ever seen trying to get an OTP together. Consisting of Dong Wook, Secretary Moon, Driver Kim, Ah Jung, and Se Jin (not to mention the Han parents), how could Tommy and his side ever hope to compete with decent people wanting the best for Se Kyung and Seung Jo. This alleviates my worry on future unnecessary conflicts, because I hope these cool friends and family could step in and always talk some sense into either Seung Jo and Se Kyung. This episode was important for us to see Se Kyung struggling and finally deciding to fight for her right to love Seung Jo back. I was thrilled to see the return of spunky Se Kyung (who has been way too mopey lately for my tastes), and Tommy better watch out because this girl isnt going down without a fight.

Seung Jo finds Se Kyung in the rooftop parking lot and confesses his real identity to her, not knowing that she already knows. Se Kyungs eyes widen and she acts confused. Tommy watches from his car (when did he drive it over there?) and rolls his eyes at Se Kyungs duplicity. Yeah, you and me both, Tommy.

He asks if shes shocked and apologizes for lying to her. Se Kyung thinks to herself the same thing towards him. He calls himself a bad guy and she thinks to herself that she is a bad woman. He wishes that he told her earlier, and she thinks the same herself. He couldnt because he didnt trust people, and she asks herself if he can believe her now. Seung Jo confesses that he likes Se Kyung and she thinks the same thing herself, that she really likes him.

Seung Jo was so happy to receive the letter from her that said she liked Secretary Kim, but Se Kyung thinks to herself that she is very sorry to him. Se Kyung finally speaks up and says that her distance is very far from President Cha and then walks away. Seung Jo grabs her hand but she shakes him off and leaves. At the end of the parking lot she stops and looks back once.

Se Kyung passes by a church and walks inside to pray when she hears the bells tolling. She sits down in a pew in the empty church and remembers her kiss with Seung Jo and all their interactions, as well as Ah Jung telling her to keep being a Candy. Se Kyung prays for God to forgive her this once. This is the first time shes done something wrong, but she promises never to let that person be hurt. The things she did wrong to him, she will work doubly hard to make it up. So please will God let her continue to like him. Se Kyung cries as she prays.

Secretary Moon tells Seung Jo about the upcoming launch party with GN Fashion held at the Royal department store. Seung Jo goes back to work and finds Dong Wook waiting for him, wondering how the confession went. Seung Jo says Se Kyung feels conflicted because of her class difference with President Cha. Se Kyung seemed really sad, which Seung Jo is happy about because it means he knows what he needs to do. The same thing happened when Yoon Joo dumped him and he realized that he needed to succeed so he could get revenge on her. Back then his emotions felt like a nightmare but now its not. He takes a drink of water and says he feels like drinking soju.

Seung Jo buys snacks and soju at the corner market and heads over to Se Kyungs house. Seung Jo walks into the Han house and politely greets Se Kyungs parents and younger sister, who are shocked to see him there. He puts the snacks down and gets on his knees to bow respectfully, which leaves Se Kyungs family awkwardly accepting his bow. Seung Jo calls them Mother and Father and then states that he likes Se Kyung. He reveals that hes not Secretary Kim, in fact his last name isnt even Kim but is instead Cha, and hes actually the President of Artemis Jean Thierry Cha. The Han family is shocked into silence.

Se Kyung remembers Seung Jo saying he likes her, and she thinks to herself that she likes him, too, and she promises to do right to him going forward. Se Kyung arrives back home when she is confronted outside by Tommy Hong who hands over her phone.

Se Kyung sits down with Tommy who immediately cuts to the chase. Her phone had a lot of missed calls from Secretary Kim, who is really President Cha. He asks if Se Kyung doesnt feel the deja vu, having Tommy see right through her again. Since she knows his real identity, but wrote him a letter that she likes Secretary Kim and acted like she was running away, she is clearly pretending she doesnt know. Should he forward the text to Seung Jo, the one telling Se Kyung his real identity? Or Se Kyung can come clean with him herself, that she knew his real identity and is acting like an innocent Candy. Tommy can see in Se Kyungs eyes her rage and impotence. But not all is lost, there is a way for her to keep going before her ruse is burst. He knows Se Kyung is playing Seung Jo and he wants her out of the game. Tommy hands over a document.

Seung Jo reveals that he studied in the US, then went to Paris to study art which is when he broke ties with his dad who didnt approve. Her family asks why Se Kyung rejected him and Seung Jo says she thinks they are too far apart. He admits that he is not some perfect guy and really likes her. Seung Jo asks her family to help him. Dad doesnt know what to say, so instead he tells Seung Jo to drink. Dad then proceeds to down drink after drink with Seung Jo as the rest of the family watches.

Tommy offers her compensation for leaving the country (LOL, Tommy is like the disapproving evil mother-in-law here), with an acceptance letter to a design school in Paris. Tommy needs to arrange Seung Jos marriage and Se Kyung is in the way. Its Tommys duty to get rid of impediments to the marriage. Once Se Kyung returns, he will be her backing. If Se Kyung leaves now, Seung Jo will become a good memory. And when she returns from Paris, shell meet other good men. Tommy says that when he was in design school, he was always in first place. But that had no impact on his success, but it took him 5 years to accept that reality. Yet Se Kyung accepted her limitations overnight, which makes Se Kyung very formidable. He knows she will succeed.

