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After School’s Raina to Comeback with Self-Composed Single

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After School’s Raina to Comeback with Self-Composed Single Raina, a member of After School and Orange Caramel, may be creating a comeback, this time with a self-composed song!

According to her control corporate on November 23, Raina will be liberating a single called “I Don’t Know” at midday on November 24. this may be her first comeback since her single “You End, And Me.”

The leadership guests said, “Raina has been receiving a huge number of love for her original vocal colour and her methodology as the maximum productive spouse for musician with songs like ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Allday Allnight.’” They added, “Raina participated in either writing the song and the lyrics for ‘I Don’t Know.’ This will mark the start of her profession as a singer-songwriter.”

Meanwhile, Raina participated in the nameless making a song show, “King of Mask Singer” on November 22 and inspired many with her fantastic voice.

After School′s Uee presentations Off birthday party Looks in newest Spread

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After School′s Uee presentations Off birthday party Looks in newest Spread

--> After School′s Uee has graced the canopy of men′s way of life mag Leon.

Uee remodeled into Leon′s heroine for the spread, which was once shot in a studio in Seoul.

Uee modeled year-end party looks along Leon quilt style Girolamo Panzetta, bringing a spread of personas, from adorable to sexy, to life.

She also modeled pieces from luxury Swiss watchmaker Omega in quite so much of natural, yet complicated looks.

Uee′s spread can also be discovered in the December factor of Leon, hitting newsstands on November 20.

Meanwhile, Uee is appearing a new facet to her charms on SBS′ Fists of Shaolin Temple.

After School’s Raina to Comeback as a Solo Artist

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After School’s Raina to Comeback as a Solo Artist After School’s Raina could be making her solo comeback!

According to several insiders, Raina will start her 2nd circular of solo activities on November 18. Her last comeback was in October 2014 with the song “You End, And Me.”

Raina wrote the melody and lyrics to her new song herself. The song is described as having a medium beat. Her comeback is noteworthy because it's miles her first step down the singer-songwriter path. Rhymer produced the track.

Meanwhile, Raina already crowned charts ultimate year with her duet with San-E, “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness.” Fanatics are already smartly acutely mindful of her candy and soothing voice, and are keen to peer if she can be freeing any other viral hit for the impending winter.

Oh My Girl's Binnie is self-assured that she did smartly on her school front exams

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Oh My Girl's Binnie is self-assured that she did smartly on her school front exams

Oh My Girl"s Binnie expressed the freeing feeling of being in the end done with the stressful university entrance assessments in a Sports DongA interview! The idol stated confidently, "I wasn"t that anxious and did beautiful well," with a grin on her face.

She explained, "I concept I wouldn"t be in a position to read the questions as a result of anxiety, yet the proctor encouraged us to be at ease so i suspect I did well. Also, i used to be sitting in the very front, and the proctor and instructor kept giving me make stronger with their eyes. Their gazes were so warm that I wasn"t nervous and took the exam at my own pace. It used to be similar to taking a normal examine at school," keeping a favorable mindset. 

Binnie became rather the style student at school earlier than she debuted, as she always maintained 5th~10th position in a magnificence of 38 students. She said, "My marks fell to reasonable whilst I was schooling to turn out to be an idol. I feel this exam"s effects could be like my conventional test scores. There were tricky portions but I was nervous just the right kind quantity and concentrated merely enough to do well."

Good paintings on effectively completing your exams, Binnie!

G-Friend contributors entire their national school front exams!

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G-Friend contributors entire their national school front exams!

The college entrance assessments came about for university enrollment in 2016 and integrated now not simplest normal scholars yet also idols who have been busy with promotions!

G-Friend"s Sowon, Yuju, and Eunha were published to have taken the exams and then they met with Ilgan Sports for an interview. Leader Sowon stated, "It used to be my first college entrance exam in my life, so i used to be incredibly fearful and excited, but i think larger now that I"ve completed like this. Also, to the entire students in this country who have diligently been diligent up to now, you"ve worked very hard; I'm hoping that every one of you get excellent results," and laughed cheerily.

Yuju said, "I"ve taken the exams with a nervous heart, but now that"s finished, it"s attention-grabbing to me that I"ve finished the college entrance exams I"ve only heard about, and I think that even I have now grown up a bit. You"ve worked so, so hard, your entire students who persisted this today."

Eunha finally said, "You"ve worked in reality hard, all the scholars who ready and studied for decades for today. It failed to feel like my turn would come when my older sister and brother were taking their exams, but now the exam is over, which intrigues me and makes me happy. I hope that everybody gets a fair grade!"

It turned into revealed that third-year top faculty students Yuju and Eunha were born in 1997 and took it with their peers, while leader Sowon, born in 1995, had driven hers back so as to arrange for her debut. Hope you all did well, ladies!

Brown Eyed Ladies discuss scaring other idols on 'Old School'

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Brown Eyed Ladies discuss scaring other idols on 'Old School'

The Brown Eyed Girls mentioned scaring other idols at the November 12th broadcast of "Old School".

