Interview "Oh Hae-Young Again" Eric Moon meets his lifestyles drama

Group Shinhwa's Eric Moon met his existence drama. He isgrow to be the 'romantic comedy king or roco king' and he's met such so much ofworthwhilefolksvia it.

tvN drama "Oh Hae-Young Again" is readya girl named Oh Hae-yeong (Seo Hyeon-jin) whose life is twisted upas a result ofsome other Oh Hae-yeong (Jeon Hye-bin) who is more a success than her. Between them there's aguy named Park Do-kyeong (Eric Moon) who is a song director and Oh Hae-yeong's lover.

Eric made up our minds to do the drama due to Park Do-kyeong. "I concept Park Do-kyeong had eachpart of a guyI mightimagine cool. He acts cool, he does notyou must besaid by others and doesn't take credits to himself".

The 2d thing that took Eric Moon's middleused to be the script. He thought the role of the male personality wasn't too giant when he saw the script. However, he saw the prospective in the script. Also, the folk about him advisedrunning amongst director Song Hyeon-wook. "I heard numerousexcellent things about him and i would be toldmuch from him".

A 3rddetail in Eric Moon's resolution to be in the drama becomeas it was a romantic comedy. "I am also a a section of Shinhwa so I will notburn up all my time in acting alone. I want to do a little of either and a romantic comedy may releasethe maximum efficient effect". There's no need for largemovements and he's discovered what he likes.

Eric's role of Park Do-kyeong looks bored stiffat theout of doorsyet is in fact very affectionate on the interior and he is taking care of Oh Hae-yeong. He worries about her living by myself then he leaves his shoes at her house. When he provides her a birthday present, he's shy so he tells her it was anything he had mendacity around. Eric says, "I get a feeling after Iglance at a script after being in romrnatic comedies so repeatedly now. I attempted to bring out the simplest in what the author had in mind".

Park Do-kyeong has a unique gift. He can see the long run very suddenly. Eric found it tough to act this section out because if he did not do it right, the drama could turn very childish.

Eric overcame this worry with the religion of the body of workers and crew. "I put all my religion in them. They helped me make a neater scene with the cameras or music or technology".

He discussed the director of photography Han Dong-hyeon and said, "He's the suitableby way of filming. I read an interview of his and he said he researched me and Hyeon-jin for two weeks, gazing our paintings and operating out the camera angle. Perhapsthat is why I looked so sensible in the drama and so did Hyeon-jin".

Eric Moon picked out the 'wall kiss' and 'helping hug' as his favourite scenes. He said, "The wall kiss was where Do-kyeong and Hae-yeong burst out their feelings all at once. There has beenquite lots ofpowersince the intensity was prime but after that the total lot was easy".

Filming the scene where Hae-yeong runs and leaps into his arms, Eric wasn't so sure. Seo Hyeon-jin had to wear a twine without train for the primary fourth dimension in her life so time were givenbehind schedule and the scene had no music so it looked awkward and comical. Eric felt greater when the music was put in. "I think the music made the scene appearance very fantastical. The music stored it".

"Oh Hae-Young Again" is a meaningful drama to Eric Moon. It brought him the nickname 'romantic comedy king' and quenched his thirst for a winning drama he hasn't had the flavor of recently. "Oh Hae-Young Again" persevered with nice grades ever since the 1st episode and the overall episode hit a listing breaking 9.991% in cable drama history.

"My performance? I'mproud of it. I have greed for acting now. I did not know what I sought after to do after a drama in the past, but now I am stimulated. The onesindividuals around me have stimulated me; they would laugh and shaggy dog storythroughout a wreck but turn their faces around throughout the set".

Eric Moon says the drama feels more special because he's worked with so many precious people. "We all agreed we will be unable to get out of "Oh Hae-Young Again" easily. We wonder whetherwe will e'er meet anything else that's this satisfying. I could bein a position tocertainly say "Oh Hae-Young Again" is my life's work".

In the close to future, Eric Moon is going back to making a song for a while. Then he mayget back with acting. "The most vital thing is that the drama has to be fun" he says.

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Seo Hyun Jin Says Filming Kiss Scenes With Eric Felt Very Meticulous For “Oh Hae Young Again”

Seo Hyun Jin Says Filming Kiss Scenes With Eric Felt Very Meticulous For “Oh Hae Young Again”

Seo Hyun Jin Says Filming Kiss Scenes With Eric Felt Very Meticulous For Oh Hae Young Back JiwonYu June 30, 2016 0 Seo Hyun Jin Says Filming Kiss Scenes With Eric Felt Very Meticulous For Oh Hae Young Again All the manner through a wrap-up interview of Oh Hae Young Again on June 29, actress Search engine optimization Hyun Jin mentioned the quite so much of kiss scenes she had with co-star Eric.

She says Eric was oncerather the perfectionist when filming, explaining, It felt like we were rehearsing action scenes in its place of romantic scenes. If our chemistry doesnt fit perfectly it's going to get awkward between us, so we rehearsed it very sincerely.

Seo Hyun Jin also compliments Eric, saying, He has very just right ideas. He becomethe one thatconsidered the romantic scene in the ultimate episode. He stated that we will have tocheck outother movements so as to spotlightthe reality that Jin Sang (Kim Ji Suk) is hiding.

She also addresses the dramatically intimate scenes, jokingly saying, The wall kiss scene was so intimate that we have become unstoppable after that.

Lastly, she says that Eric was demanding to method at first, explaining, When I debuted as a singer, Eric was the kind oftop senior to me that I couldnt even glance at his eyes. Yet the Eric that I met via Oh Hae Young Again was a candyand type person. I believe Ive transformsmartbuddies with Eric thank you to this drama.

If you havent already, catch up to the last episode of Oh Hae Young Again on Viki:

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Koreans Falling In Love With Mysterious Young Lady In Underwear Commercial

Koreans Falling In Love With Mysterious Young Lady In Underwear Commercial

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSince seeing her in a undies commercial, Korean fanaticshad beenlooking their toughest to figure out who this mysterious underwear type is. 

And after slightly of research, fans found out that the ladywas once none instead of model Lee Haneul, who prior to now trended for her younger face and attractive photo shoots. Since her upward thrust in fameprevious this year, shes develop intofairly of a family name, and has changed intoone of the crucialmaximum sought-after underwear units in the industry. As one of the pinnacle fitting models in Korea now, shes been known to concentrate on modeling for underwear, lingerie, bikini, and nightwear apparel.

Check out some pictures from some of Lee Haneuls newest photo shoots below:

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Park Jin Young To Take Fee  of manufacturing Fei’s Solo Album

Park Jin Young To Take Fee of manufacturing Fei’s Solo Album

Park Jin Young To Take Rateof manufacturing Feis Solo AlbumJiwonYu June 30, 2016 0 Park Jin Young To Take Charge of Producing Feis Solo Album Whilst it was once announced that leave out As Fei can becreating a solo debut, it's beencurrentlypublished that the one that volition be producing her solo album isn't anyinstead of Park Jin Young.

The idea of her solo album will be sumptuous and sexy, which changed into represented sooner thanby way of other JYP artists akin to Park Jiyoon and Sunmi.

Feis solo debut has been planned by Park Jin Young and JYP Entertainment in most sensible secret. JYP Entertainment properties many artists, yet Park Jin Young in reality taking lead in producing for an artist is an extraordinary occasion.

Just from the pre-production level of Feis solo album, fanatics can see that her solo promotions will take slightly a otherdirectionin comparison to that of different solo feminine artists in the agency.

Are you having a lookahead to Feis solo debut?

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Jeon Hye Bin Talks About “Oh Hae Young Again” Co-Star Eric And His Type Personality

Jeon Hye Bin Talks About “Oh Hae Young Again” Co-Star Eric And His Type Personality

Jeon Hye Bin Talks About Oh Hae Young Back Co-Star Eric And His Sort PersonalityJiwonYu June 29, 2016 0 Jeon Hye Bin Talks About Oh Hae Young Again Co-Star Eric And His Kind Personality Actress Jeon Hye Bin has spoken about her Oh Hae Young Again co-star Eric in a contemporary wrap up interview on June 29.

During the interview, she says, Eric used to be a sunbae to me back in his Shinhwa days. Back in the ones days, he felt like the sort of senior to me that I couldnt even glance at his eyes.

She continues, Yet Eric as an actor feels slightly different. Hes an excessivelybeing concerned person. He's taking care of his juniors and the group of workers very well.

Jeon Hye Bin adds, I got hereto understand why Eric is so popular thru this drama. Hes a fab sunbae whose movementsdiscuss more than his words.

Meanwhile, Oh Hae Young Again has aired its remaining episode on June 28. Once you havent already, catch up to the last episode on Viki:

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'Oh Hae-young Again' SEO Hyeon-jin raises her thumb up

'Oh Hae-young Again' SEO Hyeon-jin raises her thumb up

Seo Hyeon-jin has shared a a section of her contemporaryday through day activities for the drama fanatics of tvN's "Oh Hae-Young Again", which wrapped up on June 28th.

On June 29, Seo Hyeon-jin posted a photo of herself on her non-public Instagram. In the printed photo, she is smiling with her thumb up. She still looks radiant without makeup.

Seo Hyeon-jin's candid and authentic acting performances for her role in "Oh Hae-Young Again" gained the well-merited review that she brought her persona to lifestyles above and beyond perfectly.

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Drama Review 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Episode 18 Final

Drama Review 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Episode 18 Final

I were given the distinct impact for lots of thefinal episode of"Oh Hae-Young Again"that writerPark Hae-young(yes, this is her genuine name) never actually had a plan for completing any of the drama's storylines. She just had thoseactuallyfantastic characters, and the appealing hook of the mysterious visions, and figured the remainder would come naturally. Well, two additional episodes and a longer finale were not enough. The finishing of"Oh Hae-Young Again"is sloppy, bobbing up with new conflicts whilstbest clumsily resolving the old ones.

