Actress Sin Eun-soo’s Heart flutters

Actress Sin Eun-soo’s Heart flutters

Teen actress Sin Eun-soo gained the viewers’ attention as she appeared as young Sim-cheong (Jeon Ji-hyeon) in “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and also in the movie, “A Boy Who Returned” with actor Gang Dong-won. This 16 years old innocent beauty shares her 7 heart flutters.

One sentence that makes my heart flutter?

– When I hear that I have a good expression in my eyes.

What movie scene makes my heart flutter?

– In the movie (2015) when the two main characters are holding hands and skating together.

An actor/actress that makes my heart flutter?

– I love actress Park Bo-young. She is such a good actress and so adorable.

Which of her shows made my heart flutter?

– “Oh My Ghostess” was great and I’m enjoying “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” right now.

How to make my fans heart flutter?

My three heart fluttering points

– 1. My eyes when I smile, 2. My luscious lips and 3. My smiley nature

What makes Sin Eun-soo heart flutter the most?

– It’s a comic character called Zzang-gu. I think he is so cute, so I collect everything from dolls to pencil case!

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

The Legend of the Blue Sea