Se Kyung goes home, but not before crouching down just outside the door as she contemplates her situation. When she walks in, she finds her drunken Dad and equally drunk Seung Jo belting out a supremely off-key rendition of My Way on karaoke, with the rest of the family plus Ah Jung drunkenly cheering them on.

Seung Jo spots Se Kyung and asks if he really is too far from her? He then asks her parents and they both drunkenly say hes not. Seung Jo tells Se Kyung that he loves to sing and is not far from her.

Se Kyung goes to her room as the carousing continues downstairs. The next morning everyone wakes up and Dad tells Se Jin not to pressure Se Kyung before she makes up her mind, which Se Kyung overhears. Dad knows Se Kyung puts a lot of thought into things.

At work the next day, In Hwa finally confronts Se Kyung about why she was invited to the Artemis party and how she knows President Jean Thierry Cha. Se Kyung explains that her ex-boyfriend did something wrong to the company and she wrote a letter to the President to explain and that is the extent of their connection with each other. In Hwa hears about the handwritten note and files that away as something she can use to win Seung Jos interest. In Hwa says President Cha is very traditional and that is sexy. She asks if Se Kyungs handwriting is pretty and can she show her? She then flounces off back to her office to look for writing paper and Se Kyung watches her.

Yoon Joo goes to meet her husband at work who tells her to attend tonights event. Once In Hwa is married, these events need more of her presence. Yoon Joo tries to say shes not feeling well but Min Hyuk says he really needs her tonight at the event held at Royal Department Store. She confirms that President Cha is coming as well and agrees to go.

Seung Jo arrives at the Club A launch event. He walks in and sees In Hwa handwriting notes to all their VVIPs, which impresses him with her sincerity. They pose for pictures together and In Hwa grabs his arm and steps closer. President Cha arrives and sees Seung Jo and In Hwa posing for pictures and he smiles.

Min Hyuk arrives with Yoon Joo and introduces her as his wife. Both President Cha and Yoon Joo act like they are meeting for the first time. Yoon Joo sees Seung Jo standing next to In Hwa and she saunters over to greet him (as if they last met at the dinner party). Seung Jo looks disconcerted and returns her greeting.

When In Hwa walks away to talk with other guests, Seung Jo whispers to Yoon Joo about why shes doing this. Yoon Joo whispers back and reminds him that his father is intending him to marry In Hwa. Seung Jo spits out a reminder that hes not interested and it wont happen. Yoon Joo looks relieved, while In Hwa looks over and looks alarmed at why Yoon Joo is continuing to talk to Seung Jo.

President Cha stares unhappily at Yoon Joo talking to Seung Jo. Yoon Joo thinks back to talking with President Cha, reminding him that Seung Jo will not be happy to be part of this business marriage. No wonder President Chas relationship is bad with Seung Jo, why Seung Jo ran from the US to Paris. Yoon Joo brings up Seung Jos mom, and how Seung Jo refuses to do what his dad wants. If the truth came out, it isnt just Yoon Joo who will fall, President Chas relationship will forever be over with Seung Jo. President Cha says everything will be fine as long as Yoon Joo leaves the Shin family.

After the launch party ends, Se Kyung arrives to pack up the clothes for GN Fashion as everyone else leaves. Seung Jo whispers at her from behind a banner, asking if shes not leaving? Se Kyung dismisses Seung Jo, saying she has work to do. She checks her phone and sees text from Seung Jo, who actually is lurking over her shoulder. When she turns around, they accidentally kiss.

Seung Jo stammers out that they are not far apart, they are really close. He then happily walks away and vows that he wont give up. He does the most ridiculous moon walk-butt wiggle-head tilt-finger guns dance to demonstrate his glee to Se Kyung, who I cannot believe is watching this calmly as opposed to breaking out in laughter. Seung Jo does his dance all the way to the elevator, which opens to reveal it packed with Artemis employees. Seung Jo composes himself and gets into the elevator.

As Se Kyung walks out carrying boxes, she runs into Yoon Joo in the lobby and the two ladies go out for drinks. Yoon Joo cries and asks what they did wrong? Yes, they lied, and used people, and caused people to cry blood tears. But they also cried blood tears, how could they not? So why is it only they feel such guilt?

Se Kyung steps outside and calls Tommy Hong and asks if he cant let her go this once. Didnt he say that she reminded him of how he used to be? So shouldnt he know exactly how she feels right now? Once, just once.. Tommy knows how she feels and also once asked another to let him go. But that doesnt work, and this time he gave her an easy way out. Tommy tells her to be smart and take it.

Se Kyung goes back inside and starts drinking heavily. Yoon Joo asks if something is going wrong for Se Kyung? She doesnt answer and keeps drinking so Yoon Joo follows suit. Se Kyung gets wasted and passes out. Yoon Joo is the less drunk one and tries to wake Se Kyung up but cant. Seung Jo texts Se Kyung and Yoon Joo reads the text from Secretary Kim asking what Se Kyung is up to. She texts back Se Kyungs location and being drunk and needing him to take her home. Seung Jo rushes out and texts that hell be there in a few minutes.