For these type ofevidentserious failures, though, I still can not actually get mad at"Oh Hae-Young Again"because if any drama has ever emphasized your entire "journey in position of the destination" philosophy,"Oh Hae-Young Again"is it. Because Hae-young and Do-kyeong have never really had their eyes at thefinish point. The majorstruggleused to benow not the content of the visions, yet rather Do-kyeong coming to realizethat there is little point in being concerned also much about the future.

All the storylines have incorporated this theme somehow- some greater than others. Jin-sang still does no longerseem to have any concept how to deliberately come directly to Soo-kyeong barring a crisis situation, and their courting has lovely much changed intoan enduring compromise that they are going totry and figure anything out that doesn't involve Soo-kyeong moving out of the country or Jin-sang drinking himself to death out of private shame. It is funny staring at them try, but mostly, it be only relieving knowing that they are willing to stay trying.

Advertisement The opposite relationships are a tad more perplexing. Ji-an never really did anything else of relevance excluding exist a awful mother, and Anna never moved beyond being Hoon's frightfully exuberant more youthful girlfriend. Hae-young's parents...well, they were quitestraight forwardfolksto start with, actually. Of route Deok-yi is cussed and prideful, because her daughter is a similar way. It is a generational cycle, after all.

And that is where"Oh Hae-Young Again"leaves off emotionally. Existence will pass on, answers will fall into place, you'llat all timesanticipate the toughen of enjoyed ones...all the onesgreatintellectual reassurances that truly make"Oh Hae-Young Again"a large drama even after a verytricky day. Although the narrative does not tie up very well, that flaw too works well in context of the drama's larger messaging. It is allappropriate to reduce to rubble and glancesillyso long asevery person is having a great time and mutual compassion isn't an issue. I amAdequate with that.

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Seo Hyun Jin Says She Used to be Also A gigantic Fan Of “Oh Hae Young Again”

Seo Hyun Jin Says She Used to be Also A gigantic Fan Of “Oh Hae Young Again”

Seo Hyun Jin Says She Was once likewiseA big Fan Of Oh Hae Young Back jun2yng June 29, 2016 0 Seo Hyun Jin Says She Was Also A Monumental Fan Of Oh Hae Young Again tvN’s highly popular drama “Oh Hae Young Again,” starring Eric Mun and Search engine marketing Hyun Jin, has in spite of everything wrapped, and Seo Hyun Jin left audience amongst some ultimatemind and thanks. On June 29, the actress acknowledgedby method of her firm Jump Entertainment, “While I used to be an actor in ‘Oh Hae Young Again,’ I did my best possible as an avid fan of the drama. Thanks to all of the love from viewers, we were readyto end smoothly. Thank you so much.”

Seo Hyun Jin gainednumerous love for her personality in this drama, for portraying an excessively much recurringperson that is from time to time funny, cute, lovable, pitiful. Seo Hyun Jins Oh Hae Young was a brutally truthful character who wore her middle on her sleeve, and she — and this drama, especially the genuine kiss scenes — was a breath of unpolluted air for many.

tvN could be following this drama with Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun’s drama “Let’s Combat Ghost,” to air on July 11.

If you havent watched it already, watch Oh Hae Young Again below!

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CL To Bring The Birthday celebration In One 'Young Night' In Mexico City

CL To Bring The Birthday celebration In One 'Young Night' In Mexico City

Young Night with CL(Photo : YG Entertainment)Summer's here and the nights are never-ending with parties throughout.

Next month, Korean music's Baddest Feminineis decided to take over Mexico Town for one night.

On July 15, CL will carry out at the Blackberry Auditorium (Auditorio Blackberry) along New York-based DJ Mazurbate as they get the urban turnt with their music.

Advertisement But even so the show, CL is expoundedto hang a meet and greet the day of the display but, in keeping with Ticketmaster Mexico, the passes have sold out.

Tickets are recently on sale on Ticketmaster. Whilst meet and greet tickets are out, you'll still snatchoverall admission or resale tickets at the website!

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Video Added Korean drama 'Oh Hae-Young Again' ultimate episode 18

Video Added Korean drama 'Oh Hae-Young Again' ultimate episode 18

Added ultimate episode 18 for the Korean drama "Oh Hae-Young Again"

"Oh Hae-Young Again" (2016) Directed through Song Hyeon-wook Written by Park Hae-yeong Network : tvN With Eric Moon, Seo Hyeon-jin, Jeon Hye-bin, Ye Ji-won, Kim Ji-seok-I, Heo Jeong-min,... 18 episodes - Mon, Tue 23:00 Synopsis A romantic drama about two girls with the similar names who get entangled with one man. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/05/02

Note : because of licensing, videos would perhaps not existto be hadto your country

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