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A Pink Talks About Dealing with Diets

Diets seem to be required for all group members.

Many girl groups have shared their diet tips and revealed their meal plans on their SNS accounts. The A Pink members were no exception, who also had to go on diets before making a comeback, while A Pink’s Cho Rong’s diet plan once gathered a lot of public attention as well.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Cho Rong said, “I think that was two days before filming our music video. I packed my meals then, but I don’t eat like that anymore.” Then A Pink went on to explain why dieting is a must.

When asked if keeping up their bodies is hard, A Pink said, “We got used to it. The diet became a lot less harsh now but since we have to keep in shape, we feel nervous on the days we eat a lot. The company used to pressure us but now we self-manage our body

A Pink’s Na-Eun reveals the scar on her leg

On KBS 2TV“s “Crisis Escape No. 1” on April 7, A Pink”s Na-Eun revealed that she had a scar on her leg.

She said, “When I was 5, I was trying to eat cup ramen when I spilled the cup ramen filled with hot water right onto my leg. I was in the ward for burns for a long time. I still have a scar.”

MC Kim Jong Kook then looked at her legs out of pity, but was met by a negative response from everybody else.

Check out a clip of Na-Eun on the show above!

A Pink Tops Weekly Chart in Taiwan with “Pink Blossom”

Girl group A Pink‘s latest mini album “Pink Blossom” has turned out to be a hit in Taiwan.

According to an announcement by A Cube Entertainment, the girls’ fourth mini album ranked first on Taiwanese weekly music chart “5music” based on album sales between March 28 and April 3.

Considering that they have not promoted neither their title track “Mr. Chu” nor their album abroad, this is a proof of A Pink’s great popularity in Taiwan. In Korea, the girls have already taken home trophies on “Show Champion” and “M!Countdown.”

Their agency commented, “The members have not been able to hold back their amazement over the unexpectedly good results right after their comeback. A Pink will pay you back with an even better image

Juniel, An Outing To See The Cherry Blossoms “So Happy”

Singer Juniel revealed pictures taken after her cherry blossom outing. (Photo : twitter)

Singer Juniel revealed pictures taken after her cherry blossom outing.

Recently, Juniel posted on her Twitter, "My family and I went to Kwang Hwa Do for an outing. We ate sushi and saw the beach and even walked on the streets of cherry blossoms on our way back. Happy so happy" along with two pictures.

In the pictures, Juniel was wearing a pink sweater and smiling at the camera. She also posted a picture of cherry blossom trees.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Juniel got prettier", "Her beautiful smile", etc.

Photo Credit: Juniel Twitter

EXO Too?! Album Leaked Before Official Release – Taking A Look At Other Musicians’ Accidents

(Photo : SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment)

Recently there have been issues with albums being leaked before their official release, and EXO was not exempt from this problem. Their song "Overdose" choreography video and music source has been released prematurely.

EXO"s new mini album title song "Overdose" choreography video was posted on YouTube and other video sites. The new song and performance spread like wildfire on online communities.

SM Entertainment commented, "The video in question was filmed for MBC"s "Show! Music Core", and the song isn"t the final version. We"re currently looking to take legal action in investigating who illegally leaked it to the public. SM will be commissioning an investigation to find the persons responsible for publishing and circulating the data, and we are seeking compensation for damages

A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” Wins on Music Bank, Continues Winning Streak

A Pink continues their sweep of music programs this week with their win tonight on Music Bank. Earlier this week they took homes wins on Show Champion and M!Countdown. Just two more and they will sweep the week!

Coming in second today was Park Hyo Shin‘s “Wild Flower.


A Pink’s “Mr. Chu” performance


This week’s feated NC.A and BTS‘s comeback stage, and more performances by Toheart, 4Minute, Nell, MBLAQ, Orange Caramel, NS Yoonji, Crayon Pop, BTS and more

140411 A Pink won first place on Music Bank with Mr.Chu

A Pink won first place on Music Bank with their latest hit song Mr.Chu, enjoy their performance below:

Congratulations to the girls for winning

Eunji and Shin Bora send video messages to Kim Woo Bin on “4 Guys 1 Girl”

As actor Kim Woo Bin temporarily joined MBC“s “Four Guys One Girl” as the new youngest sibling, previous members A Pink”s Eunji and comedian Shin Bora sent him cute video messages to greet him and give advice.

Eunji said in a friendly way, “Hi, Woo Bin oppa. As they said you joined as the new youngest sibling, I”ll give you some tips.” Kim Woo Bin gave an awkward smile as Eunji sweetly chattered. She even said, “I regret that I”m not in that episode [with you].”

The gist of Kim Gu Ra“s words are that he wants to take a break… Honey Lee gives a lot of love, and I”m used to it. It can feel a bit burdensome when she suddenly touches you, but she doesn”t force it… Min Jong oppa is bad at everything.”

Check out the clip above!

Watch the performances from April 4th “Show! Music Core”!

MBC“s “Show! Music Core” is back for its weekly show featuring performances by your favorite artists with hosts Kim So HyunNoh Hong Chul, and Super Junior“s Henry taking over for SHINee“s Minho!

On this episode, A Pink came back with “Mr. Chu“, Mad Clown returned with “Without You“, Crayon Pop said “Uh-ee“, SPEED made their comeback with “Look at Me Now“, M.I.B were back with “Chisa Bounce“, TINT came back with “Wolf is Stupid“, F.CUZ made a comeback with “One Love“, MBLAQ with “Be a Man“, Super Junior-M with “SWING“, and NS Yoon-G made a sexy return with “Yasisi“.

[Winner will be updated.]


Other performers of the night were Super Junior-M, Toheart, 4minute, Lim Chang Jung, Orange Caramel, Park Soojin, Baechigi, SoReal, SAM, Kim So Jung, and 100%

A Pink: “We can do sexy concept for our fans.”

The ladies of A Pink might not take the leap into a sexy concept for a while or possibly ever in order to accommodate their conservative fans.

During a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, A Pink were asked, “Can A Pink do a sexy concept?

Chorong shared that being sexy is not their primary focus, “Even if we become the age to take on a different image later on, rather than a sexy concept, we want to show a change in performance. Among the members, there are those who like hip hop and those who like R&B.”

Na Eun also described how conservative their fans are, “Our jacket photos were released first this time and fans misunderstood it to be a sexy concept so they were worried. Our fans are conservative. Even if the length of our skirts shorten a little bit, they worry a lot