Actress Ji Yoo to take Park Hye Soo’s role in ‘Generation of Youth 2’

Actress Ji Yoo to take Park Hye Soo’s role in ‘Generation of Youth 2’

Ji Yoo is replacing Park Hye Soo in the second season of ‘Generation of Youth’.

On June 7, the producers of ‘Generation of Youth 2’ revealed that Ji Yoo is playing the character, Yoo Eun Jae, which was played by Park Hye Soo in season 1. 

Ham Young Hoon CP commented,  “Ji Yoo was a candidate for the role of Yoo Eun Jae when we were preparing for season 1. At the time, we contemplated between Park Hye Soo and Ji Yoo. And that’s also why we decided to give her the role this time as she seems to be a good match for Yoo Eun Jae. We believe Ji Yoo will do well.”

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The producers also apologized for the change in cast, and said, “The new cast might be startling for the viewers who enjoyed season 1 but we didn’t change the roles on purpose. We will work hard to viewers’ satisfaction.”

Based on a previous report, it is assumed that Park Hye Soo ultimately decided to give up her role in ‘Generation of Youth 2’ to play EXO D.O.’s love interest in new film ‘Swings Kids’.

Now, the five lead actresses for ‘Generation of Youth 2’ is confirmed to be Han Ye Ri, Seungyeon, and Park Eun Bin from season 1 along with new cast members Ji Yoo and Choi Ara. 

‘Generation of Youth 2’ is scheduled to air in August. 

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