Yoon Joo goes to the bathroom to wash up and when she walks out, she sees in horror Seung Jo rushing in and piggybacking Se Kyung out. She connects the dots and realizes that Seung Jo is the secretary person Se Kyung has been referring to, and remembers Se Kyung saying that he likes her.

Seung Jo happily piggybacks Se Kyung home while Yoon Joo watches with tears in her eyes as he fairly hops with joy down the street. He says Se Kyung cant escape him and shes not heavy at all. Seung Jo brings Se Kyung home to her worried parents, explaining he didnt get her drunk since she refuses to see him recently and he is merely bringing her home. Seung Jo puts Se Kyung to bed and then sits down and talks with her. He says again that shes not heavy at all, whereas the last time he piggybacked Ah Jung he almost collapsed from exhaustion.

Seung Jo says that if Se Kyung is awake now, can she still pretend shes asleep and listen to him? He holds her hand to his heart to show her how fast its beating every time he sees her. She is straight forward, opinionated, and courageous. But he is foolish and fearful, yet this time he said out loud that he likes her. After he leaves we see Se Kyung open her eyes and cry. Seung Jo runs into Se Jin on his way out and asks for her help.

The next morning, Se Jin and Ah Jung partner together to invite Se Kyung to an art gallery event that night, supposedly for one of their classmates. Se Kyung sees right through them and says shell go.

President Cha arrives at the bakery where Se Kyungs dad is working to pose for promotional pictures. He sees Se Kyungs dad with Se Kyung outside. Dad compliments Seung Jo as a good guy, even if hes from a different world. Being loved is a good thing and Se Kyung shouldnt over think it. Dad is very happy for her so why is she so depressed. Se Kyung brings up her team leader who is very beautiful and elegant and is trying to get married. Se Kyung sees her effort and thinks its good. If Se Kyung did it, its not cute. She thinks to herself that a rich person loving another rich person is considered cute, but a poor person loving a rich person is to be derided. She helps fix her dads outfit and gives him a hug before leaving. President Cha sadly stares at that tableau.

The two Dads pose for pictures and Seung Jo asks Se Kyungs dad if that is his daughter? What were they talking about since they appeared to get along, dont kids not get along with their parents these days. Dad says they discussed a guy who likes his daughter and recently came to the house. He suggests Dad have more meals with his offspring.

Seung Jo gets ready for his big wooing session of Se Kyung. Secretary Moon and Dong Wook arrive with the props and accessories and everyone checks if everything is ready. Dong Wook asks if Seung Jo shouldnt first check to make sure Se Kyung is coming.

Se Kyung goes to meet Tommy who hands her documents to sign. If she wants to enter this world, she needs to get use to signing contracts. The contract reads that Han Se Kyung will forever renounce all connection with Cha Seung Jo. She hesitates and tells Tommy that she really likes Seung Jo, even if Tommy doesnt believe her or think shes foolish. Tommy cuts her off and says shes so disgusting. He knows how she calculated and approached Seung Jo. If Se Kyung wants to call her feelings love, then go ahead, but dont say it in front of him.

Tommy asks why she is doing this? They are old hands at this, no? Se Kyung says In Hwa is also trying hard to win Seung Jos heart. So why is what Se Kyung did disgusting, but what In Hwa did acceptable. In Hwa also wants a contract marriage, so why is Se Kyung the only bad guy? Why is she the only one being raked over the coals? Tommy asks why he needs to be doing this? Its understood so Se Kyung should stop asking questions if she already knows the answer.

Seung Jo arrives at the art gallery where he has prepared a romantic dinner, completed with rose petals forming a heart around the table. Secretary Moon and Dong Wook help him finalize the preparations when Ah Jung and Se Jin come running in to say that they cant reach Se Kyung. Suddenly Seung Jo gets a call from her stating that she wont be going to meet him. She cannot be together with him and she is sorry.

Seung Jos back up team look on in worry and asks what happened? Seung Jo tells them that Se Kyung rejected him, saying they cannot be together. Driver Kim runs in happily with the flowers and Secretary Moon tries to shoo him away. Dong Wook tells Seung Jo not to give up, especially with all the preparation that went into today. Seung Jo realizes that everything he did for Se Kyung, nothing went according to plan. Dong Wook tells him to find Se Kyung and show her what he wanted to do today, and if she still says no, then he can give up. Everyone encourages him to find Se Kyung first. Ah Jung says they can use Se Kyungs cell phone to track her GPS location.

Team Seung Jo rushes out of the art gallery and all 6 of them squeeze into the car. Driver Kim speeds off and tells everyone to hold on tight. They track Se Kyungs location to the banks of the Han River. Seung Jo runs around and finally locates Se Kyung. He rushes down and grabs her for a hug. He asks her not to leave him.

Seung Jo initially had all these romantic movie lines to tell her today. Se Kyung tries to leave his embrace but he pulls her in tighter. He had no idea that love could be so deep and heartbreaking. If there was an expiration date, he wishes his love could go on for a thousand years. Is she willing to love him until he leaves this world, or he will love her until his life ends, that is what cheesy lines he had in store for her today. But this is not him.