The 4 members, who have somewhat a difficult image, published that their hoobaes weren"t so desperate to greet them at the back of the scenes at tune shows. Narsha said, "Our hoobaes seem like they"re going to cry. They stand in a line and greet us very loudly. What they say is lovely long those days."

She continued, "We get our authentic bored look, and they get even more scared." Ga In added, "We leave the space because we don"t wish to make our hoobaes uncomfortable."

Could you notice this happening?

Haru adorably cheers on the ones taking the school front assessments today

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Haru adorably cheers on the ones taking the school front assessments today

November 12 this year is an overly stressful day across all the country of Korea. It"s the day of the faculty entrance exam, and masses of idols were cheering on prime faculty scholars hoping to move into university next year. Among those celebrities is Tablo and Kang Hye Jung"s adorable daughter Haru!

On her own Instagram account (yes, she has her own Instagram account!), Haru cheered at the students with an aegyo-filled video with winks and V-signs.

The account is in fact treated by way of her mom, actress Kang Hye Jung. The caption says, "Fighting for this one day! #Cheer up!"

Good success to all who took the university entrance exam today!

Watch: Stars Cheer On scholars Taking the school front Exam

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Watch: Stars Cheer On Students Taking the school Entrance Exam With the 2016 national faculty entrance exam being hung on November 12, several stars have taken to social media to cheer on students. Some celebrities can be taking the exam themselves. notorious for being incredibly stressful because of wonderful force to accomplish well, the complete country is acutely mindful of the exam day.

From videos to handwritten messages, celebrities have now not forgotten to turn their support. Let’s have a look at their neatly wishes!

The team persisted their culture of posting a video appearing their toughen for students taking the stressful exam. it's far unclear whether or not Jungkook might be taking it though.

The actress writes a message relaying her hopes that scholars will do well and cheers them on.

Suzy’s fellow JYP actor reminds students not to get apprehensive with a lovely dog.

The good-looking actor comprises a play on words as he encourages students to figure out tough questions well (the Korean observe for solving a question is an identical word for unraveling things reminiscent of bathroom paper).

The participants (sans Chorong) tells students to have strength and not to stress too much about the results.

The actress desires for students to get admitted into their desired colleges.

The singer-actor holds up an effortless signal saying, “College entrance exam daebak!”

Writing a number of encouragements, the starlet displays her assist for students.

A video posted through MAMAMOO (@mamamoo_official) on Nov 10, 2015 at 1:18am PST

The lady community greets everybody and sends their well wishes to students.

The well-coiffed singer-actor posted a photo and message on his Instagram account hoping for students to be triumphant in the effects they have got worked hard for therefore far.

Taecyeon displays his support with his message that says, “College entrance exam daebak!! Paths will open.”

The actor writes, “College entrance exam fighting! Dreams come true ^^*.”

Which message was once your favorite?

Soompi also wishes students excellent luck!

Kim Sae Ron Permitted Into omit A’s Suzy and Sulli’s Former top School

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Kim Sae Ron Accepted Into miss A’s Suzy and Sulli’s Former High School Actress Kim Sae Ron could be attending School of acting Arts Seoul High School in 2016.

According to an affiliate, Kim Sae Ron has passed the entire necessities for this actual school and has been accepted as of now.

The actress carried out for the dep. of Theater and has passed either the functional exam and interviews.

This high school has opened doors to many celebrities ago adding miss A‘s Suzy, A Pink‘s Namjoo and Son Naeun, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, Sulli, KARA‘s Youngji, and actor Kwak Dong Yun.

Congratulations to Kim Sae Ron!

Lee Min Ho Gifted A Generous Donation To A Chinese School

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Lee Min Ho Gifted A Generous Donation To A Chinese School

(Photo : LG ) Lee Min Ho provided a generous donation to a local school, during his recent visit to Guangzhou for the LG Styler banquet.

Lee visited mainland China as part of his endorsement responsibilities for the electronic and houseware company. During his trip, he demonstrated his compassion for school-aged children through his participation in the special event organized by LG.

According to a November 4 report from the Hong Kong-based outlet, Apple Next Media, the "Bounty Hunters" star donated his personal items to a charitable auction. His donations fetched top dollar from attendees, raising approximately $15,463 USD ($120,000 HKD).

The charity auction benefitted the LG Hope Primary School, an academy located in Qinhuangdao that educates troubled children.

Lee continues to raise his profile as a top Korean actor, who seamlessly segued from hit television dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" and "The Heirs" to blockbuster silver screen projects like the upcoming Korean-Chinese co-production, "Bounty Hunters."

"Bounty Hunters" marks a significant point within his career, as he transitions domestic work with projects beyond endorsement activities in China.

In addition to his acting projects, he continues to rack up key endorsements, including his recent work with the international chocolatier, Ferrero Rocher.

His impact as a leading face of the Hallyu Wave was demonstrated by his appointment to the successful Korean Tourism Organization campaign, encouraging foreign visitors to travel to the nation.

Korea"s Olympic Committee is also banking on his star power, as he continues to carry out his duties as the honorary ambassador for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

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