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A-Prince Continues Jolting Slap Videos and Teaser Images with Member Sung Won

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A-Prince Continues Jolting Slap Videos and Teaser Images with Member Sung Won A-Prince is continuing their slow release of teaser videos and images for their upcoming comeback! The group unveiled a teaser image for member Sung Won, which follows a teaser video of him getting slapped by the popular female comedian Oh Na Mi. So far, A-Prince has released similar teaser images and videos for member Seung Jun and Si Yoon, as well.

In the teaser video, member Sung Won sits across Oh Na Mi. When the singer asked Oh Na Mi if she would “like to Kiss?” the question is immediately shot down with a slap, as Oh Na Mi says, “Get a hold of yourself!” You can see Sung Won trying to contain his surprised laughter at the end of the scene. Then a brief audio clip of A-Prince’s new song plays.

Once again, here are the teaser images and clips for members Seung Jun and Si Yoon.

The group will make their comeback on March 28 with their song, “Do You Want to Kiss?”

Grammy Award Winning R&B Singer Chrisette Michelle Praises Kpop Duo 15& Member Baek Ye Rin

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15, JYP Entertainment, Baek Ye Rin

Grammy Award Winning RB Singer Chrisette Michelle Praises Kpop Duo 15 Member Baek Ye Rin 15 member Baek Yerin's rendition of the song 'Like A Dream' was recognized and praised by U.S singer Chrisette Michelle.

Last June 13, Chrisette Michelle gave an interview about her thoughts on Baek Yerin rendition's she stated "I watched 15 member Baek Yerin sing 'Like A Dream' online. Although she looked as young as 15 years old, I could not believe how much she sounded like me. When I saw her perform, I started to cry like a baby'.

The song which Baek Yerin covered was Chrisette Michelle's released album track way back in 2007 on her 'I Am' debut, thus, Chrisette Michelle is the original singer who sung 'Like A Dream'.

The singer also sent a video message to Baek Yerin saying "I was moved to tears when I watched a clip of you singing. I even shared it on my Twitter page because I wanted my mother to see it as well. I'm sure there are a lot of people who have been impressed by your perforance as well. Thank you for showing your sincerity and your heart." Chrisette Michelle added.

15 agency, JYP Entertainment, also shared how proud they are of their artist and said "It seems that Chrisette Michelle was deeply moved by Beak Yerin's singing. When she shared it on Twitter, it received a lot of interest. We hope to always produce good music in the future as well as 15."

Meanwhile, Chrisette Michelle is set to release another album entitled 'Better'. Fans of Baek Yerin will definitely be proud of their idol and her accomplishments as an artist being recognized internationally through her unique voice power.

Kpop Group A-PRINCE In Singapore, Rising Stars In The Horizon Meets With The Press

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Kpop Group A-PRINCE In Singapore, Rising Stars In The Horizon Meets With The Press A-PRINCE Connects With Singapore Press For The First Time [PHOTOS]A few weeks ago, five young dashing members ofA-PRINCEmet the Singapore media at Nutmeg function room, Orchard Hotel. They greeted the Singapore media and started the press conference by introducing themselves and the roles they each play in the group. Since it was their first visit to Singapore and one member expressed his wish to visit the Merlion in Singapore in the video teaser for the Singapore showcase, the emcee was curious if they have done so. Minhyuk admitted that he was the one who wanted to visit the Merlion. He said "Merlion is very famous in Singapore and I search it on the web. It is really nice. We visited the Merlion Parkthis morningand it was really nice. We took a lot of pictures there."

They were asked if they were adapted to the weather in Singapore, Leader Sungwon agreed, "Although Singapore is really a lot hotter than Korea, we find it still alright."

