Actor Song Jae-hee’s Surprise Wedding Announcement

Actor Song Jae-hee’s Surprise Wedding Announcement

Actor Song Jae-hee surprised everybody with his marriage announcement on a variety show, “Law of the Jungle in Komodo”. In the episode that was aired on the 28th, Song Jae-hee spilled the news rather impulsively to the fellow actor Lee Wan that he is getting married.

This abrupt news surprised everyone, from Lee Wan, to the staffs of the show who were filming, and to the viewers who were watching the show at the moment. Recovering from the shock, Lee Wan asked more questions about this glad news and Song Jae-hee replied with much serenity that he is getting married to the actress Ji So-yeon. About 2 months into their relationship, he had certainty that this woman is it, and decided to marry her then. They’ve already picked out a wedding date for this coming September 10th.

Lee Wan then suggested to Song Jae-hee that he give a shoutout to his bride-to-be and Song Jae-hee was shy at first but proceeded to give a sweet message to his lovely fiancee. He said, “My dear bride, we may witness many great sightings in all the unexpected places (in life), but I’m going to work hard to make our life even more beautiful than the things that we see. I love you”.

Everyone who heard this news was happy to see another beautiful couple promising each others the life time of happiness with each other! Best wishes to Song Jae-hee and Ji So-yeon couple!