He is a coward, afraid of the person who loves him leaving him. He is so afraid. When he was small, his mother let go of his hand and left. His lover packed her bags and left. He still has nightmares about this today. At night sometimes he sleeps with the light on because he is scared. He is not a cool President, not a prince who can save Se Kyung, he is just a weak man who deeply loves Se Kyung.

Can she accept a man like him? It is up to her, but please will she not leave him? Will she save him? Se Kyung says nothing and listens to his entire confession. Team Seung Jo stands above the steps and watches this entire exchange, looking anxious and happy. Se Kyung asks if he can wait an hour for her? Seung Jo nods and she runs off.

Se Kyung rushes into Tommys office and asks if he thinks people can call anything they want love? If so, then yes, her love for Seung Jo is ugly. But it is still love. From now on, she will love Seung Jo with her ugly heart. She will never give up this ugly love. She slaps his contract on the table and stares him down. Tommy stares back at her.

Seung Jo waits by the freezing Han River for Se Kyung to return.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 16 Recap And Screenshot

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Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 16 Recap And Screenshot

Most weekend dramas are of the longish variety so when I first heard Cheongdamdong Alice would be the typical weekday drama length of 16-episodes, I worried there wasnt enough time for the entire story to be told properly. Turns out I was right but for the wrong reasons, there was enough time, the writers just wasted most of it on pointless conflicts and redundant discussions. Over and over this drama went like a hamster running a wheel when it could have been a rabbit bolting for the finish line. It wrapped up today with all the hallmarks of K-drama flourishesmost everything is brushed aside while the groundwork is finally laid for the OTP to head towards their happy ending. It was tedious watching this episode pile on the Alice in Wonderland references and allusions, complete with Seung Jos dream state and everyone talking about Alice in Wonderlands ending. As the drama wound down, I was really watching only for Yoon Joo, a character I disliked at first sight played by an actress I havent loved in a drama in years. Tommy also captured my interest in the last few episodes, and watching these two interesting characters get wasted highlighted the fundamental flaw of this drama.

There is so much that is interesting and can be discussed and explored by the characters and their inherent situations, but the drama didnt do anything with them leaving the viewer feeling unsatisfied at the end. But if all that narrative potential was sacrificed for the OTP, did they at least get an happy ending? My personal feeling is that I frankly stopped caring about them episodes ago. Of course I still want them to get their happy ending, but seeing it wasnt going to miraculously wash away my misgivings or make it all better like sticking a bandaid on a boo boo. I felt like poor Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo was required to keep acting out the same scenes and conflicts repeatedly and its by the grace of their ability they could sell it by the very end. This drama buttressed two years, with the first half airing in 2012 while the second half aired in 2013. It similarly felt bipolar watching it, as if the creative and interesting writer who wrote the first half was kidnapped as a replacement snuck in for the second half. CAyou coulda woulda shoulda been so much better, and I maybe oughtta stick firmly to my rule not to recap weekend dramas rather than getting lured in with honeyed hopes.

Se Kyung tells Tommy that she can see the ending now, and the ending of Alice in Wonderland is that Alice wakes up from the dream. Tommy asks his assistant who is bringing the coffee if she knows how Alice in Wonderland really ended but she doesnt either.

Yoon Joo tells Seung Jo its obvious who bought the paintinghis father Cha Il Nam. She would suspect that if she was Seung Jo since hes the son of a rich man. Seung Jo points out his dad made him sign away his inheritance but then remembers Se Kyungs earlier talk about how she has no good luck so she cant even believe in hope. Yoon Joo says she could be wrong, but then again, she doesnt have the luxury of believing such good things can happen to her. If it was her, the first reaction would be fear over why this is happening.

Yoon Joo leaves, without asking Seung Jo for help, and looks up around the rich homes in that area.

Seung Jo sits there thinking back to his interactions with his dad. He thinks he proved to his dad he could succeed on his own, his dad asked back whether his revenge was successful then? Seung Jo heads out to the art gallery for confirmation. Seung Jo finds out at the gallery that his painting was sold a few days ago, back to the same person who donated it, who turns out to be the father of the painter.

Seung Jo goes to his dads office and pokes around since his dad just left, finally locating the painting there. He remembers back to Yoon Joo pointing out his dad wouldnt let him suffer just like that, and Se Kyung saying that Seung Jo got a lucky break.

Seung Jos dad arrives and Seung Jo confirms his dad bought his painting a few days ago, and was also the same person who bought it a few years ago in Paris.

Se Kyung is at home cleaning out her work box and thinks back to Seung Jo asking whether she ought to be forgiven simply because her poverty drove her to take such means.

Seung Jo asks why his dad did it and dad points out Seung Jo wouldnt have accepted money from him. This rocks Seung Jos world and hes furious because he believed he succeed on his own. Dad says Seung Jo did succeed on his own merits, and just because he came from a wealthy family that could use money to help him doesnt negate his own hard work. He finally sees Seung Jo not as his successor but as his son who also loves art and is capable, this is what Se Kyung said to him. Dad says he couldnt watch Seung Jo live as a beggar which is why he bought the painting, that is all. There was no ulterior motive. Seung Jo staggers off.

