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After School returns with "Rip Off" and"Flashback" on M! Countdown

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After School returns with Rip Off andFlashback on M CountdownWith the release of their maxi single "Flashback" earlier this week, Pledis Entertainment's girl group After School has returned to the live stage, performing "Rip Off" and "Flashback" on tonight's episode of M! Countdown. In addition to their maxi single, which is comprised of five tracks including a solo track by Nana and a duet track with Jungah and Raina, the group also released an MV for "Flashback" to complement the maxi single.

With their synchronized choreography and upbeat vocals, eight member girl group After School rocked the M! Countdown stage. Beginning their first music show promotions since promoting "Shampoo" in spring of 2011, the girls performed "Rip Off" with an elaborate choreography utilizing canes, in addition their latest title track "Flashback". The girls also showcased their sexy new dance for "Flashback", choreographed by Kyle Hanagami. Kicking off the start of their comeback promotions on M! Countdown, After School, with new member Gaeun, brought loud cheers and from the live studio audience with their performances.

Check out After School's comeback performances of "Rip Off" and "Flashback" on M! Countdown below:

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After School releases making-of for “Flashback” MV

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After School releases making-of for “Flashback” MV

Making-of footage for After Schools Flashback music video has been released!

“Flashback” marks After School’s first promotions without member and former leader Kahi, as well as the entrance of new member Ga Eun.

Watch the original music video here, the making-of below, and be on the lookout for allkpops coverage of After Schools debut Flashback performance on todays M! Countdown.

After School's "Flashback" is Number One on Music Charts

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After Schools Flashback is Number One on Music ChartsGirl group After School is sweeping the music charts with their fifth maxi single album, Flashback. The song, Flashback, which was released on June 20 in Korea, took the number one spot on various Korean music charts, such as Melon, Bugs, Soribada, and Daum Music.

Besides the title song, other songs from After Schools album ranked on the charts, like Eyeline and Timeless.

After School strove for perfection on their fifth maxi single  by working on it in four countries. It wasnt just worked on in Korea, but also in Japan, United States, and Sweden. Also, the powerful dance was completed with the help of choreographer, Kyle Hanagami.

After School and the song, Flashback, are special because they are sexy yet elegant. They are also powerful but smooth. Beginning on June 21, the girls are planning to start performing for their comeback through music shows.

Meanwhile, After School encountered a setback in returning to Korea due to the typhoon in Japan. They are planning to complete their schedule after returning to Korea on June 20.

After School All-Kills Music Charts With 'Flashback!'

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After School, Flashback

After School All-Kills Music Charts With 'Flashback!' After School All-Kills Music Charts With 'Flashback!'After School's 5th maxi single title song Flashback is dominating over all major online music charts in Korea.

After School's Flashback, released on June 20, have been ranked first place in various music charts, such as MelOn, Bugs, Soribada, Daum Music, and more.

Other songs in the album, such as Eyeline and Timeless, have also been ranked pretty high in the chart.

After School's 5th maxi single Flashbackgained a lot of attention by the participation of famous choreographer Kyle Hanagami's powerful dance also added onto the perfectness of the song.

It has impressed many at the fact that this has been the best work of After School since their debut, due to the sexy yet sophisticated, and powerful yet softness of the song.

After School Flashback MV & concept photos

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After School is back in Korea with Flashback without their ex-leader Kahi (Jungah is the new boss) who graduates from the group, while a new member Kaeun comes in.

[VIDEO] After School released Flashback MV!

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[VIDEO] After School released Flashback MV! The wait is finally over,After School unveiled the full MV of their new song Flashback,check out the MV here!

After School achieves an instant all-kill with “Flashback”

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Less than a day after releasing their 5th maxi single Flashback, the ladies of After School have achieved an instant all-kill with their newest release.

An instant all-kill refers to topping all of the major music charts in Korea simultaneously, and After School fulfilled that requirement by achieving the #1 position on the Bugs, Melon, Soribada, DaumMnet, Olleh, and Naver real-time music charts.

In addition to Flashback, other tracks included on the album such as Eyeline and Timeless were also seen ranking high on the charts as well.

Already off to a strong start, the girls will kick off their promotions for their comeback starting on the 21st.

Congratulations to After School!

After School achieves an instant all-kill with FlashbackAfter School achieves an instant all-kill with FlashbackAfter School achieves an instant all-kill with FlashbackAfter School achieves an instant all-kill with Flashback Images provided by Pledis Entertainment

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After School releases "Flashback" maxi single + MV

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After School releases Flashback maxi single + MVAfter previously releasing a group image teaser as well as teasers featuring members Lizzy, UEE, Jungah, Nana and Raina, and E-Young, Gaeun, and Juyeon, Pledis Entertainment's premier girl group After School has released their comeback maxi single, "Flashback". In addition, the group has revealed an MV for their title track "Flashback", which was previously teased.

Featuring five tracks, including a solo track by Nana titled "Eyeline", as well as a duet track, "Timeless", between Jungah and Raina, the maxi single marks After School's return to electronic dance tracks in "Rip Off", "Flashback", and "Eyeline". However, a midtempo pop/RB style is also showcased in "Wristwatch" and Jungah and Raina's duet track "Timeless". In the MV for "Flashback", the girls showcase a new and sexy dance routine, choreographed by Kyle Hanagami.

"Flashback" marks the first time After School have recorded a release without ex-leader Kahi, while it is the group's first release featuring new member Gaeun.

Check out After School's "Flashback" maxi single and title track MV below:

01. "Rip Off" (Korean Version)

03. "Eyeline" (Performed by Nana)

05. "Timeless" (Performed By JungahRaina)

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After School reveals ‘Flashback’ MV #afterschool

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Girl group After School has come back with their new song Flashback.

Though their 5th single isnt set to hit shelves until June 21st, the MV for the song was released a day prior and showcased the girls in their black and white outfits, oozing all sorts of sexiness. Flashback marks the first Korean song that will not be featuring leader Kahi, who announced earlier this month that she would indeed be graduating from the group in September to embark on her solo career.

Without further ado, check out the MV as the girls seduce you with their sexy and charming appeal.

After School reveals Flashback MV #afterschool Source: LOENENT YouTube

After School Unleashes Music Video for "Flashback"

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After School Unleashes Music Video for FlashbackPlayGirlz and PlayBoyz gather! After School finally marks their official comeback by releasing the music video for Flashback.

The term teaser was never better used than when the shockingly sexy teaser images were released of each After School member. But the music video didnt fail to gratify all of the fans expectations with the girls hot dance moves and sexy body movements.

Flashback is the title track of their comeback and it contains powerful electronic sounds with a catchy hook. The lyrics tell a story of getting flashbacks of when one used to be in love. The Loen Entertainment YouTube channel also reveals that it has a double meaning of After Schools wish to return to their early days when they were most wanted and loved by their fans.

Check out the music video below: