Actor Kim Woo Bin’s condition improving

Actor Kim Woo Bin’s condition improving

Actor Kim Woo Bin’s condition is said to be improving.

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Fans have been worrying about Kim Woo Bin ever since hisnasopharyngealcancer diagnosisin May, and his agency has revealed he’s doing better. On July 28, Sidus HQstated, “His condition is improving a lot. We’re waiting for the results of his health examination, and we’ll decide on his further treatment afterwards.”

The label also said, “He’s doing better enough to exercise. We’ll see the results of the first round of his chemotherapy in mid August, and we’ll update you about his future plans and a possible second round of treatment.” Kim Woo Bin is also said to be taking medication, and though he’s lost 10 kg (22 lbs), his physical appearance otherwise is the same.