Actress Kim Sa-rang’s Daily Life Revealed!

Actress Kim Sa-rang’s Daily Life Revealed!

Actress Kim Sa-rang revealed her daily life as she was featured in the variety show, “I Live Alone”.

For the very first time in her 18 years of career, she showed herself in a variety show focusing only on her. From the show, we can see every corner of her home, which we find that she is a minimalist when it comes to home dcor. Along with her home, her daily routine was shared such as morning foot massage and unique breakfast menu using raw garlic. In the interview she mentioned that it wasn’t her intention to keep her life so private, to create the “mysterious” veil, but rather, she did not have an opportunity to share until now.

In the 18 years of her showbiz career, she’s gotten quite fame.

Her first appearance on the TV screen was her 1st place winning in Miss Korea Contest in 2000.

2001 Right after her crowning glory, she started her career in the entertainment business.

2002 These photoshoot celebrating the success of opening the World Cup was a big hit. Though, now that I see it, it’s such a ridiculous concept. (ft. Ji Sung)

2003 In the early 2000’s, she stole the heart of many men, and often admired by many teenage boys.

Also, she shoot a movie, “Love of South and North” with Jo In-Seong.

2010 Her first pitch in the baseball league awed many people for her undying beauty.

2010 changed her life as she met the drama “Secret Garden”. In the drama, many people praised that her beauty is still strong and also became a big fashion icon.

2012 There are many goddesses of the red carpet in Korea, but the list wouldn’t be complete without Kim Sa-rang!

2015 As she took on the main role in the drama, “My Love Eun-dong”, she have gained more recognition from people that she is not just a pretty face but a skillful actress.