Actress Jo Yeo-jung Selected to Represent International Modern Dance Festival

Actress Jo Yeo-jung Selected to Represent International Modern Dance Festival

Having your hobby be recognized and valued by others? That would be the best scenario for anyone, and there’s an actress who have made that come true!

Actress Jo Yeo-jung was always interested in dancing since she was a little girl.

When she was in college, studying acting, one of her professor have said that an actress’s body should move beautifully and gracefully like the dancers. After hearing that statement, her interest in dancing grew even bigger.

It is normal for the actresses to learn modern dancing but Jo Yeo-jung wanted to get into dancing more seriously, so she began Tanzplay. As she joined the Tanzplay, she became the official advertiser of the International Modern Dance Festival in South Korea (MODAFE).

MODAFE is South Korea’s oldest Modern Dance Festival, and it is famous not just in Korea but in Asia, and now venturing to worldwide.

Jo Yeo-jung have been showing her affection towards Tanzplay through her Instagram, showing up her toned body shaped from dancing and exercising.

Tanzplay is a type of modern dancing with lots of different programs combined into it including yoga, ballet and Pilates. Many actresses have been joining this trend, appalled by the fact you can shape a toned body in a short time and enhancing the ability to better use body language.

Jo Yeo-jung takes Tanzplay lesson 5 days a week.

Also, whenever she have a free time, she watched many modern dancing shows to learn more about the movement of human body and applying those studies into her acting.

If she can have a role in the future to act as a dancer or ballerina, she would kill all of us with her skillful movements and graceful charisma.