Se Kyung sits in her room looking at the various rabbit sketches she drew before making the stuffed animals. Yoon Joo is in her car being driven somewhere and she texts Se Kyung asking what would have happened if they didnt run into each other recently? Se Kyung would have lived her life the same way, but Yoon Joo thinks this ending for her would have happened no matter what. She started off angry at the world like Se Kyung, but somewhere along the way she became someone who lived in fear and anxiety. Shes ready to leave Cheongdamdong and start over.

Yoon Joo goes to Min Hyuks office and presents HIM with the divorce. She might be worth a lot to him if she can make the business deal happen, but hes not worth the same to her anymore. She no longer wants to be the wife of GN Fashion. Booyah!

Yoon Joo walks out and says goodbye to the assistant warmly. When she walks to the elevator, In Hwa is there to smirk some more. In Hwa brings up Seung Jo helping Yoon Joo, but Yoon Joo derides this life that is motivated by business deals. Yoon Joo asks if its chafes In Hwa to know Yoon Joo holds the change of a huge business deal in her hands? In Hwa admits it does. Yoon Joo wipes her smirk off by telling her that she just divorced Min Hyuk so In Hwa should go in and comfort her brother. Hahaha, this would be more satisfying if In Hwa and Min Hyuk had even a shred of decency.

Dong Wook goes to Seung Jos place and finds him sleeping and refusing to get up. He calls Seung Jos dad and promises to take care of him. Seung Jos dad calls Se Kyung for help and she heads over.

Seung Jo dreams about his mom leaving him when he was a kid, and she promised that she wouldnt forget him.

He wakes up when Se Kyung arrives, though he bitterly asks if shes here to rub it in for being right, or because others are again worried hes going to die? Se Kyung backhugs him and says shes here because she misses him. Forget all the issueswho bought the painting, Secretary Kim, President of Artemisshe misses him so much she feels like she cant live.

If this isnt love then she doesnt know what is. She loves him. Seung Jo turns around and hugs Se Kyung back as they both cry.

This turns out to be Seung Jos dream (or is it?) and he wakes up on the sofa. He calls out for Se Kyung and it turns out she is here and she walks in. He asks what she is doing here and Se Kyung says she is here to say goodbye properly. There is no way for her to prove her love, so she wants to him to see all of her and he can decide. Seung Jo points out that she lied to him and wanted him for his money, chances are he cant accept her like that. She is fine with it and then he asks her to prove her love by earning the same amount of money he has and that will show him she doesnt want him for his money. LOL, Seung Jo, you are seriously a kid.

Se Kyung says that is tantamount to them breaking up now because it cant ever happen. She wishes him well and to live a good life before leaving. Seung Jo sits in his living room processing everything.

Se Kyung goes shopping for a presentable outfit and then meets up with Ah Jung, who still hopes there could be a happy ending. Se Kyung says she couldnt have pretended to be a Candy forever, and really loving someone is loving everything about them. Ah Jung then drops the news that shes dating Secretary Moon and Se Kyung wishes her friend happiness.

Seung Jo goes back to work and takes a business meeting with his dad about the outlet deal. Seung Jos dad wonders how his son can refuse to see him privately but be fine meeting for business, though he is pleased to see Seung Jo not wallowing in misery anymore. He heard Seung Jo was eating and sleeping well and hes relieved. Seung Jo heads to another meeting.

Se Kyung is dressed smartly and headed to an interview. Seung Jo sits in an interview room and looks at a resume with a girl named Se Kyung. Turns out Se Kyungs interviewing with another design house while Seung Jo is interviewing a Shin Se Kyung.

In Seung Jos interview, he finds out this girl had to take time off school to work jobs and pay the rest of her tuition. When he asks why shes wearing such an expensive outfit, she explains its necessary when interviewing to look the part, which makes Seung Jo flashback to one of his earliest conversations with Se Kyung. He wonders how he would have rated Se Kyung if she interviewed with him in the past?

In Se Kyungs interview, she admits to leaving GN Fashion and not studying abroad, but shows them the design portfolio she did as the personal stylist for the President of Artemis. The interviewers recognize her now as the fiancee of Jean Thierry Cha. They all erase the original low scores they gave her and bump it up. Se Kyung knows that and admits that even after breaking up with Seung Jo, shes still using him in a way to succeed.

After Se Kyung leaves the interview, she runs into Tommy. The guy has been busy dealing with his work woes hence hard to reach, but hes here to show Se Kyung the book he tracked down with the original ending to Alice in Wonderland.

In that ending, Alice was woken up by her older sister. After Alice told her story to her older sister, she realized that if dreamt again she can keep half her eyes open and straddle both reality and wonderland. Se Kyung thinks the older sister is quite wise indeed.

Seung Jo is driving through Seoul when he sees Yoon Joo and pulls over. They greet each other warmly.

She catches him up on her divorce and moving to a small place. He brings up her mentioning a chance to save her marriage but Yoon Joo brushes that aside. Yoon Joo asks if hes broken up with Se Kyung and Seung Jo says she left because she couldnt prove her love. Yoon Joo says Seung Jo must have asked her since he doesnt trust people.

Seung Jo says no, he lives in reality now. He knows his dad bought his painting, he knows that Se Kyung liked him and liked his money both. So what is there to prove? Yoon Joo scoffs at that, pointing out that no matter what Se Kyung said to try and prove her love, deep down Seung Jo would still be suspicious. Yoon Joo says the Se Kyung she knows never runs away, so Seung Jo must have pushed her away.

Seung Jo brings up the dream and then realizes it wasnt a dream. Se Kyung cries that she did like Secretary Kim first, then when she found out he was President of Artemis she liked him more and felt very lucky and happy. That is all. She does feel guilty, but it doesnt negate her love. She hands him her yellow pad with her list and tells him to read her real thoughts. He did push Se Kyung away by telling her to prove her love and by saying that he couldnt read her yellow notebook which contained her real thoughts.

Seung Jo runs to Se Kyungs place but shes not there. He goes into her room and finds the yellow notebook with her list. After reading it, he stands on the roof thinking for some time before taking off running.

Se Kyung has been hired as the new full time designer a the company she interview for. She knows she used her connection with Seung Jo to her advantage. Shes still angry at this unfair world but now she wont show it anymore by lashing out. Shell continue her hardworking Candy existence again. For years she lived in a Candy dream with In Chan. And when that ended she lived in another dream with Seung Jo. But now that dream has ended and shes finally woken up.

Seung Jo runs into the lobby of the building and Se Kyung wonders if shes dreaming again. Seung Jo acts like hes here for work and walks past her before turning around and asking if shes not going to grab onto him. Didnt she say she would hold onto to him and never let go? Didnt she say she would never run away? Se Kyung says she never ran away but she doesnt have time to play games with Seung Jo since shes new on the job here.

Just like Se Kyung cant differentiate between loving Seung Jo and using him, he can no longer differentiate between the real Se Kyung and Candy Se Kyung. But that doesnt matter anymore, because he likes the her that is standing right here in front of him.

Seung Jo pulls Se Kyung in for a hug. Se Kyung asks if he trust her and he vows to try. She wonders if she doesnt need to act anymore in front of him. They both know they dont full understand each other, but they want to try. Se Kyung brings up the millions he asked her to earn as proof and Seung Jo smiles and says he will help her earn it.

Se Kyung laughs and asks if hes proposing to her now. Seung Jo finally gets to use the quote he had prepared in episode 3 when he was showering his largesse on her and In Chanhe needs Se Kyung because he loves her, he loves Se Kyung because he needs her. Its impossible to differentiate the two anymore. They kiss and the camera swirls around them.

Tommy is getting out of his car when he runs into Yoon Joo carrying bags of stuff. They smile at each other and stop to catch up. Hhhmm, can these two get together? They are interesting people with depth and experience and have thoughtful discussions and enjoy each others company.

He asks why Yoon Joo didnt take the chance Min Hyuk offered and she admitted that she was angry at them so making them lose the big deal was her way of getting back at them. She now knows how angry Se Kyung felt at the world. Tommy asks if she regrets it and Yoon Joo laughs and says of course she does! But Tommy points out that she looks pretty at ease right now. Both of them lament how things are not going wellTommys lost some income now that hes not matchmaking while Yoon Joos business isnt exactly taking off.

They discuss Se Kyung and how shes used her own way and gotten back together with Seung Jo. They are dating, but who knows what the future with bring. Neither Tommy nor Yoon Joo are the maudlin types who believe in happy endings, though Yoon Joo is happy that Se Kyung did well. Before she leaves with her brother, she hands Tommy her card and teases that he should keep her in mind if he needs to matchmake.

Seung Jos dad is meeting with Se Kyungs parents and turns out the couple has gotten married in the end and now Seung Jos dad wants her parents to move into a house nearby to bakery store #5 and to run the store. Se Kyungs and refuses because he doesnt want to be seen as selling his daughter to a rich family and mooching off her. Seung Jos dad wants Se Kyungs mom to step in and help convince her husband, since it would look bad to the reporters that they still live in the same small home. Se Kyungs mom says its all up to her husband and refuses to get involved. Seung Jos dad throws in the towel and says Se Kyungs dad is as stubborn as she is.

Seung Jo and Se Kyung hang out in the backyard of their mansion. Seung Jo picks Se Kyung up and carries her off. Se Kyung narrates about how the real ending of Alice in Wonderland is Alices older sister half-asleep and half-awake, dreaming of wonderland but still in reality. Similarly if we half close our eyes, we can imagine ourselves in Wonderland even if we can still see reality.

Happy endings are not all the same. The satisfaction comes from the journey, and here I felt like everything was half-assed. The writers couldnt figure out whether they were telling a story rooted in reality, or a parable of a fairy tale but set in modern Seoul. The characters were written to dance like puppets on a marionette, without any consistency of thought process or character flow. They werent complex and written well because they were written to do whatever the writer needed to keep the story moving in a certain direction. Business-minded In Hwa suddenly turned into a wronged woman sneaking around to steal a video and undermining her familys future to win over two no-nothing women? Please dont insult my intelligence. Tommy suddenly going from street-smart experienced bootlicker to warm daddy long legs #2 for Se Kyung. Cmon! I really dislike it when the writer manipulates the characters to serve a purpose, rather than let their actions flow from the personality traits originally written for them. That is why so many K-dramas feel so disjointed these days. Initially the drama posited so many interesting characters, which is why it feels so disappointing to see nothing meaningful came from them. As much as I enjoy the many shades of Yoon Joo, and it was awesome to see her hand Min Hyuk his own petard, Im not certain it was in her nature to let it all go in the end especially because she knew how horrible the rich are and what she was getting into from the very beginning.

