Alex Speaks Up About Leaving BP RaNia

Alex Speaks Up About Leaving BP RaNia

Alex Reed, a former member of BP Rania, has recently left the group after two years of promotions. She was officially removed by DR. Music on August 19th. Fans, however, are angered and feel she was merely a prop for popularity.

DR. Music had left this message to fans on their official website and Facebook page saying,“Dear Fans, BP Rania is finally back. First of all, we would like to say thank you for supporting us no matter what. We are deeply appreciated. Recently, there have been issues related to racism, boycotting, petition, etc on our official SNS. We have noticed that many fans have been worried because of these issues. For this digital single, we DR Music, BP Rania, staff, have been working so hard to show you what we have been preparing. About the title song, all our staff, the artists have reached to an agreement that Alexandra is no longer a member of BP Rania. We have gone through quite many conversations meetings and agreed to promote with 5 members. This decision is not due to rumors such as racism etc. Being on stages with what kind of songs, what choreography couldn’t be decided only by the company indeed.

Thank you for your support.

While Alex’s response isn’t official, she had vented on her Twitter and posted the following message on August 21st.

“People think they can push you around, take advantage of you, manipulate you, violate you then throw you in the trash and walk. Dead wrong.”

Fans can feel the anger coming from Alex and completely sided with her, with many fans replying that they will no longer be fans of BP Rania. What do you think of this controversy’s sad ending? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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