They then proceeded to showcase the Alist character that each member has. Siyoon, the Cutie Prince, is in charge of cutie aegyo. Upon hearing that, he was requested to show his talent. Siyoon spontaneously showed a cute expression in response to that. Minhyuk who is in charge of sexiness, gave a wink to the media to show his sexiness. Sungwon, who is the Prince of Prince, tried to show his charming eyes. However in trying to do so, he burst into laughter and apologised to the media. Woobin, the youngest member, is known as the Pure Prince. He tried to give a pure innocent look at the media. Seungjun, the Smile Prince, gave a wide smile and waved at everyone in the room.

Formally known as "Taken" and now named "A-PRINCE", Sungwon explained the name "A-PRINCE" was decided on after the discussion with the members and the boss of their managing company, New Planet Entertainment.

When asked if they prepared a long time in the showmanship and music for their comeback, Sungwon surprised the media by adding that they will do a global debut of their new song in the Singapore showcase. "Actually we had a mini album "Hello" just recently and now we have been training very hard. And we are gonna have a new song called "Mambo". We are going to show it. It's a global debuttomorrowat the showcase. So please come and watch it."

Woobin whose birthday falls on the day of the showcase shared excitedly "It is my first time I am celebrating my birthday overseas so I feel it is very meaningful and I feel very excited about it."

Seungjun, whose birthday is three days after Woobin, expressed with a littleregret "Unfortunately, I will be celebrating my birthday on the plane. "

Though it was a short press conference withA-PRINCE, five members ofA-PRINCEhad definitely left an impression with the Singapore media. They proved their charms at the press conference by having the prince-like outlook andyet friendly andcandid personalities. Do watch our video on the press conference to find out more aboutA-PRINCE, their "bad" habits and what is their comeback going to be like.

*Note: The song title is only tentatively named as "Mambo". It is not finalised.

Special thanks to JNation Entertainment for inviting KpopStarz.com to coverA-PRINCEShowcase Live In Singapore press conference.

Kpop Group Two Months Member Turned Solo Singer Kim Ye Rim 'Colorring' Album Preview Released

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Kpop Group Two Months Member Turned Solo Singer Kim Ye Rim 'Colorring' Album Preview Released Former member of Two Months Kim Ye Rim is set to promote her solo album. With her vocal power and music style she is going to be loved by everyone. A sneak preview has been released recently of her upcoming album 'Colorring'.The scheduled full length release of 'Colorring' is on June 4th, Kim Ye Rim will also promote her mini album in the middle of June.

Her solo album will accentuate her commitment as a solo artist and set her apart from the time she was part of Two Months. She also decided to used "LIM KIM" as her stage name in the States and reveal some of the songs of her album under this new identity.

The singer also stated how she is taking her solo album one step at a time. Kim Ye Rim has a charming personality and a unique vocal techniques that will separate her from any other artists. She has a voice that would make you fall leave a deep mark in your heart. Fans will surely watch out for the upcoming release of her album. Just like its titled album 'Colorring/ it will sure gives color to every listeners and fall in love with the song.

Kpop Group f(x) Member Victoria Participates in New Balance Running Festival 2013

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Kpop Group f(x) Member Victoria Participates in New Balance Running Festival 2013

victoria, f(x), new balance running festival 2013, event

On the 26th of May, Victoria, leader of the five member group f(x), was present during the New Balance Running Festival of 2013. The event was hosted in the Olympic Stadium where runners began to stretch as Victoria cheered them on.

The leader was sent many compliments online for her wonderful physique and cheerful disposition during the entire event. Victoria stated that her main goal for the race is to finish!

Victoria was the favorite of many photographers during the New Balance Running Festival. Victoria poses for many of the pictures with great enthusiasm. She even participated in having fun with the mascots and encouraging the runners to make sure that they finish the race no matter what!

Kpop Group A-PRINCE Is Coming Back!

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Kpop Group A-PRINCE Is Coming Back!

Formerly known as "Taken", A-PRINCE composed of group members Sung Won as the leader, Taehyuk, Minhyuk, Seungmin and Siyoon proves that they are still intact as ever, and being reborn as A-PRINCE. The young dance group captivates K-pop lovers with their charms and powerful moves, these boys are surely going to make a blast on their comeback.

