Actor Sung Hoon Shouted Poop On-Air?! His Honest Daily Life

Actor Sung Hoon Shouted Poop On-Air?! His Honest Daily Life

Lately, I’ve been noticing the actor Sung Hoon being so popular among netizens. Until now, I vaguely knew about him, as I know him as the main character in the drama, “My Secret Romance” and actress Shin Hye-seon’s love interest in the drama, “Five Children”. Since I have not watched both of those dramas (and any other dramas he appeared in), I was not too familiar with this good looking actor.

However, I kept noticing couple memes on South Korean website and got curious because those memes featuring a pretty funny appearance of Sung Hoon. So, I decided to take a look at the variety show that the memes were being created from.

Earlier this month, actor Sung Hoon appeared on the variety show, “I Live Alone” and shout out poop on-air! I know, how did that come about, right? “I Live Alone” is a observing concept of variety show which features stars who live by themselves and watching their daily life.

When his unorganized house was presented, all the viewers laughed in shock. In dramas, he was always the cool looking dude, yet in real life, he was such a slob! He also appeared in front of the camera wearing a worn-out looking white tank top.

He then approached the bag of cereal with half-sleepy eyes and after his meal, he started talking to himself saying, “Since I ate, I wanna poop” which followed with “I wanna pooooooo” After he blew us out of our mind with his sudden shout, he started humming to himself and proceeded with his morning game with his special mask.

The viewers were pleasantly surprised at how adorable this actor is in real life and how down-to-earth he was. While he showed us his bare face with a piece of his daily life, he also showed us his star actor side, as he changed into a suit to attend a fan meeting in the afternoon.

His day was full of surprises and laughter for all of us. As I watched this handsome actor’s new side, I too, became a fan. (:…