Im happy Se Kyung and Seung Jo are together, though really its not a relationship I feel has any merit as a well-written one or even one that reflects a semblance of reality. Seung Jo is one of the worst male leads Ive come across in ages. Yes, he is a good person inside, and smart and hard working, but thats about it. He is SO DAMN INSECURE. I can imagine being married to him being a lifetime of making sure he feels loved and appreciated and cared for. Hes the kind of guy who texts and worries when you dont return his text right away. Good lord is that exhausting. I dont feel bad for Se Kyung because she chose him, but if I were here, I would have taken a good hard look at Tommy. I dont know if the ending was half real, half wonderland, what with all the talk about Alice in Wonderland and eyes half open and half closed, because frankly this drama lost me on trying to discern a deeper message and I was just watching the ending for closure. Cute doctor Dong Wook was just a cipher and plot device to be Seung Jos BFF, Se Kyungs family flitted in when required, Yoon Joos brother made obligatory appearances every few episodes, and the Shin family served as the requisite evil villains of this tale. In the end, Se Kyung and Seung Jo decided to give their love a chance and all the obstacles between them fell away easily because it really never was such a big deal to begin with. Now I can put this one to rest as a romantic fantasy that tried so hard to be romantic and thoughtful but ended up being rather shallow and pointless

"Alice in Cheongdamdong" Overseas Buyers Drop Negotiation Due to Park Shi Hoo Case

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Alice in Cheongdamdong Overseas Buyers Drop Negotiation Due to Park Shi Hoo Case Park Shi Hoos alleged rape is affecting the overseas sales of SBS Alice in Cheongdamdong. Alice in Cheongdamdong is SBSs original series and SBS originally planned to negotiate the sales of the dramas publication rights with various international buyers at the end of February through SBS Contents Hub. However the news about Park Shi Hoos alleged rape broke out on February 18, the biggest Hallyu markets in Japan and other Asian countries dropped the negotiation all together. 

A representative from SBS confirmed Regarding the dramas international publication rights, Japan and most Chinese-speaking countries have pulled out of the negotiation process. And all the future meetings with other overseas buyers have been stalled as well. The result of this case affects Cheongdamdong Alices sales. Right now, its only an allegation, but if Park Shi Hoo really gets convicted, these buyers wont be able to air the show in their countries. In the worse cast, we might not be able to sell this internationally at all. 

According to this representative, SBS Contents Hub originally planned to sell Alice in Cheongdamdong for $200,000 per episode. This tentative price was set considering that Park Shi Hoo is widely popular in Japan. However, Park Shi Hoos alleged rape hindered sales of Alice in Cheongdamdong all together and SBS Contents Hub is looking at maximum of 4 billion Korean won. 

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo was charged for raping an aspiring actress A on February 18. Park Shi Hoo released an official statement shortly after the initial charge claiming, I did not force her to do anything. We were drawn together as a man and a woman and spent the night together with mutual consent. 

Currently, Park Shi Hoo requested the case to be transferred to Seoul Metropolitan Police Agencys Seobu branch to Gangnam branch and have been refusing to come to the police station for the investigation. Seoul Seobu Police Station have denied the request and announced that Park Shi Hoo will be arrested if he does not respond to the summoning request on March 1. 

"Alice in Cheongdamdong" to pose together in an adorable selca

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On January 28th, actor Goo Won updated his Twitter account with a selca of the “Alice in Cheongdamdong” cast posing cheerfully together, along with the following message, “Right now we’re having a “Alice in Cheongdamdong” cast party. Great job everyone!”

The selca features the appearance of Goo Won alongside his fellow cast members (excluding Moon Geun Young) Park Shi Hoo, Park Kwang Hyun, Kim Ji Suk, Choi Sung Joon and So Yi Hyun.

Netizens left comments such as, “The cast of ‘Alice in Cheongdamdong’ seem like they’re having a lot of fun together”, “Since they’re at a cast party, they seem to be totally themselves and having fun”, “Kim Ji Suk and So Yi Hyun seem like they’re the life of the party” and “Where is Moon Geun Young in this picture? I thoroughly enjoyed watching ‘Alice in Cheongdamdong.’” 

SBS’s “Alice in Cheongdamdong” recently concluded on January 27th.

AoA’s Hyejeong expresses her thoughts on her acting debut in drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’

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AoA’s Hyejeong expresses her thoughts on her acting debut in drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’

After completing her filming for the SBS drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice‘, AoA‘s Hyejeong conducted an interview with reporters and expressed her thoughts on her acting debut.

In the drama, Hyejeong played the role of Sae Jin, the younger sister of Han Sae Kyung’s (played by Moon Geun Young).

Hyejong revealed, “There were a lot of [interesting] aspects, and I liked that I could learn a lot from the experience. It was interesting because I experienced things for the first time like matching one’s eye level. Because there were a lot of scenes in which I appeared with my character’s family, I had more scenes in which I was listening rather than saying my own lines, so I learned a lot of methods about how to react. Geun Young unni taught me in a friendly manner how to position my eyes and the angle of my face. Although I can’t act, I worried that I would hear even worse criticisms. Although there was pressure, I received strength from the support of people around me.”

