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Wheesung Explains His Strict Approach To Producing Ailee's 'Singing Got Better' And 'Heaven'

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Wheesung Explains His Strict Approach To Producing Ailee's 'Singing Got Better' And 'Heaven'

(Photo : cover for the Wheesung album "Dokkun Project Pt. 1") For fans familiar with Wheesung"s playful image as a performer, it may come as a shock that the 32-year-old South Korean singer is a strict disciplinarian as a producer.

In an appearance reportedly airing Tuesday on the Korean Broadcasting System television game show "1 vs. 100," host Han Seok Joon asked Wheesung about his reputation as a "scary producer."

The successful artist explained that his workhorse attitude in the studio comes from the high expectations he has for the acts he produces.

"It"s because I know they can do better," Wheesung said.

He recalled that his tireless perseverance from behind the mixing console when he worked with American-born K-pop singer Ailee paid off big time, when he was producing two chart-topping hits, "Heaven" and the ironically titled, "Singing Got Better."

"You have to sing so that the listener can feel the story within the song, but in Ailee"s case, her accent was awkward because she spent many years overseas [in the US]," he said.

"So I ended up making her record the songs for four days in the studio."

Wheesung recalled the 24-year-old pop star being a bit taken aback by his high standards at first.

"Ailee has probably never heard that she is bad at singing in her life," he said. "There are no flaws in her singing ability."

The artist and producer also revealed that his love life has been on hold since he began his mandatory two years of military service in the South Korean army, back in 2011.

"I had my last relationship before I enlisted in the army. If I get a girlfriend I"d like to hold hands with her and walk down the streets," Wheesung said.

In the almost three years since he was actively dating, the singer claims what he wants has changed.

"I used to mostly care about physical appearance," he said. "But now my ideal type is someone who can hold me tight when I"m struggling."

Ailee reveals live performance of Japanese version of “Heaven”

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Talented solo artist Ailee recently made her debut in Japan, and Warner Music Japan unveiled her live performance of the Japanese version of Heaven.

The video was taken during Ailees debut showcase in Tokyos Shibuya O-East Japans Shibuya. During the show, the singer performed a number of hits for some 1,300 fans, and impressed the public with her powerful vocals.

Meanwhile, Ailee will officially release her Japanese debut single Heaven on November 6th. Check out the video below.

Ailee Makes Successful Japan Debut with 'Heaven'

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Ailee Makes Successful Japan Debut with 'Heaven' Ailee Makes Successful Japan Debut with Heaven Singer Ailee has recently completed her Japan debut showcase and will now be starting her promotions.

She will be making her debut in Japan with a Japanese version of her song, "Heaven" on November 6.

At her debut showcase in Shibuya, she performed many of her hit songs including "Heaven", "UI" and more.

Over a 1,000 fans came to support Aillee at her showcase. Her agency also revealed that they did not except this many people to show up and were surprised at the turn out.

Ailee is already booked with shows and interviews to begin her promotions in Japan. She will also be going around to many cities to perform from November 4-10.

Her debut album will also include a new song called, "Starlight."

Ailee Releases Music Video for "Heaven" (Japanese Ver.)

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Ailee Releases Music Video for Heaven (Japanese Ver.)After wrapping up promotions for UI in Korea back in August, powerful vocalist Ailee looked to Japan to advance her music career! The talented artist is currently signed under YMC Entertainment and joined hands with Warner Music Japan to release her Japanese debut single, Heaven. The single will be available for purchase starting November 6.

According to YMC Entertainment, Ailee has been preparing for her Japanese debut since her trainee days. 

Fans on YouTube have appreciatively noted, I love that her company takes her [music] seriously! Instead of just translating the song, they re-arranged it for this new market! and The music does fit [with] most Japanese pop tunes and I love it!

Check out the full music video here and subscribe to Warner Music Japans YouTube channel for more updates on Ailees debut activities in Japan!

Ailee to promote 'Heaven' in 6 places in Japan!

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Ailee to promote 'Heaven' in 6 places in Japan!

Ailee is set to promote her debut single, Japanese version of 'Heaven', in six places in Japan (Fukuoka, Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo Dome City Lacour Garden).

Fukuoka on November 4, Sapporo on the 5th, Tokyo on the 6th, Osaka on the 7th, Nagoya on the 8th and the last would be on November 10th.

Her first Japanese single 'Heaven" is going to be released on November 6. It will be available in CD and CD+DVD version.

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Ailee reveals jacket photos for "Heaven" Japanese version

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Ailee reveals jacket photos for

After releasing a teaser video of her Japanese single "Heaven", a jacket photo of her CD has also been released.

In the jacket photos, Ailee is wearing a lovely ruffled dress.

Her first Japanese single 'Heaven" is going to be released on November 6. It will be available in CD and CD+DVD version.

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Ailee Reveals Teaser for Japanese Debut Single "Heaven"

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Ailee Reveals Teaser for Japanese Debut Single HeavenHaving finished up her Korean promotions of UI last month, Ailee is now set to make her Japanese debut with Heaven.

In the teaser, we see her on a chair, looking bored, while humming the song. The powerful sounding chorus is heard at the end.

As you probably already know, the original version of Heaven was also her Korean debut track and was released in February 2012.

Her agency YMC Entertainment revealed that Ailee has been practicing her Japanese since she was a trainee. For her Japanese promotions, she will be under music label Warner Music Japan.

While the single is set for release on November 6, we can expect the music video to be released soon.

Ailee releases video teaser for Japanese debut single ‘Heaven’

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Talented solo artist Ailee is gearing up to make her debut in Japan this fall.

On September 5th, Warner Music Japan released a teaser video for Ailees Japanese debut single Heaven on its official Youtube channel. The single album will be the translated version of her Korea debut single of the same title released in February of last year.

According to her agency, Ailee been preparing for her debut in Japan and she has even been learning Japanese. After introducing her single to the Japanese market, she plans a full-scale activities throughout Asia.

Check out the teaser below:

Ailee set to make her debut in Japan with "Heaven"

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Ailee set to make her debut in Japan with HeavenAilee is set to make her debut in Japan as confirmed by her agency today. On August 28th, YMC Entertainment confirmed that Ailee will be releasing her debut single "Heaven" this fall through Warner Music Japan.

Ailee will be releasing a translated version of her debut single "Heaven," originally released in South Korea last 2012. She is said to have finished recording for the said track in Japanese and is currently visiting Japan for the album.

Despite the announcement, YMC Entertainment confirmed that they have yet to confirm certain details on the single, along with her upcoming activities. The agency also hinted on Ailee's possible actives in the United States as she continues to work with various producers, but to no confirmation at the moment.

Are you looking forward to Ailee's debut in Japan?

Ailee performs 'Heaven' at Geeks Concert!

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Ailee performs her debut single from 2012 at Geeks Concert on August 17. Singing 'Heaven' after some time, Ailee impresses audience as she sings along with Geeks.