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Younger brother of actress accused of bullying solider to suicide in army; netizens guess to be Han Hyo Joo

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Younger brother of actress accused of bullying solider to suicide in army; netizens guess to be Han Hyo Joo

Earlier today, news broke out that an unknown Actress brother, a Lieutenant in the army, had been accused of bullying soldier to commit suicide.

According to reports, the family of the accused attempted to compensate the soldiers family for $6,000 USD for the death of their son. The army also attempted to write off the death as circumstances due to suffering from psychological illnesses.

The case was first reported a year ago, around July. According to the report, the lieutenant first told the bullied solider his attire was not suitable and should sew buttons before attending an event hosted by the President. The soldier ended up coming late to the event, so the lieutenant punished him by having him walk carrying full combat gear for hours.

The next day, the solider committed suicide. The father of the victim requested a re-investigation but the case was closed after 3 months. In January, the military representatives still claimed, the cause [of the suicide] was personal reasons and his mental problems.

Netizens have assumed the actress to be Han Hyo Joo, with the top 7 out of 8 comments pointing out the actress being Han Hyo Joo.

Stay tuned for more from Koreaboo on this ongoing story.

Actress Kim Soo Jin Commits Suicide

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Actress Kim Soo Jin Commits Suicide Actress Kim Soo Jin, most famous for her roles in sitcoms in the 1990s, committed suicide on March 29.

Kim Soo Jin hung herself at her home and her body was discovered by her boyfriend who immediately alerted the police. According to the police she left a note saying Im sorryIts been hard being depressed. 

According to her agency, the actress had been suffering from severe depression. Her past manager said in a statement, She had been drinking heavily and suffering from depression. There had been many difficult times in her life The movie she had planned to comeback with kept getting delayed, worsening her depression. She had not been able to get any work the past three years.

Kim Soo Jin debuted as an actress in the 1994 drama Challenge. She gained popularity for her unique beauty and landed roles in other dramas such as Soonpoong Clinic and City Men and Women

Actress Kim Soo Jin Passes Away after Presumably Committing Suicide

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Actress Kim Soo Jin Passes Away after Presumably Committing Suicide

Actress Kim Soo Jin, known for her role in SBS′ Soonpoong Clinic, was revealed to have committed suicide.

A rep from the crime scene investigation team of the Gangnam Police Agency told enews on April 1, "Ms. Kim was found dead at 1 p.m. on March 29. It seemed she had hanged herself. We arrived at the scene after receiving a call. We are currently almost finished with our investigations."

Ms. Kim′s boyfriend was the one who had found the actress dead, and had called the police immediately. Police are speculating the actress hanged herself, considering how a will was found at the scene and how the actress was known to have been suffering from depression.

News about the death was initially met with disbelief, as the news was released on April Fools′ Day. Netizens, however, soon came to show grief over her passing.

"I wish it wasn′t true," "Rest in peace" and "I hope she′s happy in a place with no pain," netizens commented.

Kim Soo Jin debuted with the MBC drama Challenge in 1994, and soon became known through her roles in the SBS sitcom Soonpoong Clinic and the drama City Men and Women.

Ex-husband of Suicide Actress Found Dead

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Ex-husband of Suicide Actress Found Dead

Choi Jin-sil kisses Cho Sung-min at a press conference to announce their marriage at a hotel in Seoul on July 19, 2000.

Former baseball player Cho Sung-min was found dead in his girlfriend's apartment in southern Seoul on Sunday morning. An autopsy on Monday morning determined his death as suicide.

Cho (40), who played in the Japanese all-star tournament during his days with the Yomiuri Giants, was the ex-husband of the actress Choi Jin-sil, who killed herself in 2008.

Cho made headlines in 2000 when he tied the knot with Choi. They had two children but divorced four years later after a messy split, and another four years later Choi committed suicide.

After his divorce, Cho tried his hand at various businesses including a bakery chain but did not succeed. The ex-baseball star remarried but was apparently separated since 2010.

Last year, Cho coached a minor league team owned by Doosan but did not renew his contract. He apparently poured his money into a baseball management company he had set up back in 2008.

Before his death, Cho drank three bottles of soju with his girlfriend, identified only by her surname Park (41), according to police.

"To my knowledge, Park said something to Cho suggesting that they go their separate ways", a police officer said. "Investigators heard that Cho told Park he had grown weary of the tough life he has had", the officer added.

When Park left her house at around midnight on Sunday saying she had to meet a friend, Cho sent a text message to his mother saying, "It looks like there is no way for me to live in Korea any more. I am very sorry, but please think that you never had a son". Then at around 12:16 a.m., Cho sent Park a text message saying, "It pains that I was unable to spend the last moment of my life with you. Live well".

Park found Cho dead when she got back home at around 3:40 a.m. and called the police.

Cho's family set up a memorial altar at Korea University Anam Hospital.

After news of Cho's death spread, the Internet was flooded with messages criticizing those who post malicious comments on Internet threads under the protection of anonymity.

After his ex-wife's suicide back in 2008, Cho had been the target of an online witch hunt blaming his alleged infidelity and domestic violence for the divorce and Choi's eventual death. When he sought to reclaim custody of the children after her suicide, he was criticized for seeking to use his kids to get his hands on the actress'fortunes.

On a TV talk show, Cho insisted he was not interested in Choi's money and just wanted to be a father to his two children. He added that he felt people would only believe him if he killed himself.

Actress Who Degraded Overweight Woman Causes Suicide Scare with Alarming Tweet

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Actress Who Degraded Overweight Woman Causes Suicide Scare with Alarming TweetActress Lee Chae Young, who recently was under fire for her degrading comment about an overweight woman, left another alarming post on her twitter. On July 8, she tweeted, “I’m turning off my heart [referring to the body organ and not the emotion in Korean],” which led netizens to assume that she was sending a suicide warning. Many people messaged the star, telling her not to do anything rash.

Lee Chae Young soon deleted the message and wrote, “Huh? I was making a literary reference.” She clarified, “I was surprised too. Wow! Please please don’t misunderstand. I’m a strong person! I love you.” Lee Chae Young continued, “I should stop with the fantasies, books, and movies.” However, after the short explanation, she deleted her twitter account.

Netizens commented, “Thank goodness it wasn’t a suicide warning,” “She must have been really surprised when everyone paid so much attention to her tweet,” “She scared me with that,” “Whew, maybe it’s because of ‘Ghost,’ but I get nervous when I see these tweets and posts,” “Again, please think before you post, and more.

Young Rookie Actress Jung Ah Yool Commits Suicide

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Young Rookie Actress Jung Ah Yool Commits SuicideRookie actress Jung Ah Yool (age 25) has recently passed away by committing suicide. Her last words through Facebook shed a sad light on her difficult life.

On June 10, Jung Ah Yool posted on her Facebook, I woke up this morning and opened my eyes and I felt like I was standing alone in a desert Ive been taking care of myself since I was 19 years old but suddenly in my room, where I have no place to rely

Again on June 11, she posted, Nothing can comfort me, expressing her troubled thoughts.

Jung Ah Yool was discovered in her home on June 12. Police are currently investigating the cause of death but they report that it is most likely a case of suicide.

Jung Ah Yool was in the cast for KBS2s morning drama, Love Love. However, with KBS labor union complications, Jung Ah Yools contract was delayed and hence her payments were pushed back as well. A source revealed that Jung Ah Yool had been having financial troubles of the late, and was very nervous about the future.

Korea has the leading rates of suicide and celebrity suicide cases are not uncommon. Celebrities committed suicide include Park Yong Ha, Choi Jin Sil, Lee Eun Joo, Jung Da Bin, former president Roh Moo Hyun and more.

Actress Han Ga In Printed to Be five Months Pregnant

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Actress Han Ga In Revealed to Be 5 Months Pregnant According to a remark from the family’s representative, actress Han Ga In and her husband Yeon Jung Hoon are looking ahead to a child!

On November 23, a BH Entertainment representative stated, “Han Ga In is 19 weeks pregnant. At five months, here is her 2nd pregnancy since getting married 10 years ago in 2005.”

The representative continued, “The circle of relatives is terribly happy. Han Ga In is being wary with her health, even abstaining from going outside, and is making an effort with prenatal education.”

Han Ga In prior to now announced that she used to be pregnant with her first kid in April 2014; however, she unfortunately suffered a miscarriage handiest a couple of weeks later.

Congratulations to the glad couple!

Actress Gong Hyo Jin to wait 2015 MAMA Ceremonies

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Actress Gong Hyo Jin To Attend 2015 MAMA Ceremonies Actress Gong Hyo Jin is the following to sign up in the 2015 MAMA lineup!

Gong Hyo Jin made her mark at the 2015 entertainment industry with her role in the KBS2 TV drama, “Producer,” alongside Kim Soo Hyun and IU. She used to be showed to be making an appearance at the MAMAs via an firm representative on November 22.

Meanwhile, up to now large hitters like BIGBANG, CL, GOT7, BTS, PSY, and Zion.T were proven to be in attendance of the ceremonies, whilst all FNC Entertainment artists, adding CNBLUE, AOA and FTISLAND might now not be attending because of scheduling conflicts.

'The Sound of a Flower' Ryoo Seung-ryong mentions 'virtues of an actress'

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'The Sound of a Flower' Ryoo Seung-ryong mentions 'virtues of an actress'

Ryoo Seung-ryong whom Suzy calls "master" acknowledged anything that put him in the hot seat.

At the "The Sound of a Flower" show off at the 4th, Ryoo Seung-ryong implied discrimination opposed to women.

He started out via saying, "I don"t think I"ve been to a collection this much even if it"s no longer my turn. the ambience is other when Suzy"s there and isn"t there. The virtues of an actress is waiting, being captivating and smiling. That"s what brings about happiness".

This remark used to be broadcast on the MBC television display "Video Journey" and is now experiencing a rear blast.

Several netizens say, "So actresses will have to be charming and make all and sundry happy?", "What bar is this?", "I don"t wish to watch the film anymore" and such.

Others say, "It"s just a joke", "He"s just pronouncing Suzy makes the complete lot feel better", "Everyone"s overreacting" and more.

Ryoo Seung-ryong has many opportunities for interviews in contemporary times and he"s at all times been supportive of her. He once said, "Suzy is an actress with a blank plate so she can"t faux acting. I helped her accumulate her feelings on my days off".

Suzy had said about Ryoo Seung-ryong, "I become in a position to move via it thank you to Ryoo Seung-ryong for being so supportive and considerate".

"The Sound of a Flower" comes out on the 25th.

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The Rookie award: very best Rookie Actor VS Best Rookie Actress

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The Rookie award: very best Rookie Actor VS Best Rookie Actress

The 52nd Daejong Awards is here. Inexperienced persons from Chungmuro look ahead to the award that they could get for once and most effective once in their lives. Having a look at the applicants of this year"s rookies, there"s Lee Min-ho, Yeo Jin-goo and others whilst it kind of feels very most likely that Park So-dam can be walking house with the maximum productive Rookie Actress prize.

The candidates are; Lee Min-ho ("Gangnam Blues"), Park Seo-joon ("Chronicles of Evil"), Lee Hyun-woo ("Northern restrict Line"), Yeo Jin-goo ("Shoot Me in the Heart"), Kang Ha-neul ("Twenty"), Seolhyun ("Gangnam Blues"), Park So-dam ("The Silenced"), Lee Re ("A Best Way to scouse borrow a Dog"), Lee Yoo-young ("Late Spring"), Jang Yoon-ju ("Veteran") and Hong Ah-reum ("Makgeolli Girls").

- Competition for Top Rookie Actor

It looks as if the most effective rookie actor candidate list is made up of the ones leading actors of the year. They all have popularity, fandom and acting skills. the contest is real. this is a likelihood for Lee Min-ho, Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul to be said as film actors.

Lee Min-ho made his first screen debut with "Gangnam Blues" while he used to be already a celeb in China with his hit dramas. He effectively controlled to grow to be passionate and desirable Jong-dae thru his first movie. Park Seo-joon made his first screen debut with "Chronicles of Evil" as detective Cha Dong-jae. He stood between just right and evil and had a feud about which facet to take. Kang Ha-neul starred in "Twenty" as the wise one with Kim Woo-bin and Junho.

There also are Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Hyun-woo who had been acting since they were young. Yeo Jin-goo played the role of an example patient named Soo-myeong in a intellectual sanatorium and Lee Hyun-woo played a medic named Park Dong-hyeok in the motion picture "Northern Limit Line".

- Is Park So-dam the precise Rookie Actress?

Actresses in their 20s are more useful than you suspect because there don't appear to be sufficient of them in Chungmuro. they have got all made smart impressions on monitors this year yet Park So-dam has been discussed most for the award.

Park So-dam played the role of Yeon-deok, Joo-ran"s (Park Bo-yeong) friend and one that is helping to determine the call of the game hidden in the faculty in the movie "The Silenced". Her authentic looks and ambitious functionality helped to carve her name in the heads of people who watched her. She persisted to famous person in videos like "The Throne", "Veteran" and "The Priests".

Seolhyun and Jang Yoon-ju are competing with Park So-dam. They look like a former singer and type who have made new attempts this year. Seolhyun gave the impression in "Gangnam Blues" as a woman that Jong-dae (Lee Min-ho) concept preciously of. Jang Yoon-ju played leave out Bong, a feminine detective in "Veteran".

Other than them, there are Lee Re, Lee Yoo-young and Hong Ah-reum. Lee Re starred in "Hope" and "A Perfect Way to Steal a Dog" and made it not easy to trust she become born in the year 2006. Lee Yoo-young played Min-kyeong who was presented an opportunity to changed into a nude version all the style through the time of the Vietnam War at the finish of the 60s in "Late Spring". She took dwelling house the only Rookie Award from the 24th Buil global FIm Festival. Hong Ah-reum played Cho-rong, a lady who can"t reside without Makgeolli in "Makgeolli Girls".

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