Actress Lee Si Young announces pregnancy + wedding in September!

Actress Lee Si Young announces pregnancy + wedding in September!

Actress Lee Si Young took to her Instagram to let fans know of her pregnancy and her upcoming wedding!

Lee Si Young announced, “This coming fall, I have decided to marry the person I love. Though this is quite last minute, after completing my drama, my family and I came to this conclusion after much discussion. The reason for why I decided to announce my marriage so quickly is because I am currently fourteen weeks into my pregnancy.” Continuing on, the actress wrote, “I had a fateful meeting, and I get to start a new life. With a thankful heart, I hope to gain more wisdom as a mother and wife. I want to show you that I can care for a happy family. Thank you so much for the support and I hope you look kindly to my announcement.”

The actress has been in a public relationship with a non-celebrity businessman since last fall. It was revealed that she found out about her pregnancy while still filming for her recently ended drama ‘Lookout’ (also known as ‘Protector’), but continued carrying out her action scenes herself until filming wrapped up.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be mother and wife!

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