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A Pink’s Chorong Looks Like MBLAQ’s Mir?

A past photo of A Pink’s Park Chorong is drawing attention since its unveiling.

On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” childhood photos of Chorong and MBLAQ’s Mir were revealed.

As soon as the childhood photos of the two singers were revealed on the screen, the people present onset went wild. Both Chorong and Mir exclaimed in shock. The reason was the childhood images of the two singers showed a surprising resemblance.

Chorong said about her skin color, “My skin wasn’t actually that dark. I got tanned from going on a school trip.” MC Jang Dong Min created a wave of laughter when he remarked, “Was your trip to a fire pit?”

Meanwhile Mir commented nonchalantly, “This is the first time my photo has come in second place

‘SBS Inkigayo Round-up’: A Pink Wins #1 On The April 13, 2014 Episode

"SBS Inkigayo" is back for another week of great stages, fan chants, and screams as some of your favorite stars performed on Sunday night.Hosts for the night were Lee Yu Bi and ZE:A"s Kwanghee; while MC"s were EXO"s Suho and Baekhyun.

Eric Nam returned with "Ooh Ooh", Eddy Kim made his debut with "Push and Pull", NC.A made her comeback by saying, "I"m Different", and Akdong Musician made a great debut by performing "Melted" and "200%."

Nominees were Mad Clown, Park Hyo Shin, and A Pink. The winner for this episode was A Pink who achieved a music show all-kill by winning the major music programs week.Congratulations to the girls!

Here are the performance recaps.

Performance Recap + Videos

Eric Nam

Eric Nam is going to make you dance and hum his new single while you are walking down the sidewalk

A Pink postpone 3rd anniversary fanmeeting due to the ship tragedy #PrayForSouthKorea

A Pink has decided to postpone their fanmeeting in respect to the people mourning and worrying about their loved ones in the ship tragedy in South Korea occurred today.

A very unfortunate news has broken out today after a South Korea ferry sank on its way to Jeju leaving two people dead and almost 300 passengers , including high school students.

Sympathizing, A Pink cancel their 2nd fanmeeting which is supposed to be held on April 19 at 7PM in Kwangwoon University in Seoul , to commemorate their 3rd anniversary since debut.

A Cube Entertainment said, "A Pink couldn't face their fans with bright image in the midst of this pain, so we decided to cancel the fanmeeting. We are going to notify you with new dates in the future."

May the souls of deceased rest in peace and we also pray for faster rescue of those who are missing

SNSD’s Taeyeon Puts Her Robe On, Block B Hits the Dance Studio and More

preview nextview 1/8 preview nextview From concerts to musicals, the stars were hard at work rehearsing for their latest projects. Flip through too see more of what went down in the SNS world in our Twitter Roundup.

2NE1’s Sandara Park kept the #DOOMDARA photos coming with this update on her Instagram.

2PM’s Chansung, who recently joined Instagram, updated fans with a selfie on April 16, writing “#mmhonghol But what’s so great about this? #whatssogreat #selca.”

A Pink shared a photo of member Jung Eun Ji on itsvarious SNS platforms, writing “Rehearsing for Full House right now. Tomorrow is the first show! Nervous because I can’t believe it’s already the first show…”

The Block B boys were also hard at rehearsal, as Park Kyung tweeted a photo from the dance studio, writing “Rehearsing last minute to show a new side to Block B~!! Please look forward to our comeback ㅋ

A Pink reveal their jealousy to Eunji’s popularity though dramas

The A Pink‘s members appeared as guests on the latest episode of Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 3D” where they revealed their jealousy to Eunji‘s popularity.

Hayoung shared, “The audience”s shout is different [for Eunji] at events. Their cheers are especially loud when she sings,” while Namjoo expressed, “I”m jealous that she gets to interact with a lot of people because she”s in dramas.

MC Shindong asked the girls, “I heard you guys were envious when she came back from drinking with her drama co-star Jo In Sung and bragged about it?

Namjoo stated, “I was jealous when she called him “In Sung oppa,”” referring to Eunji’s close friendship with actor Jo In sung after co-staring in drama, “Wind Blows In Winter

A Pink’s Jung Eunji Prepares for “Full House” Musical!

A Pink‘s Jung Eunji is quite busy as she prepares for her first show for the musical “Full House” amid promoting A Pink’s song “Mr. Chu.” On April 15, the singer posted on A Pink’s official Twitter, “Practicing for ‘Full House’ right now. Tomorrow is the first performance, and I’m nervous!” Along with the comment, the singer uploaded a picture of herself holding the script for the musical.

Although known as A Pink’s main vocal, the singer has established herself in the acting field, having acted as the lead role in the hit tvN drama “Reply 1997,” as well as joining Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung in the SBS drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows.” Furthermore, back in 2012, the singer had acted in the “Legally Blonde” musical, exemplifying her talents as both a singer and an actress

A Pink Son Na Eun Has Never Dated Before

A Pink Son Na Eun revealed that she has no dating experience.

April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code 3D, featured MBLAQ and A Pink sharing on the special events they received from their loved ones.

Unlike the MBALQ members who naturally shared their experiences, the A Pink members claimed, “We’ve never received any events. Not even once.”

Then MC Shin Dong Yeop tried to persuade them to open by asking Son Na Eun, “Come on, tell us,” but the A Pink members said, “Na Eun has zero dating experience. She doesn’t have any at all.”

When Son Na Eun confirmed by saying, “I really don’t,” Shin Dong Yeop caused everyone to laugh by saying, “If you set having no dating experience as your image now, your life might be much more difficult later on

Na-Eun chooses Hayoung as the prettiest member within A Pink

The latest episode of KBS 2TV‘s “1 Vs. 100” aired on April 15. On this show, Na-Eun picked Hayoung as the prettiest member within her group A Pink.

The host Han Suk Joon asked her, “Each A Pink member has her own charm. What do you think is yours?

Na-Eun answered, “As my age is in the middle, they call me the center of A Pink. However, whenever I”m asked a question like this, I”m put in a sticky situation. All the members have remarkable beauty.”

She added, “I think maknae Hayoung ranks first in beauty. She”s young now, but her looks will blossom more as she grows.

A Pink’s Na-Eun: “The chance comes for anybody, the only difference is the timing.”

On the April 15 edition of Mnet“s “Beatles Code 3D“, A Pink talked about which members attracted the most attention with a certain magnetic charm.

MC Shindong said, “Eunji and Na-Eun are the center of attention.” The girls replied, “We are aware of that. An opportunity can always arise, so we think we work hard to grab those chances. This is because we are lacking and not because the public”s eyes are wrong.”

Na-Eun added, “It makes me upset when I see comments like “Eunji”s kids” and “Na-Eun”s group.” I think the chance comes for anybody, the only difference is the timing.”

The MCs said, “Then how do you guys share the profits?” A Pink replied, “We even include our personal incomes and divide everything equally.”

Shindong stated, “Then you guys would not have to get jealous

Eunji revealed to be the best drinker in girl group A Pink

Na-Eun revealed who the best drinker in A Pink is on the April 15th episode of “1 vs 100“.

The MC asked whether she”s a drinker, and Na-Eun said, “I get red even if I drink a little bit, so I can”t drink much alcohol.” She also added that she only drinks alcohol when it”s necessary like at family gatherings and company meetings.

She was then asked who out of A Pink can handle their liquor the most, and Na-Eun replied carefully, Eunji unni. However, Eunji unni never acts out when she drinks.”

Was it who you were expecting?