A New Rookie Group Captured Plagerizing Both Seventeen & Red Velvet

A New Rookie Group Captured Plagerizing Both Seventeen & Red Velvet

It seems no concept is original anymore, as groups, television programs, and even different countries are being called out for plagiarism left and right. This time, a newly debuted boy group by the name of 14U is under fire for stealing concepts, routines, greetings and more.

Just like in the photos shown above, newly debuted rookie boy group 14U have been caught and captured stealing concepts, dance routines and greetings from both Red Velvet and Seventeen, who are both top K-Pop acts currently.

Fans noticed that the routines of the new boy group were shockingly similar to hits of Seventeen’s such as “Pretty U,” “Very Nice,” and “Boom Boom.” The uploader captured identical shots and posted them on various Korean sites revealing which exact parts were taken and used for 14U’s debut MV “VVV.” Check out their video down below and see if you can spot the copycat moments!

You can also see a video of 14U imitating Red Velvet’s official greeting here. Fans already shared their anger and dislike with the group saying,“Are they trying to create noise marketing like this?”, “It’s too similar”, “Are you kidding me? How can they copy it like this?”Netizens are also demanding some sort of apology or response from 14U’s Agency in regards to this situation. What are your reactions to this matter? Let us know!