A-Prince put a lot of effort on their upcoming album after their debut last year. Currently, the group hasn't yet announced a date for their comeback, although they are currently on their international activities, performing in Singapore the weekend of May 18th. The showcase in Singapore will include 3 of their songs, and rumors of a release of their comeback track in said show is abuzz.

On May 15th, A-PRINCE had a photo shoot for their album jacket, as well as some behind the scenes footage. Fanatics of A-Prince must watch out for their album launch, it's gonna be a unique blend of music following their new tag group name.

The group is returning after leader Sungwon's experience in musical theater in Japan, together with other idols, earlier this year.

Random Confession: Kpop Group ZE:A member Siwan Loves Color Pink

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Random Confession: Kpop Group ZE:A member Siwan Loves Color Pink

ZE:A members were the guests on MBC cable music channel show, " All the K-pop". While on the show, the group opened up a little about what they like to collect and member Siwan said that he was quite obsessed with collecting pink colored stuff. Netizens could be a bit confused knowing about Siwan's hobby.It appears that Siwan's preference for pink shows that every guy has a softer side. Pink or no pink, Siwan's charisma with fans will never change.

Siwan also showed his collection of various things and it was revealed to all be pink-colored. His co ZE:A members even joked about how his underwear could possibly also be pink. While generally associated with women, pink can also be men's color, especially depending on a man would flaunt the color. In the case of Siwan, he is comfortable having that kind of color that's why he had no issues using and collecting it

In ZE:A, not only Siwan has a weird obsession but also memberDong Jun. Dong Jun opens up about collecting leopard prints and patterns, up to the point that something close enough to his obsession can still make it to his collection. But again his co-ZE:A members joked about not wearing the see-through leopard pattern that his fans gave to him.

7-member girl group TURAN to make their entrance into the Kpop scene

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7-member girl group TURAN to make their entrance into the Kpop scene

A new 7-member girl group will be making their way into the K-pop scene and they go by the name, TURAN!

TURAN consists of Chae Eun, Leekyung, Saebin, Hanbi, Lian, Ryuji, and Elisha, who have been training for the past two years. The group introduced themselves through their album jacket photo, further grabbing the interest of music lovers.

Although it seems like their chances are slim in standing out amongst other idol groups, their agency says that these girls have talent that will carry them through.

Star Pro Entertainment stated, As it is no longer a mere idol war but a battle of girl groups who win by talent these days, rookie group TURAN will also become a girl group that receives love and gains success with their talent.

TURAN will film their music video on the 20th and make their debut next month!

Rookie Group A-Prince to Reveal Member Teasers Before Debut

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A-Prince, Debut, HELLO, NEW PLANET Entertainment

Rookie Group A-Prince to Reveal Member Teasers Before Debut Rookie Group A-Prince to Reveal Member Teasers Before DebutRookie group A-Princeis finally ready to make their debut.

Today, their agency, NEW PLANET Entertainment commented, "2012 rookie group A-Prince will be making their debut this November and plans to release individual member teasers."

Tonight, they will release the first teaser of their first member. Each day a new member will be revealed.

Internet users commented, "Finally they are debuting!" and "I can already tell they are going to be a hit."

This 5 member rookie group already has an international fan club in China, Russia France and other countries before their debut.

They also held a showcase in Tokyo on October 13 and also appeared on a famous program on NHK on October 25.

A-Prince will make their debut stage on November 6 with their debut album,HELLO.

A-PRINCE introduces new member Woobin + makes a debut this November

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A-PRINCE introduces new member Woobin + makes a debut this November

A-PRINCE is a new male group under New Planet Entertainment.

Recently, the group uploaded the above photo of member Seungjun on their Facebook page and confirmed that they will be making an official debut this November.

Ahead to the debut, A-PRINCE had also added a new member named Woobin, who is now the youngest among the groups members.

Have a look at their pre-released MV titled “You’re the Only One” below!