A new family to join ‘Superman is Back’?

A new family to join ‘Superman is Back’?

On June 1, KBS2 revealed teaser clips of all of the families for the upcoming broadcast of ‘Superman is Back’ this Sunday, episode 185!

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In addition to brief teaser clips of Seo Un & Seo Jun, Seungjae, Ro Hee, and SuAh, SeolAh, & Daebak, there was a clip of a new child, by the name of Lee Joon!

The teaser showed a never-before-seen home, with a baby boy just woken up in a tent in the living room! His name is Lee Joon, and while we see brief glimpses of his mother’s face (she seems to be a non-celebrity), his father’s face has been blurred out. 

Want to know whose adorable son Lee Joon is? Tune in to ‘Superman is Back’ this coming Sunday to find out!

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