Regarding her most favorite role in ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’, Hyejeong picked Shin In Hwa (played by Kim Yuri) and shared, “At first I thought she’s only a cold, workaholic woman, but as I kept watching, she is a woman who knows how to love. Kim Yuri sunbae’s acting ability was also very good. It was a shame that I didn’t have any opportunities to act with her.”

Hyejeong previously participated in a supermodel contest during her high school days. The idol talked about her mother who secretly applied for the contest on her daughter’s behalf, saying, “My mom originally dreamed of becoming a celebrity and always told me that she’d wish that I fulfill her dream on her behalf. I found out that my mom sent in the application three days before the contest.”

Hyejeong also displayed her passion for both music and acting, saying, “There is an electric feeling when I perform on stage. My heart beats fast. I like that I can relate to people through acting. A few days ago, maybe because I missed the drama after it ended, I was thinking that I want to continue to act.”

Regarding her appearance on tvN‘s reality show ‘The RomanticIdol‘, Hyejong shared, “At first I went with the feeling of ‘I should have a good time and come back’, but after filming day after day, I started to feel burdened. After having a good time with each other as if [going on a college trip], when the staff asked who will I choose during the interview I went blank. Although it was a broadcast, I was too comfortable and [energetic], and I think that I should have been a little bit more careful.”

The idol finally expressed her desire to film an action movie, saying, “I’m not athletic, but I think it will be a rewarding [experience]. Although it may be difficult to film even one scene, I will probably feel like I accomplished something.”

Source + Image(s): Yonhap News via Nate

Park Shi Hoo, Moon Geun Young, So Yi Hyun and Kim Ji Suk share their thoughts on the end of "Alice in Cheongdamdong"

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Park Shi Hoo, Moon Geun Young, So Yi Hyun and Kim Ji Suk share their thoughts on the end of

The January 28th broadcast of SBS‘s “Good Morning” conducted an interview with the cast members of “Alice in Cheongdamdong”.

During the interview, which took place on the filming set of their final scenes, the actors honestly shared their thoughts on the end of the drama.

Actress Moon Geun Young expressed, “It feels surreal that tomorrow I won’t be coming to the set. I still feel as though I’ll be coming back to film again for the drama.

Her co-star Park Shi Hoo shared, “We would pull all-nighters all the time for the filming of this drama. Back then, I would always wish for the drama to end already. But after getting past sleeping only an hour or two, I miss it already. It would be nice if the viewers could remember ‘Alice in Cheongdamdong’ and ‘Jean Thierry Cha’, and continued to show love and support for Park Shi Hoo. I feel like we’ve accomplished everything we’ve set out to do.

After completing their filming, Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young personally went to thank all the staff members on set and also said good-bye to each other.

In his interview, actor Kim Ji Suk commented on the ending of the drama, saying, “Because Tommy Hong and Se Kyung never had a chance to develop what they had any further. It would have been interesting to see Tommy Hong and Se Kyung develop their love line. I hope to meet the viewers again once more in another great project, so please continue to support me.”

Meanwhile, actress So Yi Hyun expressed, “I liked how the series ended. I hope the viewers also felt satisfied with the way everything turned out for the characters. I hope everyone has enjoyed watching ‘Alice in Cheongdamdong’ until this point and I thank the viewers for supporting Yoon Ju in the drama series.

Park Shi Hoo's Fans Treat "Cheongdamdong Alice" Staff to Great Feast

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Park Shi Hoos Fans Treat Cheongdamdong Alice Staff to Great Feast On January 22, members of Park Shi Hoos fan club treated the cast and staff members of Cheongdamdong Alice to a grand Korean beef feast of nearly 100 servings. All actors and staff members took this as a chance to take an enjoyable break together from their busy filming schedule. Following Park Shi Hoos gift of winter parkas to all staff members of the drama last month, Park Shi Hoos fans continued to surprise cast and staff members with heartwarming gifts. 

Park Shi Hoo commented, Despite the cold weather, my fans continued to come visit me on filming sets. Ive always felt so sorry and thankful for them. I dont know how to thank them enough for making this opportunity for us to come together and enjoy one anothers company during our busy filming schedule. In return for all your support, we will do our best until the very end.

Meanwhile, Cheongdamdong Alice will go off air after its last episode on January 27. Park Shi Hoo plans on watching the last episode with his fans. 

Photo of Moon Geun Young falling asleep on the filming set of “Alice in Cheongdamdong” revealed!

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Photo of Moon Geun Young falling asleep on the filming set of “Alice in Cheongdamdong” revealed!

The production crew of the drama “Alice in Cheongdamdong” recently revealed a photo of female lead Moon Geun Young fast asleep during the filming, drawing a lot of attention.

The photo showing the actress’s hard work and exhaustion was uploaded on the official homepage of the drama. In the photo, Moon Geung Young could be seen lying in bed with her tired eyes and then looked fully asleep afterwards.

In a recent interview, Moon Geun Young confessed that she could not return home for a while due to her endless filming schedule. Despite the exhaustion, Moon Geun Young always tries her best to portray the bright and positive Han She Kyung in the drama.